All in The Mind

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FROM SOME WHO KNEW HIM   David Hurst was a wonderful example to us of the reality of the death experience. This very practical man of immense capacity of compassion and love for humanity faced his own mortality without fear.
At David's request I was there to minister to his bodily needs during the dying process of what he referred to as “taking off this space suit”.
It was a privilege to see him through this very private period with no outside interference to his determination not to be put up on a pedestal. He abhorred the thought of being treated as ‘special’.
Some individuals, not grasping the central message of David's teaching, expressed “how dare he die of cancer, why didn't he cure himself?”
Well, I have news for you. David faced death with absolute tranquillity. Control over pain by the power of mind alone, no drugs, no fear, looking forward to the journey from the illusion of this physical plane and with great anticipation for the next adventure.
David lived up to his own teachings right to the end, at peace with having manifested his own purpose in life and discovering the glory of being an eternal aspect of ‘all that is’ with tremendous good humour.
In doing so David has contributed immensely to the understanding and enlightenment of humanity. What better gift could he have left us, a self-help blueprint to the core of his teachings; by turning within during meditation we can discover our real selves. “We are here to fulfil our potential, the meaning and purpose of our lives is to manifest the glory of who and what we really are and thereby manifest the glory of God. Our lives have no other primary purpose.”

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At 6.35am on 9th August 1995 having fulfilled his mission here, David “unzipped his earth suit” with a smile.
Travel well David and thank you for the legacy your teachings are still making in my own and so many other lives.   Ray Spry.

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Julie Willett
Self Published 2010
ISBN: 9 780 646 521 411

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These days so much is spoken of the power of positive thinking that it’s all becoming a bit of a yawn. Positive thinking, and will-power for that matter, is useless unless your own inner feelings go along with it.
It is not with positive thinking that we make events happen in our lives, but with imagination and emotion that we alter seemingly ‘outside’ events and objects including our bodies and their insides. Indeed we create all the events that seem to ‘happen’ to us. There is no such thing as an accident, no such thing as good and bad luck. To believe such things is to create a chaotic universe.
We create, with the ease and naturalness of our own breathing, all things that happen to us individually and collectively. We do not have to gain special powers, for these powers are our birthright and our inheritance. And we use them all the time.
We create with our thoughts, our beliefs, our expectations and our attitudes. These, in turn, set off our imagination and our emotion and it is with these that we direct the creative force that is a part of the creative force from which all realities spring. That which man calls ‘God’.
The condition of body is directed by the conscious mind; illness does not just happen to you. You have not been taught that there is a connection between your conscious thoughts and your body’s condition, so it will seem to you that you do not have any control over your body's condition.
The body is a mirror of your own beliefs. It will accurately materialise in flesh those beliefs held by the conscious mind. That is one of the body’s primary functions. A sick body is fulfilling that function as is a healthy one.

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If you concentrate on your body's illness, especially with the emotion of fear, then that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you think, and allow yourself to feel, becomes your experience. There is no other way.  Believing in a possible disaster you will, through your own anxiety, attract that disaster until it becomes a reality - unless your belief remains unchanged. Once you have realised through direct, personal experience, the liberation of such creativity you will never again feel as though you are the victim of your environment.

- 7 -
As we create all that happens to us through our thoughts, beliefs and expectations, it behoves us to be cautious when we use the most powerful creative words in the English language ‘I AM’.
We are not our emotions, yet we identify so strongly with them that we find ourselves saying ‘I am angry’, ‘I am a failure’, ‘I am sick’ instead of knowing these to be feelings and acknowledging them as such.
‘I feel angry’, ‘I feel a failure’, ‘I feel sick’ is seeing things as they are and knowing that these are not permanent conditions, unless you cling to them by identifying with them.
If you would penetrate these emotions you would find that they become self-revelatory as you are led to the beliefs behind such feelings. When you become more and more aware of your directing influence upon what seems to ‘happen’ to you, your conscious mind will no longer fear the emotions, or the body, as threatening or unpredictable, but sense the great creative collaboration that is inherent, and you will begin to take responsibility for your own creations.
Physical phenomena are not the cause of your beliefs and emotions, but the result. Awareness is the key to creation. Become aware of your thoughts and feelings and see how often you choose fear. Realise that these feelings form your experience.
The bottom line of every challenge you face is “which path shall I choose, fear or love?” Indeed, every personal problem, every global event whether it be natural disasters, wars or other forms of violence, asks the same question of you, “Which path shall you choose, fear or love?”
Most of us think that love is our relationship to some other person or object in the physical plane and it is not. Love is our relationship with the source of all life and
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consciousness, and that implies trust and confidence, ‘the real meaning of faith’.
Know that you have never done anything wrong and that you are not being punished, nor are you abandoned or unloved. The moment you become aware of your inseparable relationship to the Source of all life and consciousness, you can consciously draw on its greater strength, understanding and energy.
It is always available, but your conscious intent will bring about certain changes in you that will automatically trigger such benefits. So you don’t have to be a mystic to use these powers. All you need is the intent. Show your intent by saying to yourself mentally over and over again – “I choose love”.
Every time you feel the emotions of fear run through the corridors of your mind, declare your intent, “I choose love”, and watch the miracle begin.

There's an awful lot of codswallop spoken about meditation. Most people think you have to sit contemplating your belly button and trying to keep your mind still. Nature loathes a vacuum so, happily, there’s a lot of mind-resistance to trying to turn it into a vegetable. What's the point of having a Ferrari and keeping it in the garage? We should get it out onto the highway and use it for good, practical purposes - and for pleasure.
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The primary purpose of meditation is to get to know and understand your own creative mind. Meditation is all about the focus of your mind. We meditate without realising it. When we replay the mind-movie of our past hurts and anger, we are meditating. When the mind, through worry, focuses upon the last thing we want to have happen, we are meditating. Where do you put your focus?
Sati, a Buddhist word meaning ‘awareness’, is the key to meditation. One way of training the mind in Sati is to close your eyes, focus your mind on the sensation of your breathing as you experience it at the tip of your nostrils and the rise and fall of your chest; repeat a mantra in your head like: “Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have no influence on me” to the rhythm of your breathing and wait, like a cat at the mouse hole of thought, for the first thoughts to arise. The idea is not to have a still mind but an aware one. Catch the thought; put a label on it - food, work, fantasy, or whatever applies. Having labelled the thought; let it go and wait for the next to arise.
After a little training you will begin to catch your mind slipping into negativity as you go about your normal day’s activities and do something about it. The next time you are driving behind someone doing 80km in a 100km zone, and there is no chance of passing safely, observe your mind, then observe your breathing and repeat a mantra.
Try saying “I am...” with the in breath ‘relaxed’ with the out breath. No, you don’t have to shut your eyes to do this meditation. Keep it up for the rest of the journey. Or would you prefer to focus on frustration or irritation? Try this meditation when you’re next waiting in a queue to pay your grocery bill. Or would you rather rage with impatience? It’s up to you.
Nobody focuses your mind for you. You CAN take control.

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It is said that the truth will set you free. Free from what?
Free from the fear of death, free from the fear of distrust, free from the fear of limitation; in short free from suffering.
This is not to be longed for in some after-life, but here and now. To be free from limitations is to be free from illness, free of poverty, free from loneliness. All this is available to you if you will see through the ‘perceived’ untruth, that which the Eastern religions call illusion, to the creative Force within; and this requires introspection (looking within), perseverance and honesty but that endeavour brings with it a reward for perseverance that knows no boundaries.
There is what man calls ‘God’ in all things and in order to find that God, you must work with the situation you are in NOW. To turn your back on the NOW is to ignore the Divine Energy that formed it. For the challenge is there in order to learn and return to unity. Within every problem there rests a golden opportunity. This ‘problem’ or illusion of a problem is supported and sustained by that which we call God and it does have meaning and purpose.
Do not be intimidated by the imperfections of man and the world we live in. If the world were perfect where would we go to learn?
Such imperfections are there for a purpose. They give us the opportunity to learn. No matter what occurs in your personal or collective world, there is only one question: How do YOU respond to this event? Are you going to follow the path to fear, negativity and despair or are you going to
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follow the path of love. This choice is always at the bottom of very challenge you individually and collectively face.
If there were such a thing as ‘sin’, which there is not it would be despair, for it is a denial of the God Force within you.
Once again, you do not have to do anything to acquire this creative energy within you, it is your birthright and inheritance and you use it all the time.
‘Godliness’ cannot be acquired by humanity. It is humanity. There are no separations. Know yourself and you will know God. This is what is meant by ‘Self-realisation’.

Very few of us take responsibility for our own happiness. We prefer to surrender that prerogative to some other thing or some other person.
“I can only be happy IF he/she doesn’t change. I can only be happy IF the people in my life keep loving me.” Or conversely “I can only be happy IF he/she stops doing such and such, changes, and starts doing the things that would make ME happy”.
There are no permanent conditions in the physical plane. All things are in a state of flux; and if we look outside our own selves for happiness we are bound to be disappointed. That is not to say that we cannot enjoy or take pleasure in material things or in relationships with other people. Just
- 12 -
have the wisdom to realise that true and lasting happiness is an internal process and it is based on unconditional love.
We are not in the world to be understood, but to be understanding, and we are not in the world to be loved, but to be loving.
Do not ask each other to change. Allow each other to be. Accept each other‟s faults and weaknesses. If the other changes, that‟s fine. If the other does not change, that‟s fine too. Do not seek to be loved, just be loving. This way you will neither hurt, nor be hurt. It is not what another person DOES that makes you unhappy, it is the way you respond. That‟s what responsibility is all about. The ability to respond wisely.
If you and your partner are beginning to drift apart, ask yourself this: “Do I make my partner feel good about him/herself in my presence?”
Generally, in a declining relationship, we make our partner feel guilty. We use silence to project our hurt and disappointment and when we do speak, the absence of warmth in our voice conveys our disapproval. We become masters of the unspoken assault. Masters of deliberate body language to express our non-love.
When did you last buy her a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, a non-birthday present? When did you last buy him a book, a bottle of wine as a non-Christmas present? When did you last PLAN to pay your partner a genuine compliment? Have you ever put up streamers and a ‘Welcome home, lover’ sign when your partner had merely returned from shopping or from work?
Love calls to love. Truly you reap what you sow. Now seek yourself again! “Do I make my partner feel good about him/herself in my presence?”
Well, DO YOU?

- 13 -
Chief Seattle, Chief of the Suquamish Indians wrote to the American Government in the 1800’s - in his letter he gave the most profound understanding of God in all Things. Here is his letter, which should be learned by heart by every parent and child in Australia:
“The President in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land. But how can you buy or sell the sky? the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?
Every part of the earth is sacred to my people. Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore, every mist in the dark woods, every meadow, every humming insect. All are holy in the memory and experience of my people.
We know the sap which courses through the trees as we know the blood that course through our veins. We are part of the earth and it is part of us. The perfumed flowers are our sisters. The bear, the deer, the great eagle, these are our brothers. The rocky crests, the dew in the meadow, the body heat of the pony, and man all belong to the same family.
The shining water that moves in the streams and rivers is not just water, but the blood of our ancestors. If we sell you our land, you must remember that it is sacred. Each glossy reflection in the clear waters of the lakes tells of events and memories in the life of my people. The water's murmur is the voice of my father's father.
The rivers are our brothers. They quench our thirst. They carry our canoes and feed our children. So you must give the rivers the kindness that you would give any brother.
- 14 -
If we sell you our land, remember that the air is precious to us, that the air shares its spirit with all the life that it supports. The wind that gave our grandfather his first breath also received his last sigh. The wind also gives our children the spirit of life. So if we sell our land, you must keep it apart and sacred, as a place where man can go to taste the wind that is sweetened by the meadow flowers.
Will you teach your children what we have taught our children? That the earth is our mother? What befalls the earth befalls all the sons of the earth.
This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.
One thing we know: our God is also your God. The earth is precious to him and to harm the earth is to heap contempt on its creator.
Your destiny is a mystery to us. What will happen when the buffalo are all slaughtered? The wild horses tamed? What will happen when the secret corners of the forest are heavy with the scent of many men and the view of the ripe hills is blotted with talking wires? Where will the thicket be? Gone! Where will the eagle be? Gone! And what is to say goodbye to the swift pony and the hunt? The end of living and the beginning of survival.
When the last red man has vanished with this wilderness, and his memory is only the shadow of a cloud moving across the prairie, will these shores and forests still be here? Will there be any of the spirit of my people left?
We love this earth as a newborn loves its mother’s heartbeat. So, if we sell you our land, love it as we have loved it. Care for it as we have cared for it. Hold in your mind the memory of the land as it was when you receive it.
- 15 -
Preserve the land for all children, and love it, as God loves us.
As we are part of the land, you too are part of the land. This earth is precious to us. It is also precious to you.
One thing we know - there is only one God. No man, be he Red man or White man, can be apart. We ARE all brothers after all.”

In Italy, near the turn of the 12th century, a twenty three year old by the name of Giovanni Bernardone, after a severe illness, gave up his worldly, carefree life, and began working with lepers and restoring churches which had fallen into ruin. He later discarded his lay clothes to assume those of a mendicant. He also took the name of Francis and was canonised in 1228 as St. Francis of Assisi.
Francis began to see God in all things, and he spent a great deal of his young life in wonder. Here is an English translation of his famous ‘Canticle to the Sun’.
“Praise to my Lord for all his creation;
For our Brother Sun who brings us day and light and brings you to us.
Praise to my Lord for our Sister Moon
and for the Stars hung bright and lovely in Heaven
Praise to my Lord for our Brother Wind
and for Air and Clouds and weather
where by You maintain life in All.
- 16 -
Praise to my Lord for our Sister Water,
useful and lowly, precious and clear.
Praise to my Lord for our Brother Fire,
Mighty and strong, by whom You make for us
light in darkness.
Praise to my Lord for our Mother Earth
who does uphold and teach us, and brings,
forth both fruit and flowers in many colours.
Praise to my Sister Death,
from whom none can flee.
Blessed are those who find themselves in
Your most Holy Will, for Death shall not harm them.
O all ye Beings, praise and bless my Lord
and be thankful,
and serve Him in great humility.”
Two years before his death Francis fasted, prayed and meditated for forty days and nights; as did Jesus and the Buddha. At the end of the forty days, Francis had his heart’s desire - the stigmata.
It is very easy to say that Francis created his own reality but this in no way denies the Force that enabled him to do so.
We are learning to see All in All.

All men are born in delusion. The delusion of separateness. There is no one, not even the world’s greatest ‘sinner’, and that includes a mass murderer, who cannot, in this life now,
- 17 -
attain enlightenment. Man is not required to renounce anything but ignorance.
All men, because of ‘oneness’, are born in a state of grace and will die in a state of grace and there is, in reality, no such thing as spiritual development. There is, however, the development of wisdom, compassion and love.
“Have you realised?
That we are punished by our sins, not for them,
That if any man be unhappy it is by reason of himself alone.
That all that happens, happens right.
That life, is One, and all its forms are therefore brothers.
That there is nothing infinite apart from finite things.
That Self is the Lord of self; what other Lord should there be?
That enlightenment is a process which is happening now.
That compassion is no attribute; it is the Law of Laws.
There in only All That Is.” (SANTANA)
It is both sad and glorious that a pop-musician (Santana) has understood what even most preachers fail to grasp. For those of us who still think that self-denial is noble, here is the mystic William Law’s understanding:
“The great danger of rules and self-denials is that such disciplines are seldom based on kindness and charity and too few play any real part in our sanctification.” “Hence we learn the reason why many people not only lose the benefit, but are even the worse for all their mortifications. It is because they mistake the whole nature and worth of them. They practice them for their own sakes, as things good in themselves; they think them to be real parts of holiness, and so rest in them and look no further, but grow full of self-esteem and self-admiration for their own progress in them. This makes them self-sufficient, morose, severe judges of all
- 18 -
those who fall short of their disciplines. And thus their self-denials do only that for them which indulgences do for other people; they withstand and hinder the operation of spirituality, and instead of being self-denials, they strengthen and keep up the kingdom of self.”
It is time to surrender form, penance, mortification and self-denial. Obey the natural laws and live freely with joy and a sense of wonder, for you are already that which you seek.

The Soul, Atman, Higher or Greater Self, are different labels for the one Reality. To attempt to explain that Reality I will use the word ‘Soul’. I can only give you a feeling for what cannot truly be defined.
Just as the brain is constantly monitoring every feeling in the countless billions of nerve endings in your body, so the Soul is aware of the experiences and feelings of the countless personalities, plants, animals, birds, fishes and seemingly inanimate objects that go to make up its ‘totality’.
This present personality that you think of as ‘you’ is just that much of your totality than can be actuated in the physical spacesuit that you call your body. There is no physical body that could contain the immeasurable energy of the Soul. It would spontaneously combust or explode into a billion fragments.
Just as we are nerve endings in the brain of the Soul, so the Soul is a nerve ending in the brain of ‘God’ (Please
- 19 -
understand that I am using metaphors). When we say that God knows when a sparrow falls to earth, we are speaking a profound truth. Of course God knows because God is the sparrow also. Or, to get to the nitty gritty, the sparrow is yet another aspect of God manifesting in the physical plane.
Whilst we hold concepts of God as being one only male form we fall into the illusion of creating God in our image. Whilst we think at all in terms of ‘form’ we fall into the illusion of Pantheism. That which man calls ‘God’ is more than the sum of all its parts; which is in no way a definition, but an expansion of currently held beliefs.
Multi-dimensional personalities are merely parts of your totality. You are far more than this one person that you call ‘Self’. Reincarnation is about the best interpretation you can have of Reality, but that’s all it is, a great ‘interpretation’.
The quantum physicists have now realised that time is open-ended. They begin to understand that time is, in some way, a great allusion. The mystics have been saying this for thousands of years. There is, indeed, the illusion of lineal time, but in reality, there is only there ‘eternal present’. Whilst we are so intensely focused within the allusion we will continue to think of one life-experience preceding another. Our ‘history’ is in fact nothing but stage decor.
There is nothing bad about the interpretation of past and future lives except it can lead us into accepting superstitious interpretations of Karma. I will deal with the concepts of Karma later.
For now, we must try to remember that beginnings and endings are realities only within our own system of three-dimensional life. In eternity and infinity there are no beginnings, there are no endings.

- 20 -
In the East most people believe that if you are selfish and greedy in this life you are likely to come back as a pig in the next. Conversely, if you've been generous in this life you may be rewarded with wealth in the next. It's Eastern version of rewards and punishments and it is as primitive and superstitious as the Western concept of heaven and hell.
The Eastern belief, known as Karma, is more limiting because it leads people to observe another's suffering, shrug one's shoulders and blame it all on Karma. India is no place to collapse in the street. You may lie there for a long time.
Karma, like re-incarnation, can only exist in lineal time. Quantum physicists understand that time is ‘open-ended’. Einstein says, “Conclusions arrived at by purely logical means are completely empty of reality.” Minkowski, De Broglie and Carpra speak of the illusion of space time. They either hypothesise, or know, that ‘physical matter can move forwards and backwards in time’.
Let me give you an idea of what mystics call the eternal now. It's as if we had a big television set and we are focused on Channel 20. Twenty for the 20th century. At the same time Channel three for the 3rd century and Channel Twenty nine for that century are being transmitted, but our set can only focus on one at a time. The transmitter is the ‘Soul’ or the totality of all those channels or personalities, and it is all happening simultaneously. We are collectively focused within our own channel, but when we get a psychic ‘bleed through’ we tend to interpret that as a ‘past’ life. You exist in multi-dimensional areas before and after your physical birth. This is not the only reality, this physical world or this
- 21 -
particular day in this particular century. It‟s all happening NOW.
So how can Karma... as it is understood at this time... exist? If it‟s all happening now, one life does not precede another.
Karma is challenge. The Buddha speaks of volitional Karma, that is, a challenge we have deliberately chosen ourselves in order to gain through direct, personal experience that which we feel we need to know for our eternal growth and development.
Unhappily, the Buddhists today have reverted to the old, superstitious belief. Like Christians going back to the Old Testament.
Intellectual knowledge is not enough. It has to be emotional. So if you are prejudiced and bigoted in this experience you will explore being on the receiving side of that in another.
It sounds like Karma, but it‟s your choice. Travel wisely.

The Truth of the Great Teachers (Krishna, Moses, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus and Mohammed) is limitless like the great ocean. In accordance with the diverse intellects, beliefs, customs, understanding and ignorance of the people in their time and place they teach one Truth in a variety of ways.
Sometimes the truth is taught through being and sometimes through non-being, sometimes through gods and devils,
- 22 -
through heavens and hells and other times through nothing but unconditional love, sometimes through permanence and some other times through impermanence.
In Buddhism it is sometimes taught that one should acquire merit through the three virtues: kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy in other people‟s good fortune. At other times it is taught that all things are devoid of construction and therefore merit cannot be acquired. So we can see that the Truth has been taught in many ways.
My Abbot‟s Abbot, the Venerable Ajahn Cha, taught in a monastery in North-East Thailand. One day two youths who had just been conscripted for military service sought him out.
They knew nothing of life outside their village and were wild with excitement at the prospect of being sent to Bangkok for training.
Nevertheless they felt it prudent to ask for Ajahn Cha‟s blessing and any spiritual advice he might care to give.
Ajahn Cha knew that the youths were far from being Born-again Buddhists and that they were far more interested in getting a blessing from him (he is regarded as a very holy man in Thailand) than in obtaining any spiritual teaching, so he blessed them and gave them this advice....
“Don’t fire your guns at any living thing, and be kind to the prostitutes.”
The youths, bringing the palms of their hands together, raised them to their foreheads and bowed their smiling way out of the Ajahn’s presence.
The abbot’s advice to those young men was indeed, deeply spiritual if you think about it. He read their hearts without judgement. My goodness me, as we say in Queensland, it’s no wonder the Thai people loved him. He was the living essence of loving one’s neighbour as oneself.
- 23 -
I am constantly shocked by the arrogance of some religious followers who think they have exclusive rights to ‘God’ or the truth is found only in their ‘Holy’ books. Those who continually make judgements of others for their beliefs. They see only the difference in religions and not the common denominator. All rivers lead to the great ocean. Do not fail to experience the ocean by clinging to the river.
I believe one of the great Masters said: “In my Father’s house are many mansions...” But who wants to listen to him? We’re so busy constructing our own mansions we have neither time nor tolerance for our neighbour’s dwelling. Well, thank God for Mother Teresa. And thank God for Father John on this same page. They can see The House.

A young man, undecided about marriage, decided to ask a great sage for advice.
“Master,” he began, “You know both my girlfriend and me.”
“Not so!” replied the sage. “I know aspects only of yourselves. Which aspect do you wish to discuss?”
“Well , er... the aspect of our relationship. Do you think I should get married?”
“No.” replied the sage without the slightest hesitation.
“Why not?” asked the young man, somewhat offended by the unequivocal response. “Because you had to ask me. If your love were strong enough you wouldn’t need a second opinion.”
- 24 -
One of the many difficult lessons we have to learn in our expansions of spiritual understanding is that we should do what we want to do in our hearts rather than what we have been conditioned to believe we should, ought, must, or have to do. On the surface you may think that is self-indulgence, but in reality it is self-respect.
Unless you put up separations that do not exist, self-denial is God denial.
We are conditioned to believe that self-sacrifice is noble, but when you follow the love in your heart where is the sacrifice? Whenever we make a sacrifice for someone else, and there is no love involved, the act is worthless. In fact, charity without love is destructive. At the collective unconscious level, we communicate our lack of affection, and the recipient of our phoney „goodness‟ will feel resentment rather than gratitude.
Far too often we act out of false sense of duty. If love is not present, such duty is mere hypocrisy. Sometimes we hide our own fears behind the label of duty.
I know of a woman who ‘sacrificed’ her own happiness to take care of her ailing parent. The parent ailed for more than twenty years. The woman had given up all hope of marriage, had little contact with the outside world and grew daily in bitterness and resentment. She could not afford to keep the parent in a home for the elderly but was eventually persuade to seek help from her church.
The church took care of the situation and the woman was suddenly free to get on with her own life. Too late, as it turned out. Now she had no one to blame for her misery. No way to justify her loneliness.
Within two weeks she had removed her parent from the care of the church and the two continued to live in bitter silence.
- 25 -
“And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity (loving kindness) I am nothing.” (St. Paul)

News had reached the Patriarch of all the Russias, that there were three monks living on an island in the Black Sea, and that they were regarded in and about their area as living saints.
His Holiness didn’t know what to make of these reports, but, being a fair man, decided to pay a surprise visit to the monks before forming any opinion of their so-called saintliness.
After much travelling he arrived at the Black Sea, and after hiring a suitable boat, set sail for the island. His arrival created a furore on the island and the people ran to notify the three monks of the Patriarch’s presence. The monks looked at each other with amazement and, without a word, turned and ran to greet his Holiness.
The three monks fell to their knees before him, their hands held in prayer and their faces beaming with love and an overwhelming joy. His Holiness was deeply moved by their devotion. Listening to their stumbling greetings he realised that they were not educated men but their childish sincerity shone through.
- 26 -
He suggested that they retire with him to the monastery chapel so that they could pray together. He was disturbed to detect a fleeting look of alarm on the faces of the monks.
In the chapel the Patriarch knelt before the altar and the monks knelt behind him. His Holiness began with the Lord’s Prayer but stopped when he realised the monks were not joining in.
“Why aren‟t you praying?” he asked.
They hung their heads in shame. “We don’t know the prayer.” the first said.
“We used to know it.” the second hastily added.
“But we forgot.” the third lamely finished.
His Holiness, seeing their genuine distress and being a kindly man by nature, spoke very gently. “Would you like me to teach you?”
“Oh yes, Holy Father.” the three replied.
So the Patriarch of all the Russias began to teach the uneducated monks the prayer. It was hard work. They would no sooner get to the end when they would forget the beginning, but after patiently working with them all day the Patriarch was at last satisfied that they had finally learned the Lord’s Prayer.
Exhausted after his efforts, the Patriarch returned to his boat, and while the monks were profusely thanking him, set sail for the mainland.
After he had been at sea for some time he turned to watch the sunset behind him.
He was startled to see three small figures racing toward him, feet barely touching the water. “Come back, Holy Father, come back. We’ve forgotten the prayer!”

- 27 -
When I say that the establishment should never put rules and regulations before ethics and common sense, most people agree. When we put law before justice in our courts we deny the average person easy access to what should be reparation of wrongs. But when the establishment does manage to put ethics and common sense before the law there is a public out-cry.
Currently the Australian government is refusing entry to a lecturer who claims Hitler has been maligned and the holocaust is Jewish propaganda. The reaction? Our government is denying this man his legal rights; freedom of speech. If someone were to publicly tell lies about you and your family would you call that freedom of speech? I applaud the government’s stand on the occasion. I would not like anyone I cared for who is too young to remember Hitler and his atrocities being exposed to this man’s obscene lies. Ethics of Rules? Remember Goebbels?
Every time a newspaper publishes scandal which intrudes upon the most intimate details of a person’s private life and any attempt is made to stop such ‘exposures’ the newspapers hide behind the law: ‘Freedom of the Press’. How would you like the secret corners of your own sexuality exposed publicly? The intimate, private comments you may have made on seeing your lover naked? Well, we all say those things, but they are certainly not meant for publication.
When we allow law to take precedence over ethics and common sense we get ourselves into trouble. The most obscene and disgusting publications hide behind ‘Freedom of the Press’. Sex, ideally, is a beautiful expression of love,
- 28 -
but these publications debase love and strip people of their human dignity. Personally, I like to look upon the pictures of a beautiful, naked body; whether it be male or female, oil painting or photograph. I would not like to see us draping nude sculpture in an excess of Puritanism.
But publications dealing with child-sex, sexual orgies, oral sex, sadism and so forth are invasions of sexual privacy, denials of human dignity and, at worst, promoters of sex without love. We all pick our noses, defecate and have sex. None of these activities is meant for public display.
How about some sensible laws on privacy, laws against the public corruption of human dignity and against public pronouncement of foul and indecent language? But remember, such laws should not be placed above common sense. In the meantime, who, as the man says, is looking after the children?
We are, you and I.
And we could do a lot better!

The only difference between the most enlightened Saint and the most revolting criminal is that one of the two does not know that they are both Holy, Holy, Holy.
The founder of Christianity taught that “If you visit someone in prison, you visit me”. Yet in our spiritual ignorance, we still elect people to office who would lead us back to pre-Christian darkness by calling for mutilation and death for some prisoners. We cannot blame such ‘leaders’
- 29 -
because we put them in office without insisting that they have spiritual understanding and values. If you want to change the world you must start with yourself.
Naturally, criminals have to be isolated from society for their own protection as well as society’s. Nevertheless, the first consideration of true justice should be reparation to the victims or their families. But punishment should not enter into it. This physical world is a spiritual training ground for learning how to love what appears to be absolutely unlovable. Don’t worry about your neighbour’s ignorance, worry about your own. Instead of hating the offender, we should weep for the loss of love shown by the offence.
If we would change our primitive ideas of God and seek spiritual wisdom we could begin a New Age. The history of man’s evolution is littered with discarded images of God and it is no longer valid to cling to the image of a ‘Super-being’ dispensing salvation and damnation according to the moral standards of our times.
God is, as spiritually developed men and women have known throughout the ages, unknowable, inexpressible, indefinable; that before which all words recoil. The unknowability of God had been, perhaps, best expressed by St. Thomas Aquinas in this passage from ‘De Veritas’: “What God actually is, always remains hidden from us. And this is the highest knowledge one can have of God in this life. That we know Him to be above every thought we are able to think of Him.”
The book of ignorance is prefaced with “But God said... the Buddha said... Jesus said... etc.” The real truth lies in what you say, what you think, what you do. And your truth is as unique and individual as your fingerprints.
We are all learning how to be loving, and wise, and filled with compassion.
That should be the real purpose of ALL religions.

- 30 -
You may not realise it, but we communicate with each other all the time. We used to call it telepathy; the kids call it ‘vibes’. Carl Jung called it the collective unconscious and today’s scientists call it morphic resonance. It’s not important what label we put on it; the important thing is that we can learn to use this communication for truly practical purposes. Let me give you an example.
A few years back, a man and his wife came to see me at one of my self-healing classes in Caloundra. They told me they were very worried about their teenage son, Jason. It appears that Jason was staying out all night, running about with what the parents considered a ‘hooligan element’, and generally getting up to no good. They feared that he would end up in real trouble with the police. If they tried to talk to him about it he would become all the more rebellious and aggressive.
I explained that the more they put their energy into fear of ‘what’s to become of Jason’ the more they underscored his own insecurities. Without realising it they were creating, at the collective unconscious level, a recipe for disaster.
“Well, what can we do about it? We can’t stop worrying. We love him!”
I asked them to ‘turn the other cheek’ as it were, of their creative energy. Instead of communicating fear - communicate warmth and affection. Picture Jason in your mind’s eye, at his very best, and surround that image with your love. Really feel the emotion. But in this imagery do
- 31 -
not ask him to change in any way. Do this every time you begin to worry or criticise him in your mind.
They probably thought I was nuts... but they said they’d have a shot at it.
Some months later, when I was giving a mind-power workshop in Northern Queensland, the parents turned up there. They said I wouldn’t believe what happened to Jason.
“Try me”, I suggested.
“Well,” they said “we did that meditation and it turned out that Jason got interest in surfing. One of his mates had a board and Jason found that he had a flair for it. He’s given up his night activities and puts all his energy into the day.”
About a year later I met the parents again and they told me that Jason had a full time job on the Gold Coast and was competing in surfing events. Before he left for the Gold Coast they said they were sitting in the living room congratulating themselves on the change in Jason when in he walks with a big grin on his face.
“What are you looking so smug about, Jason?” they asked.
“Look,” replied Jason, “I’ve gotta’ tell you this. Since you guys took up meditation... gosh you’ve changed!”

We create our own reality according to our beliefs and expectations. The tools we use are our imagination and our emotions. These are the most concentrated forms of energy
- 32 -
we possess, and we use them all the time. We do not create with our will-power nor our positive thinking, but with our feelings. With these we create every single thing that happens to us individually and collectively.
We create war, famine, disease, murder; and we refuse to take responsibility for our own creations. We say “I wonder how God can allow such things...” and we keep doing it. There is no ‘war to end war’.
Like attracts like. Fear of war creates war. Belief in violence attracts violence. Love of peace creates peace.
Australia is in a unique position to lead this planet into peace. If, through love and not fear, we were to declare ourselves a neutral country like Switzerland we would become the world bank, and no one blows up their own piggy bank. A nuclear war in the Middle East would take out half of Europe, so our distance lends us more than enchantment.
The foreign currency that would inundate this country - just think of Hong Kong - could be used to open up our interior, process our wastes instead of polluting our ocean, and fertilise our earth. For every square mile we made available we would find someone wanting to farm, build a house, start a business. This time we would not be computerising and robotising ourselves out of work. And if it took a thousand years? Well, that’s one heck of an answer to unemployment!
By all means keep a strong military force to guard our shores against drug runners, but send no Australian son overseas to kill someone else’s son. War, as if you need me to tell you, is an abomination. There is no such thing as a ‘just’ war - and a ‘holy’ war is a blasphemy.
When we talk about spending twenty-five billion dollars on ‘defence’ we are giving expression to our fear. The R.S.L. having proven its courage and loyalty - having experienced
- 33 -
Viet Nam - should, ideally, lead us into a strong neutrality. You guys CAN do it!
Our establishments wouldn’t have the spiritual guts, and the rest of us are ‘waiting for a leader’. You don’t think it could be done? You don’t think it’d work? Why brothers, that’s just your fear talking!

Before the Great Master Jesus manifested in the physical plane, man held the concept that that which he called ‘God’ was a male figure who was not only jealous, but vengeful; demanding an eye for an eye and visiting plague, pestilence, and famine on even his chosen people.
When the Great Master changed the symbol to that of a loving father, perfect in all ways, he made God accessible to both the learned and the unlearned. A God to whom all mankind could relate. It was a giant step forward in understanding, but the learned were unable, and the unlearned unwilling, to penetrate the symbol any further. Instead of seeing the Source of all life and consciousness ‘above, throughout and within all things’ man kept himself apart from God by separating the Creator from the Created.
These days we fight over labels. We fight over the names we have given to our anthropomorphic concepts of God. Brahma, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah. A sign saying ‘Brisbane’ is not Brisbane itself. Would Brisbane change if the sign said ‘City’?
For those who do not understand the word ‘God’, here is a quote from Goethe’s “Fragment upon Nature”.
- 34 -
“Nature! We are encompassed by her; impossible to escape from her and impossible to come nearer to her. The most unnatural also is nature. Who sees her not on all sides sees her truly nowhere. At each moment she starts upon a long, long journey and at each moment reaches her end… She lets every child enlarge upon her, every fool judge her, thousands pass heedlessly over her seeing nothing; yet she has friends among all and has her recompense from all…Even in resisting her laws one obeys them; and one works with her even in desiring to work against her. Love is her crown. Only through love does one come near to her. She has isolated all things so she may bring all together. All is eternally present in her, for she knows neither past nor future. For her, the present is eternity.”
Do we know God when we say: “God is Love”?
Why brothers, Love is not God, Love is but Her crown!

Helping another person can be damaging if it is not done with wisdom. It is like giving a hungry man a fish when you could have given him a fishing line.
We damage a man when we give him the dole instead of creating work for him by re-planting our waste land, creating parks, building and operating recycling centre (profitably) and constructing great public works, roads, bridges.
Too often do we reward others when they get into trouble and suffer. It’s the ‘Let me kiss it better’ syndrome and it
- 35 -
encourages others to give in too easily, to fail and say “Look at me, I’m hurting, be nice to me.”
There’s a vast difference between helping someone in trouble and rewarding someone in trouble. To encourage someone to ‘lean on you’ is to undermine that person’s authority and strip them of their dignity. In the long run you are not doing them any favour.
Most of us have, at one time or another, played the helpless role and said, “I am powerless. Please God, do this thing for me...” (and I’ll give 10% to charity). By doing that we deny the God within and dump the whole mess on our concept of a separated, outside God. What we should be saying is, “I’m in big trouble. Help and inspire me to help myself - to handle this challenge for the good of all concerned.”
A man was walking through a forest when he came upon a fox with no legs. He was wondering how the poor creature had managed to survive when he saw a tiger approach with a deer in its jaws.
Hiding behind a tree the man watched as the tiger took its fill of the deer. When it was finished, it took the remainder and placed it before the fox. “This is a sign from God. It tells me that God will provide. I don’t have to work myself to death. God will provide.” said the man. So he went home, stopped working and waited for God to provide. After some time had elapsed, the man dies of malnutrition.
When his consciousness had withdrawn from the physical plane, the man, still in disillusion, confronted God.
“Didn’t you send me a sign? Look what happened to me. What went wrong?” God smiled upon the man and said: “I did, indeed send you a sign. What went wrong was that you were supposed to copy the tiger.”

- 36 -
When someone we love dies we believe that a tragedy has occurred. Not perceiving that that moment of bliss and ecstasy which we call ‘death’ is a continuum of life, we feel that ‘God’ or one’s ‘Soul’ has no caring, no compassion and certainly no loving purpose. We doubt or deny the wisdom and love of the Source of all life and consciousness. We are blind to the love behind and within all creation.
Death is the Great Illusion.
Even the most enlightened saints would grieve the departure of someone they loved, but their grieving would be short-lived. They would know that anyone we love in this present experience, we will most certainly encounter when we ourselves have withdrawn from the physical plane.
If you find that you cannot get over your grief there is something very wonderful, and practical, that you should do. Before going to sleep, ask the personality for whom you are grieving to comfort you in the sleep state then send that person all love you are capable of experiencing. Go to sleep without taking a chemical lobotomy. No tranquilliser, no sleeping tablet. You may have no memory of what occurs during sleep but the effect is profound. Keep sending your love.
In a letter to his friend, Valerius, whose son had died, Appolonius of Tyana (born c.20AD) wrote:
“There is no death of anyone, except in appearance just as there is no birth of anyone except in semblance. The change from being to becoming seems to be birth, but in Reality no one is ever born, nor does one ever die. It is a serious thing
- 37 -
that a man should be mourned when he has passed from Man to God by change of state, and not by destruction of his nature.”
Like Valerius we are all in the process of learning to understand our true nature. We are not our bodies, but Pure, Eternal Spirit focused intensely within the body to explore and take responsibility for our own individual and collective creations. It is a learning process.
That which we call ‘life’ is an endless voyage of self-discovery and creation. It is the most exciting voyage in an infinite Universe. Despite the false ego’s concepts of suffering, it is meant to be fun.
You have never been abandoned, you have never been unloved. Because of who and what you really are, you were born in a state of Grace and you will die in a state of Grace; and nothing you do shall ever remove you from that Grace.
If you do not understand that, you do not understand the nature of unconditional love.

Watch out for those gurus who tell you that, in order to become spiritual, you must first kill the ego. What would want to kill the ego but ego itself? And, anyway the ego is just the conscious version you have of yourself. Usually that’s a false ego, a small component of your overall identity.
We identify with a label, like the name our parents gave us. “Oh, of course I know who I am, I’m David!” as if that’s the
- 38 -
end of the search. Or we identify with the relationship we have with another person. Mother, Father, sister husband, daughter. And we find ourselves conditioned to respond accordingly to that image we have of self.
You are not your body. If you’ve ever experienced near or clinical death, and found yourself out-of-the-body, you will know that for yourself.
You are not your sexuality, yet some of us identify so strongly with that false image that we assume the pathetic roles of red-neck macho or screaming queen. Other false images we cling to are our work roles and our social and economic positions. All of these are not SELF. When we attach to these ‘persona’s’ or masks, it makes it harder to attain self-realisation. We are too busy acting out roles.
The idea is not to kill the ego but to expand it until it includes all things. Because in reality there are no separations between the Creator and the created, you are as spiritual now as you will ever be. Sure, you can spend the rest of your life trying to become what you already are, and if that turns you on, well, go for it, have fun. Just try not to criticise or make judgements about those who do not conform to your concepts of „’being spiritual’.
To realise that you are indeed ‘the temple of God’ we must let go of our childish concepts of God as being a bearded old man up in the clouds being bored to tears by eternal harp concerti. Letting go of that security blanket can be very, very lonely. St. John of the Cross refers to it as ‘The dark night of the soul’ but if you persist with your inner search, breaking down the false barriers, you will be flooded with realisation. Then, even the most mundane experiences of your ordinary waking day become touched with magic.

- 39 -
One of the people that inspire in me empathy and affection is Bob Ansett who teaches that in customer relations all businesses should strive for excellence.
When I was in my well-travelled twenties my uncle took me to dinner at the elegant Monsignor’s Restaurant in Sydney which was run by a man named Antonio and his wife, Bianca. She cooked, he served and they both pursued excellence.
My uncle ordered a good wine and, as Tony uncorked it at our table a few small pieces of cork fell into the wine. That’s perfectly normal, and it’s why the host pours the first quarter inch of wine into his own glass before serving his guests. Tony did this for my uncle, who, seeing a bit of floating cork said,
“I’m sorry, Tony, but this wine is corked!” (Corked wine is when the wine takes on the taste of a rotting cork). My uncle had really goofed! I watched Tony carefully. A flicker of surprise barely touching his feature, though I could almost feel him biting his tongue. What he said was, “I’m sorry, sir, I’ll change it at once.”
Tony became one of my role-models and I introduced many clients to his restaurant.
More recently I took my family to a popular restaurant in Caloundra and ordered for myself some chicken nuggets.
“What sauce would you like?” I was asked. There were small tubs of tomato, barbecue and tartare sauces. “I’ll have the tartare, please.”
- 40 -
“I’m sorry, sir. You can’t have the tartare.” the girl told me (I could see a tub of it going to someone else).
“Why not?”
“You can only have that with fish nuggets.”
I offered to pay an extra dollar, I asked to speak to the manager... all to no avail, and I’ve never been back there.
I’ve just returned from Tasmania on the ‘luxury’ TT Liner, Abel Tasman.
I decided to let my head go and dine in the Frecinet Restaurant aboard. I know exactly what I wanted to eat. Half a dozen fresh oysters and a rare Porterhouse steak with salad and a good Tassie red.
“I’m sorry, sir,” the charming waitress informed me... “You cannot have Porterhouse steak with oysters.”
“Why not?” (a chicken nugget flashed before my eyes).
“The menu has changed. Oysters are on the A La Carte menu and porterhouse is on the fixed price menu.”
“but both are in the kitchen, are they not?” “Yes, sir, but you cannot have them together.”
“I’ll pay to have them together.”
Well, the girl was really sweet as she explained that her orders came from Head Office and she knew it was crazy but... I didn’t get my order.
The point of all this is to warn you that, more and more, businesses and establishments are putting rules and regulations before ethics and common sense. Fight them brothers. Give 'em hell, sisters. It’s time to demand excellence. Together we can do it!

- 41 -
Most of us find it hard to say “no” and then find it harder to live with our ‘yeses’. Haven’t you ever agreed to go to a party or dinner somewhere that you just know you are not going to enjoy? In fact, you wonder why you said “yes” in the first place, and you spend the next week in gloomy anticipation.
I used to be very much like that until I decided that it was time to stand up and be counted. I remembered Polonius’ advice to his son: “unto thine own self be true, and it follows as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man.” So I began to say no.
Whilst on a working holiday in Tasmania recently I visited Strahan and booked a ride on the jet boat. Having an hour to kill I decided to have lunch at Hamers Hotel by the waterfront. I ordered lobster bisque, steak and salad, paid for the meal and waited for my number to come up on the board.
In due course my number flashed, and I went to collect my bisque.
Carrying it back to my table I tasted it to discover it was... tomato soup! Back to the counter.
“Excuse me,” I said to the attractive young girl, “I ordered lobster bisque and you’ve given me tomato soup.”
“Well sir, it is tomato-based you know.”
- 42 -
“I’m afraid these tomatoes have never seen the sea, let alone a lobster, ma’am,”
“I haven’t time to argue sir, you’ll have to speak to the manager or the chef.” said this paragon of customer relations.
“I’ll speak to the manager.”
“He isn’t here at the moment.”
“Then please ask the chef to speak with me.” She made a sort of sucking-hissing sound and swept into the kitchen. Within a few minutes a rather pleasant looking, hippy type young man stepped out of the kitchen. He was wearing a T-shirt with the word ‘CHEF’ emblazoned across an alarmingly broad chest.
“Is there a problem, sir?”
“I don’t think so,” I replied with my friendliest smile, “I ordered lobster bisque and you’ve given me tomato soup.”
He gave me the tomato-based routine. I told him that I hated being ripped off and dropped my tomato in the sea line. A slow grin spread across his features, and he asked me if I would like another soup or my money back. I took the money and waited for my steak.
About ten minutes later the kitchen door opened and out came the ‘CHEF’ with a large tray bearing a huge perfectly cooked porterhouse, a great salad and, though I hadn’t ordered it, a plate piled with garlic bread. “With our compliments, and I’m sorry about the soup, sir.”
He said that he was really the apprentice chef and I think his name was Wayne. Anyway, one large Bob Ansett badge of excellence to you, sir. And yes, I certainly would return to Hamers for a meal.
So brothers and sisters, this above all: Unto thine own self be true... stand up for yourself and start saying NO.
- 43 -
Enough’s enough. If you want the world to change, start with yourself.

Unenlightened Teachers of all religions tell you that in order to become spiritual you must first kill the ego. Worse, they then insist that you blindly obey them in their spiritual and temporal guidance.
If any leader of a cult, sect or organisation says that to you “run do not walk,” to the nearest exit... firmly clutching your wallet.
The ego is no more than the conscious version you have of yourself, of who and what you are. Usually we identify with our body and our name. Anyone who has experienced near or clinical death and found themselves blissfully out of the body will know that we are not the body. Our names are merely labels, and we can change our labels at will.
We identify with our work. “I am a politician”, “I am a builder”, “I am a doctor”. That is not what we truly are. That is what we do.
In life, every major success is built on a hundred failures, yet we foolishly say “I am a failure” and we begin to believe in yet another false image of Self. What we believe becomes our personal truth. What we think, and then allow ourselves to feel, becomes our reality. Do you know what creative power that gives you? What are YOU doing with it?
The false ideas we have of Self condition us into all sorts of obsolete responses. We say “I am a father” or mother, son,
- 44 -
daughter. That is simply the relationship we have with another personality. It is not what we are. Yet our belief in any one of these false egos forces us into patterns of behaviour that are bound to lead us into suffering for they are based on ignorance. We are clinging to false images.
Just look at the suffering we have caused by identifying with nationality. Yet who is so enlightened as to gaze upon a ‘foreign’ child, or an aboriginal child for that matter, and know “This is another aspect of God manifesting in this body in this place at this time”? Well, plenty of us, I’m delighted to say. Do you think we’re all ignorant?
We are into the age of awakening and we are all coming out of a long, long sleep.
Don’t listen to the false prophets. You will know them by their fruit, for they teach fear. They are the voices of doom and gloom. You will find them in every walk of life.
Now, you are far more than you think you are, for in essence you are divine... warts and all. The idea is not to kill the ego but to expand it until it includes all things, all beings, All That Is.

There are natural laws of the universe but there are no rules and regulations. All moral laws are man-made, and they are, at best, pretty shaky. It wasn’t too long ago that torture was legally used by both church and state to elicit a confession. That is as one-sided as dunking a suspected witch under water for several minutes. If she drowns, she’s innocent.
- 45 -
Because there is no separation of consciousness once we withdraw from the illusion of the physical world and it becomes horribly apparent that what we do to another living being we are doing to ourselves, there are two guidelines to the universe that we would do well to follow. They are perfectly simple:
Do not violate life other than for sustenance, so do not violate nature, and do not violate the earth. These are the three violations most common among us. If it were a violation to kill for sustenance then we would condemn the Eskimo to starvation, for he cannot grow food on ice. Killing for sustenance is allowed within nature. There are very few vegetarian lions or tigers! It’s okay to fish if your catch is for eating but it is not okay to fish to have your catch stuffed and put above your fire-place because you think it looks beautiful there. It looked beautiful in the water!
It takes about thirty dumb animals to provide skins for a fur coat. It only takes one to wear it.
Do not violate nature. All things have a right to live. They also have a right to die. The choice must be personal. No one has the right to decide for another. We have such strange notions of what is natural and what is not that it might be better that we understand this guideline as DO NOT VIOLATE ANOTHER BEING PHYSICALLY OR PSYCHOLOGICALLY. Your intent is all important.
You do not need any dissertation on violating the earth, if you feel you do, you need go no further than Chief Seattle’s letter to the American government which is printed earlier.
Let me tell you that I love the hole in the ozone layer. If common sense and verbal warnings have no effect on us then maybe we deserve a short, sharp smack on the butt. The "hole" is doing just that.
- 46 -
I have every confidence that, knowing man’s unlimited potential he will eventually get it right and it is not that far off.
Till then, travel wisely.

- 47 -

In Australia we know that if the singer of a tribe points the bone at another Aborigine, that man is likely to die. Of course, the bone doesn’t kill him, his own belief system does.
The same happens in our so-called ‘sophisticated’ society. If the singer of our tribe points the bone at us by saying: “You have a terminal disease and only six months to live”, and we believe him, it become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and we die.
When I was giving a Mind-power Workshop in Mackay last year, a man told me he had witnessed the effect of bone-pointing:
“My mate had been holidaying on the coast here and invited me back to his cattle station out west,” he said. “When we got there we were told that one of the Aboriginal stockmen had had the bone pointed at him and was dying. My mate took a spear-head which he owned and a sharp knife and cut the stockman’s back, covered the spear-head in the man’s blood and, making a big production of it, told him he was drawing out the evil spirit. The stockman was so amazed by the performance that he recovered.”
Now that‟s what I call a pretty impressive placebo. We, being more gullible than our Aboriginal brothers, need only sugar and milk tablets for our placebo. Of course, the placebo doesn’t cure us, our belief (trust, faith, confidence) does.
“Patterns of matter that we see in physics are reflections of mind” wrote Fritjof Capra (University of California). Cancer and other diseases of the body are patterns of matter. It is not yet fully understood that they are reflections of mind. We can, quite literally, worry ourselves to death.
- 48 -
That our belief can kill or cure has been known for thousands of years. St Paul quoting his enlightened Master writes:
“Nothing of itself is evil, but if you believe a thing to be evil, that thing becomes evil; and if you believe a thing to be good, that thing becomes good.”
In that profound truth we have the cause and cure of all mankind’s problems. It takes insight to know it.
If we are not prepared to get to know and understand our own great creative minds we will continue to “see without perceiving and hear without understanding.”
And that’s about the worst case of self-denial I can think of.

All truth is ad hoc; that is, it depends on the time, the place and the understanding thereof to accord with a particular purpose. All the great Masters use truth ad hoc. In the East it is known as ‘Upaya’ (skilful means). Today we would call it ‘applied psychology’.
When Yeshua bar Yoseph (Jesus) taught, He had to deal with a tribal society steeped in violence and superstition and a people whose concept of God was that of a male figure, jealous and vengeful. A god who demanded ‘an eye for an eye’, who visited plague, pestilence, war and famine on even his chosen people. Yeshua changed the concept and represented a loving and forgiving Father, perfect in all ways, to whom the race could relate. He made God truly accessible to Man. It was an enormous step forward in
- 49 -
understanding, but the concept of God as a human-like father rather than the Father of all life and consciousness was not to be taken literally.
Great Masters speak in parables and metaphors, for we are as alike unto them, in understanding, as chalk is to cheese. If they spoke from the depth of their awareness we would “see without perceiving (interpreting correctly) and hear without understanding.”
The Buddha said that His teachings were like a raft. A raft to get man across the immediate river of ignorance. But he warned that if Man turned his teachings into rites and rituals, doctrine and dogma, the raft would become water-logged and sink. He advised his followers to use his teachings until they understood, then go on their own individual path in breaking down the barriers of ignorance that seem to separate them from that which man calls ‘God’.
Of course the Buddha (a title meaning an enlightened man or woman) rarely used the world ‘God’ for he taught in India where gods were commonplace, so he used the word Dhammakaya which interprets as ‘the Source of Being.’
Yeshua taught that God had to be loved in three ways. Firstly to love with the heart, which is the way of worship and devotion. Bhakti as it is called in India. That is one way. It is a necessary way, but it is not enough. In more primitive understandings it is the only way.
Secondly, to love with the mind, which is the way of wisdom. Mukti as it is called in the East. It also is a necessary way. In the new-age it is the only way. But it is not enough.
Thirdly, to love in spirit. No longer paying lip service to our second-hand beliefs about God but realising through direct, personal experience. Ehipassika paccatam as it is called in the East. Loving God in spirit is not a matter of understanding, but of being. In itself it is not enough, for it
- 50 -
will lead you back to the first and second way until all three are in perfect harmony. That is the great liberation. It is also one grain of sand on the beach of BEING.

When I was giving a Mind-power workshop in a small Queensland town, a woman told me that her two children had been killed in a car crash. Seeking comfort in her terrible grief she turned to the Minister of her Church for help. He told her that God was punishing her for her sins.
The worst thing the Christian Church ever did was to incorporate the old Jewish Testament with the new Christian Testament in the ‘Holy’ Bible, for they are diametrically opposite in their concepts of that which man calls ‘God’.
That Minister held the Old Testament belief that God was vengeful. Yeshua bar Yoseph (Jesus) knew that God is the essence of unconditional love. Utterly, totally forgiving. The primary purpose of Yeshua’s teachings was to break through the terrible concepts his people had of the Source of all life and consciousness. He knew that Mankind imitates its concepts of God, and by changing that concept could lead us into being loving, wise and filled with compassion.
How are we doing?
Well, we still elect governments that lead us into war. We put ‘nationality’ before ‘God’. Nationality is based on separation and fear, not love. There are still many ‘God-fearing’ modern Pharisees who mouth obscenities like “God
- 51 -
is punishing homosexuals and prostitutes by inflicting them with AIDS”.
Is he punishing the children?
An illness is a reflection of mind and emotions. As long as society continues to make judgments and to make their brothers and sisters feel guilty about their sexual preferences and activities, that guilt will manifest in strong, physical terms. As soon as we find a chemical ‘cure’ for a sexually transmitted disease another disease will replace it. This will continue as long as there exists collective guilt about sex. This will continue as long as we continue to exaggerate our sexual preferences to the point of saying “This is what I am”. And it will continue as long as we keep on debasing love. You will either understand that or you will not.
The latter day Pharisees say “God is Love” and yet hold the terrible belief that God would ever inflict suffering upon the human family by means of plague. No God of compassion, let alone unconditional love, would inflict illness upon anyone at all; not even the common cold.
How can we hope to heal AIDS if we step aside and blame it on a deity?
If you believe you are deserving of punishment, and if you are carrying a load of conditioned, social guilt then that is the problem you face.
Not the illness itself.

- 52 -
When we see an event which seems to be so dark and evil that we are led to believe that ‘God’ is not in that event, we have not yet understood that the darkness is not an absence of light but a denial of light.
You are not a victim of your world, no matter how sorry for yourself you feel; you are very much in control of your own life. The trouble is that most of us are controlling our lives without being aware of the fact. Negativity is not inflicted on you. You own it. It is part of your karmic CHALLENGE to see whether you will choose love or fear.
Some of us want to see only the light and avoid the dark as if it doesn’t exist. This is one way of trying to avoid the darkness in our world and it behoves you to see the opportunity in that darkness to bring you and your brother’s home.
At a human level, all illness, poverty, famine, war etc. are hindrances. At a real or spiritual level they are opportunities. They are opportunities to learn.
At any time you can learn who and what you really are and if you truly know that, not through intellectual concepts, but through direct, personal experience, you will be absolutely fearless. Once fear goes there can be no suffering. As we are focused within the perceptive illusion of the manifested world we think it is the other way round.
We move to the movie screen of our lives and try to alter the seemingly real shadows in order to stop suffering. What we should be doing is turning inside to the projector, the creative light within, if we wish to alter events.
- 53 -
The understanding that this physical world is a TRANSIENT place where you choose to come, because this is what you have selected in order to take responsibility for your rightful share of creativity, it would have an enormous effect on our conditioned attitudes of greed, power and indifference.
Anyway, if we fail to do this ourselves and lose the opportunity, just watch the children. Those children of God who are being born these days, and their children, will throw out the old, dark ways and their creations will be felt throughout the Universe.
And do you know what? They are really here because they don’t want to miss the fun!

Our future, whether it be personal or global, will be the result of our attitudes and the expectations we have today. The future will be the result of our poor expectations or it will be the result of our great expectations. The world problems that we are experiencing today are not the cause of present negative attitudes but the result of past negative attitudes.
Imagination, reinforced by our expectations can bring into being almost any reality provided it fits within our range of probabilities. If we use our imagination to attempt to bring about an event that, in our hearts, we believe to be impossible, that event will not occur in our experience. In other realities, outside the framework of our own experiences, such ‘impossibilities’ occur.
- 54 -
We attract in our space-time continuum - the physical world - only that which fits in with our beliefs. If we want to change the world we live in then we must first change our beliefs. Using the imagination in meditation through creative visualisation is an excellent way of bringing about change.
We seed the future with our thoughts and feelings of today and we are reaping today the harvest of that which we have sown in the past. It is not just ‘happening’ to us, we have created it.
Know that the very nature of stress is to focus the mind on the last thing you want to have happen to you or to those you care for. This does not mean that you should be afraid of your own negative thoughts and feelings. It does, however mean that you should be aware of where you are putting the focus of your mind and for how long you sustain that focus. By sustaining the focus of your mind, particularly if it is combined with a strong emotion, you create a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is time we understood that imagination and emotions are the most concentrated forms of energy that we possess. And we use them all the time. Just think if we did not use our imagination we would not be capable of worry. All emotions are transitory but we tend to cling to them as if they are permanent conditions. Therein lies our problem.
We must learn that we are NOT our emotions, yet we continue to suffer by identifying with them. We say “I am sick” instead of “I feel sick”, “I am angry” instead of “I feel angry”. Because of this identification with our feelings we give them a permanence that, in itself, they do not possess. When we say “I AM” we use the two most powerful words in the English language.
The time is long overdue that we learned to say:

- 55 -
Mankind is tripartite. That is, we consist of spirit as well as mind and body. If this were not so, then the injunction that we should love God with body, mind and spirit would have no validity.
This spirit within is, according to the great master Jesus, God operating within us. “Know you not that you are the temple of God, that the spirit of God lives in you?”
The primary purpose of meditation is to get to know and understand your own mind; the ultimate purpose is indeed unitive knowledge of the spirit. Not intellectual knowledge, but empirical knowledge through direct, personal experience.
The Buddhists speak of the Godhead as being tripartite. The Dharmakaya, or the Absolute seat of all being. The Sambogakaya, or personalised God; Yahwah, Jehovah, Allah etc. The Nirmanakaya, or materialised Avatar; Krishna, the Buddha, Jesus, etc.
Unfortunately, we confuse the concepts we have of God with the intellectually unknowable Godhead, and so we quarrel and even go to war with those who hold a different concept of the inconceivable. We fight over labels, and the last place we look for God is within. Not only within ourselves, but in all Beings. Even in seemingly inanimate objects. “Lift the stone and you will find me, cleave the wood and I am there.”
- 56 -
Yet we still put God outside ourselves. No wonder we judge ourselves as being unworthy sinners.
“When goodness grows weak, when evil increases, I make myself a body. In every age I come back to deliver the Holy, to destroy the sin of the sinner, to establish righteousness.”
“He who knows the nature of my task and my Holy birth is not reborn. When he leaves this body he comes to me.”
“Flying from fear, from lust and anger, he hides in me; his refuge and safety. Burnt clear in the blaze of my being in me many find home.”
These are the words of the Lord Krishna as written in the Bhagavad Gita. There have been many avatars before Krishna and there have been many avatars since him. All are manifestations of the Christ consciousness. That is, the Messianic or teaching aspect of God. He who delivers from ignorance.
No group or religion has an exclusive right to this consciousness. It is not only arrogance, but a denial of God to think otherwise.
The only sin is ignorance.

- 57 -
Shakespeare wrote “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name smells just as sweet,” and for a while I believed him; but there is the old saying about giving a dog a bad name and I realised how very important semantics can be. Particularly if you are trying to convey an idea.
Take the phrase “let’s legalise abortion” for instance. It implies that to legalise abortion is to completely endorse it and so a great many people are not at all comfortable with that idea. Put it into perspective and say “let’s allow personal freedom of choice” and we get a whole new slant on the issue.
Take the current war in Yugoslavia. We keep hearing about the Croats and the Serbs killing Muslims. What if we told it the way it is and said “the Christians are killing the Muslims”? Ethnic cleansing is a euphemism for religious cleansing. Either way it is based on bigotry, prejudice and ungodliness. We observers of this ungodliness have ourselves to learn that violence is not the way to combat evil. I am sad to see that Bill Clinton has not yet learned this. Still, I live in great expectations. We Australians should take a neutral stand.
While I’m thinking of Australia, I‟d like to look at issues that are taking place here. First of all, that we will become a republican state is inevitable. It may or may not come at the turn of this century, but it will come. Forget about calling it a republic and use the term ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ which indicates that we keep our affection for England but put our first loyalty to our own country and the Government that we elect. Further the expensive post of Governor General will become redundant, so we would be very unskilful if we were to allow this post to be filled by a ‘Head of State’. We need such a costly figure-head like a hole in the head! Rebel against this old conditioned thinking. Put an end to this ‘jobs for the boys’ rort.
- 58 -
Talking about rebelling, isn’t it about time that the judges of our courts were made accountable for their decisions? The American system is much to be desired. Each district has its own court and the judges are elected by the people for a term of office. If their judgments are wise they will be re-elected for another term. This way we will have far fewer victims of the law.
The stupidities of the ‘new age’ reactionaries among judges, doctors, lawyers and local councillors cannot go on unchecked without what the Buddhists call ‘vipaka’, a sort of physical backlash. If the government does not take into urgent consideration the way it is ‘big brothering’ the average Australian it will have to handle a civil disobedience that will rock its very foundations. As long as that civil disobedience is non-violent, I’m all for it.

It has been known for thousands of years that man creates his own reality. That nothing ever happens to us by accident. Great minds like the Buddha and the Christ knew and taught this, though only a few people through the centuries have been able to gain empirical knowledge of such truths. One such man in our time has admitted this knowledge.
He is Dr Carl Jung, the world’s most eminent psychotherapist. In the psychological commentary to the German translation of the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’, a Buddhist interpretation of the death experience, Jung writes:
- 59 -
“It is so much more straightforward, more dramatic, impressive, and therefore more convincing, to see that all things happen to me than to observe how I make them happen. Indeed, the animal nature of man makes him resist seeing himself as the maker of his circumstances.”
Jung was very much aware of this power inherent within man that never allows him to be the victim of ‘circumstances’, but the creator of them. Further mention of this power by Jung appears in a letter he wrote to his friend, Sir Laurens Van der Post.
“I cannot define for you what God is. I can only tell you that my work as a natural scientist has shown empirically that the pattern which man calls ‘God’ exists in every man, and has at its disposal the most transformative energies of life.”
What is this pattern that man calls ‘God’? Can we have direct, personal experience of it? We can and we do. What is this energy that beats your heart at this moment? What is the life energy that pumps your lungs so that you breathe? Where does it come from? And what creative energy grows the grass, the flowers, and the trees? What is this creative energy that cannot be measured in a seed yet allows it to grow into a giant tree?
Even the seemingly inanimate rocks are vibrant with movement in the eternal dance of the molecules. An atom is a miniature galaxy. Electrons orbiting around a nucleus with space in between. The movement of the stars and planets have a mathematical precision which gives us the science of astronomy. Yet even within all this incredible order there is an allowance for the spontaneity of the individual components that go to make up the totality of our universe.
We rest within the miracle of life and we look outside our own being for signs that „God‟ exists. It is, in fact your own being that best manifests the existence of that which man calls ‘God’ and it doesn’t matter really what you call it,
- 60 -
because until you have direct experience, you are only dealing with labels.

You are not a body with a soul, you are a soul with a body; and that body is your vehicle for exploring the physical plane. Though it is a transitory vehicle, it is a magical one, for while you are so intensely focused within it, it will faithfully mirror, in quite physical terms, your inner beliefs, attitudes and emotions. It is a wondrous reflection of your faith and fears.
Your body today is the result of your past thinking. If you do not like the body’s condition then you had better start changing your current emotional responses to your personal environment, especially as your present feelings will be mirrored in your future environment.
Remember that you get what you concentrate upon, so if you focus your mind, through worry and stress, on the last thing you want to have happen, you are beginning the creative chain that will turn that focus into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Most of us put our focus on the external, physical world in order to gain dominance and control of it. We seek this power in business, government, relationships and in almost all types of organisations.
Those with the wisdom to realise that the physical is, indeed transient, focus internally on the spiritual world and seek the power to live in peace and harmony, good health,
- 61 -
abundance and fulfilment without having to control or dominate others. Using physical force is not an option to those with spiritual power. Real power comes from inner strength and one is content to allow others to be themselves.
Even though ‘children of the book’ (Jews, Christians and Moslems) have the commandment “thou shall not kill!” they still make no serious effort to live in peace. Before we Aussies shake our heads at the violence in Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Somalia and South Africa, we should stop to consider that though no country has ever declared war on us, we have attacked our fellow man in the Boer war, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf war.
Of course, we justify our actions by declaring our loyalty to our country and to our form of government and to our families. But does not our ‘enemy’ do the same?
One day, perhaps sooner than we realise, we will stop using violence to combat evil, declare ourselves neutral and seek only peaceful solutions to world problems. If we cannot find solutions we might learn, at least, not to interfere.

Any religion is valid if it leads us to self-realisation through direct, personal experience of that which man calls ‘God’. If that religion becomes a substitute for self- realisation it is no longer valid. When it was taught that the Spirit of God lives in you it was expected that you would establish communication with that Spirit. Prayer is asking God for something or thanking God for something. It is a one-way
- 62 -
communication; it is called speaking to God. Meditation is also a one-way communication called listening to God. Both should be employed, but at distinctly different times. One great way of meditating is to ask to be filled with love, light (wisdom) and peace and then focus on the sensation of your breathing and be receptive. You will not be able to keep your mind perfectly still, but you will have gaps of silence in which the loving energy can begin to enter. It is rather like a car being filled with fuel, only this is an internal process. Just doing it is doing it right. Try to do this for fifteen to thirty minutes before getting out of bed if you find formal, sitting meditation too difficult.
Can you remember a photograph of yourself as a small child? Think of that photograph and add the figure of a boy, the same age and size. Let this figure represent Yeshua, whom we call in English “Jesus”. No doves, halos or light, no robes. A perfectly normal child. Now, have you changed since that photo was taken? Of course. Do you not think Jesus has changed after two thousand years? He has continued to grow greatly in love and wisdom. Most Christians have frozen Him in time. Just like the photo. His crucifixion and resurrection was intended to show us, by example, that we have life without death; that the body dies but the Spirit is eternal. We have frozen Him on the cross and we have chosen the cross which is the symbol of death, for the symbol of Christianity. If we must use a cross, then a small cross with in a circle of a rising sun would be more appropriate. The Buddha died of trichinosis. Should we have as the symbol of Buddhism a pork chop?
One thing should be clearly understood. Jesus had no intention of being deified, nor was it his mission to be the saviour of mankind. His mission was to SHOW THE WAY mankind could save itself from the natural consequences of its spiritual ignorance. His teaching could not be simpler, “Love God, and love your brothers and sisters as yourself.”
Collectively, we have failed.

- 63 -
Most of us do not realise that if we tell our children that God will punish them for being naughty, we are blaspheming in the worst possible manner. In the truest sense we are taking the Lord’s name in vain, for we impute God with having a vengeful nature. A belief that Jesus clearly refuted. I seriously doubt that the great force which man calls God, unconditional in its love, would do anything but spiritually smile when we in our petty rages call out, ‘God Almighty!’ or ‘Jesus Christ’.
When we spend our lives in the pursuit of power, wealth and possessions without giving a thought for our spiritual development, we are bowing down to false idols. If you are committed to self-realisation and unitive knowledge of God, then every other commitment whether to other people, ideologies, or self satisfaction must be subordinated to it. The love for the Creator of your life must not be compromised for an idol of the physical world that is not of the highest love and the total good. The love for God must come FIRST in all things. You must demonstrate this by becoming loving caretakers of this earth and ALL its creatures; your fellow man in particular, for no other creature endures the mental suffering of man.
It is of critical importance that we learn to love God with our minds. If we tie ourselves up with theology and the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law, the teachings may become invalid for the 21st century. People cannot be blamed for doubting the existence of God; for the concept of God as a male personage residing somewhere in a ‘place’ called heaven, dispensing justice through reward and punishments is about as primitive as we can get. It is a concept which has frozen in the time of 2000 years ago.
- 64 -
Do not be spiritually retarded. That which we call God is above any thought or concept that can be held. God is above definition but can be experienced personally. In ‘Listening for a Change,’ you were given the meditation to begin bringing this about. Church goers should insist that their ministers or teachers allow a time for ‘listening to God’. If your church refuses to do anything but talk about God, find the time amongst yourselves. After all, are YOU not the temple of God?
At the conclusion of being receptive to the inner voice of God put out your love in meditation to the planet and all its beings. Above all, put out PEACE to the planet. It is now CRITICAL.

The physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of our nature are meant to work in perfect harmony. The moment we specialise in one of these aspects, and ignore the others, we get ourselves into deep trouble.
A physician these days would have to be monumentally ignorant to deny the mind’s relation to the body. We all know that our state of mind is reflected in the body in cases of blushing, fainting, trembling, nervous perspiring and sexual arousal. What we are finding out is that our immune system, being the only part of the body with the same receptors as the brain, responds very dramatically to the signals our emotions send it.
When Louis Pasteur was dying he acknowledged his old rival Claude Bernard. “Bernard was right,” he said, “Germs
- 65 -
are nothing, the ‘milieu interieure’ is everything.” What he was saying was that one's inner feelings, or psychology, was more important than the physical germ.
In 1892, Professor Max Von Pettenkofer challenged Robert Koch's claim of a microbial ‘cause’ for cholera by stirring a solid dose of the microbe into a glass of water and, with a wonderfully arrogant cry of “Skol!” drank the potion. He got mild diarrhoea.
In the 1930's Dr. Albert Simeons, experienced in epidemic tropical diseases, pointed out that the immune system releases certain stomach acids which can easily handle the intruding cholera germs, but when ‘fear and panic’ take over, the flow of acid stops.
In the good old days, when all we had to worry about was a munching, foaming behemoth, our immune systems would slip into the fight or flight mode and release chemicals to our muscles, but withhold chemicals to those organs not needed for immediate action. Our digestive system is put on hold for a start (People don't really die from cancer but from malnutrition).
These days, when all the behemoths are on equity rates in Hollywood, our physical fears are replaced by sustained worries, anxieties and stress. This puts an overwhelming burden on the immune system and it leaves us open to the secondary dangers of germs, cigarette smoke, sun's rays etc.
Well, if you believe a thing to be evil, that thing becomes evil.
Prof, Hans Eysenck, considered to be one of the world's most eminent psychologists found that evidence showed that one out of ten heavy smokers dies of lung cancer. Why not the other nine? In his research with heavy smokers in New York and in Yugoslavia he concluded that “If you believe smoking causes lung cancer it will.”
- 66 -
Smoking and stress TOGETHER increases our susceptibility to both cancer and heart disease.
With all the good intention in the world the constant bombardment of health warnings against smoking will cause more cancer than any cigarette, of itself, ever could. A repeated suggestion is a form of hypnosis. Do you want to see skin cancer proliferate faster then AIDS? Then try repeating: “Two out of three Queenslanders WILL GET skin cancer. ” Keep it up. Lock that into the collective unconsciousness. It’s enough to scare you to death, isn’t it?

The seven steps to take in order to love are spoken of by Lazaris in his book ‘The Sacred Journey’. They are:
1. GIVING. Start giving of yourself to others physically, emotionally, intellectually and intuitively. Don’t worry about getting. Just develop your ability to give.
2. RESPONDING. Allow yourself the spontaneity and the willingness to respond. Be responsible to yourself and then to others.
3. RESPECTING. To honour your emotions and the emotions of others whom you want to love is respecting. You honour your emotions by appropriately expressing and releasing them. To honour the emotions of others, you give the permission and safe space for them to express and realise what they honestly feel.
4. KNOWING. We can know someone through pain and through understanding. Because so many are afraid to
- 67 -
love, they inflict pain on themselves and others. Seeking understanding involves taking the conscious time to reach out, to develop the skill of loving, seeking understanding of yourself and others. Remember, you are not in this world to be understood but to be understanding.
5. COMMITTING. It takes courage to commit. Usually fear of humiliation and rejection takes precedence or postponing with the thought that something better might come along turns us against commitment. When commitment feels like imprisonment, it is your logic speaking, it is your fear. Commitment to someone or something you love is a liberation.
6. ALLOWING CHANGE. Be willing to let people change. If you see people at their worst and BELIEVE that is what they are, then that is what you will consistently encounter. Better to believe that all that was yesterday. Today we create anew.
7. CARING. Love has nothing to do with pity. Care is not pity. Let yourself care for others.
The important thing is, how do we keep loving? Do not let fear enter! Keep alert, for it can creep in under your guard. Imagine that you were given a ring and was told it was gold plated and the stone was nothing special. You would wear it without fear of loss; where ever you went and whatever you were doing. Then suppose that you were to discover that the ring was solid gold and of such antiquity that it was worth a fortune. If you were to lose that ring now! Disaster!
If you love more, the value of that love increases. This is why so many run from love, keep it at arm’s length or even stop loving. Strangely enough the antidote to fear of loss is to love deeper. Give, respond, respect and care. For love to continue, it must work at reducing the fears it produces.

- 68 -
The word ‘Buddha’ is a title. There have been many Buddha’s, for the word means ‘an enlightened man or woman’. Anyone of us can become a Buddha in his lifetime. Enlightenment is Self- realisation, and Self-realisation is God-realisation. Not the realisation that an unconditionally loving force - omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent - exists; but the realisation that you are an inseparable aspect of that creative force manifesting in the physical world. That is realisation.
When we speak of the Buddha we generally refer to Gautama Siddhartha who was born about 2,500 years ago in northern India. He was the only son of a wealthy chieftain of the Sakya tribe. He was married, with a son and daughter, and though he had only one wife, he had many concubines.
At about the age of forty he became extremely sensitive to the suffering of the common people and began to wonder if life was suffering, and only led to old age, sickness and death. Later he observed a holy man who radiated peace and serenity, love and compassion. This determined him to commence a spiritual journey to discover if there were some other purpose to life. Did it have to mean suffering? And if so, why?
He left his home and security and began his search. He tried all sorts of ascetic practices and studied with many teachers. All to no avail.
Finally, his passion to understand was so great that he decided to make a final bid for realisation or die in the attempt. So he sat beneath a tree in the forest and began
- 69 -
intense meditation. He would meditate almost ceaselessly until he attained enlightenment.
After forty days and nights he was flooded with Self-realisation. He spent the next forty years teaching. In all that time he never cured one person of illness nor performed one miracle in public. What he did do was teach others how to cure themselves, how to create their own miracles.
Whenever he was asked “What is it that you teach?” he would reply, “As before, I teach only one thing. The existence of suffering and the cessation of suffering.” Not the end of suffering by dying, but how to stop suffering in the here and now. Anyone can learn to do this.

We constantly hear that God is love. That’s an abstraction. That which mankind calls God is an active force and it would be much closer to the mark to say that God is someone loving someone. When we work from a point of love we are working from a very solid foundation. Learn to love yourself and your uniqueness, just as you are right now. Learn to love others and then learn to love your world. By doing this you are loving God, whether you know it or not.
Forget everything you have ever been told about God and find out for yourself. With this very solid foundation of love we can begin the journey.
- 70 -
Encompassed in love, release the past. Let go of the child, the adolescent, the young adult that you were. Let go of those who hurt you in the past. Let go of the clinging to any happiness in the past that makes your present miserable by comparison. Let go of clinging to anything in the past, not because there is anything intrinsically wrong with it, but because reaching for the future is much more productive. Especially when this is done with great anticipation…
Of course, we all know that we should love ourselves. But how? That little voice in our head says “What a load of sentimental junk. What a cliché.” Well, the truth is a sentimental cliché simply because it is the truth, and the first step on the spiritual adventure does begin with love. It might be more impressive, or satisfy the negative ego if I told you that the first step begins with covering yourself with mustard, giving your right buttock three slaps and crying “Tally-ho!” Surely you haven’t heard that before. It is definitely not a cliché; and it also does not work.
The truth is, if you do not love yourself, you will not be ready to let yourself be loved by anyone. And that includes your ‘God’. Without loving others, how can you love the most important ‘other’ there is?
What may not be so obvious is that love is not only an emotion, but also a state of being. What’s more, it is this state that transforms and transcends all energy. It is the one feeling that is omniversal. It transforms all levels of consciousness. It transforms hatred and despair. It transforms guilt and fear. It truly makes the world go ‘round.
Not allowing yourself to love is being negative to the point of denying the spirit of God within you its loving function. Following the false, negative ego, we have convinced ourselves that we cannot get hurt or disappointed if we take no action. It creates unkept and broken promises. Negative ego tells you that love hurts. Even if you discover how available love really is, the negative ego advises, “Avoid humiliation at all costs. Avoid rejection.” All the barriers go
- 71 -
up and we refuse to meet love half-way. Or we feel we have shut love out for so long that it’s too late now, or we don’t deserve it.
If you discover just how easy love is, do not run away. Stop punishing yourself. Do not postpone love. Start loving now.
There is a saying the wisdom of which only becomes apparent with the process of time. It is well known but seldom followed: “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Which memory do you cling to? The love or the loss?

To say that all things are God is utterly different from saying All is One. God is not a thing, nor can individual shapes and forms be reduced to a single infinite formlessness. For God is not the One as distinct from the Many, nor unity as distinct from diversity. The oriental idea of Tao includes all and everything which can, at the same time be God and a grain of sand, or a human being in all his individuality. Tao is the reality behind, beneath and beyond all things. The oneness of things is revealed in their multiplicity and diversity.
When love and hate are both absent, you have boredom. Boredom is Tao. When love and hate are both present you have emotion. Emotion is Tao. The paradox is that whether we laugh or suffer, we neither add nor detract from Tao. We do have free-will. Learning how to use it skilfully is karma.
- 72 -
To be spontaneously active in anger is skilful and creative; provided one does not violate another being physically or psychologically. To passively experience or feel your anger is unskilful and destructive. It is clinging to that which, by nature, is not a permanent condition. Attachment to non-permanent conditions is the great cause of suffering.
In meditation we allow negative states like anger, fear, depression and guilt full freedom to arise in the mind and take whatever course they please. Allow it its own independence, or as the Chinese say, “Let it follow its Tao”.
Allow it to behave as it wills. Don’t push it away. Penetrate it. You might think this an absurd thing to do, but it results in the discovery that even the blackest mood has a profound meaning for us and is a blessing in disguise.
A Chinese Buddhist teacher was asked the figurative question: “It’s terribly hot, how shall we escape the heat?” The teacher replied: “Go right down to the bottom of the furnace”.
You might say that the spiritual raison d’etre for suffering is the enlightenment that follows. Remember that suffering is not good for you. Unless it teachers you how to stop suffering.
Penetrating painful emotions may seem masochistic, but it is imperative that we do so. After all, we pay about $100-00 per hour for the privilege of pouring out our emotions to a psychiatrist. It’s money well spent, though I feel there must be cheaper ways of releasing emotions. The only emotions that can harm you are those that we suppress. Your most powerfully creative thoughts are emotional. Love is the strongest; fear runs a very close second.
Beware of sustaining your negative emotions.

- 73 -
Unregenerate religious faith, whether it be Buddhist, Christian or Islamic, tries to retain a primitive mental condition on merely sentimental, (sometimes fearful) grounds. It wants to go on enjoying the security and confidence of a world presided over by powerful, responsible and kindly parents.
To those who have developed beyond such primitive holdings, science, instead of being a threat becomes a spiritual adventure. Einstein, an intrepid spiritual adventurer describes himself as a ‘believing physicist’.
When a scientist, speaking of the nature of ‘matter’ refers to its atomic structure, he speaks of an aggregate of nucleons and electrons variously organised within and around a central nucleus, and exhibiting complex and unpredictable mass-energy characteristics. This unpredictable quality has led us to the Uncertainty Principle. ‘Matter’ is, therefore, a hypothesis. When we say ‘matter’ we use a world-symbol for something unknown which may just as well be ‘spirit’, ‘energy’, or even ‘God’. Whatever you call the Principle of Existence you have defined nothing; you have merely changed the word-symbol.
The unregenerate faithful who claim that only they have the ‘true God’ are simply slinging to word-symbols. Zeus, Jehovah, Allah are just a few of our word-symbols. If we cannot define the essence of matter, which proceeds from the Source of all life and consciousness, we certainly cannot define the essential nature of that Source.
Now, it would be foolish to mistake this to mean that God is something remote and abstract when, in reality, it is as
- 74 -
personal to you as your breathing. It speaks to you with an inner voice of love and peace. Do we listen and take action?
Every organised religion should examine its rituals and change them if they do not include a time of quiet meditation. Listening to God. The membership should be allowed and encouraged to sit quietly for twenty minutes as part of the service to listen to what God would say to each one.
Your guru, minister, priest, rabbi or spiritual teacher of any institution must lead you into your own inner soul space and help you connect with the God within. That is his or her only spiritual function.
Learn the immeasurable beauty of sitting in quietude with the Soul. God’s spirit and qualities are within you. Be still and listen to their message.

Whilst it is true that we are not the victims of a hostile or violent environment we are victims nevertheless. We are victims of events that we have crated through fears and self-pity.
It is very difficult to observe the suffering of a five-year old and believe that the child’s fears and negativity have attracted suffering. If one can grasp the truth that the „child‟ has existed in one form or another since beginingless time and that the present conditions is the aggregate of many past experiences, not meant as a punishment but as a part
- 75 -
of many lives' learnings, then maybe, just maybe, we might be less angry with our concept of God.
Also, it must be understood that the condition is not an isolated learning, for it is indeed a learning for all to whom the child’s condition is manifested. Some braver and more advanced souls test whether love can still operate in the most seemingly unlovable situations. This does not mean that we should not be filled with compassion. That which St. Augustine calls ‘holy indifference’ does not imply that he does not care. Knowing that the child is immortal, he can see beyond the sometimes terrible illusion of the physical and temporal.
To most of us, trapped in a prison of our own making, it is easy to get entangled in the web of suffering, we feel that there is no escape. We feel powerless, and we are frightened and angry.
The dying Buddha said in a summary of his teaching: “In all the visible and invisible worlds there exists one singe power without beginning or end, without any laws but its own, without preference or aversion... But do not try to measure the immeasurable with words, nor try to plumb the depths of the impenetrable with the rope of thought . It is wrong to question; it is wrong to reply... Do not forget that Man creates for himself his own prison. So may he also acquire a power superior to that of the Gods.”
A power superior to that of the gods?
“These things I do, you can do... Yes, works even greater than mine...” (Jesus of Nazareth)
Most people would vehemently deny this, but such a denial would be calling Jesus a liar.
How can we acquire this power? By enlightenment. By God realisation. This is how the monk, Dogen (1200 - 1253 AD) describes it:
- 76 -
“Our attainment of enlightenment is something like the reflection of the moon in water. The moon does not get wet, nor is the water cleft apart. Though the light of the moon is vast, immense, it finds a home in water only a foot long and a finger wide. The whole moon and the whole sky find room enough in a single dewdrop, a single drop of water. And just as the moon does not cleave the water apart, so enlightenment does not tear man apart. Just as a dewdrop or drop of water offers no resistance to the moon in heaven, so man offers no obstacle to the full penetration of enlightenment.”

If the Christ consciousness were to re-manifest in the physical plane once again as Jesus or the Buddha, very few of us would be recognised as Christians or Buddhists. Worshipping Jesus and praying to him does not make us Christian anymore than lighting incense and chanting to the Buddha makes us Buddhist.
The basic tenet of both religions is to love God (Source of all being) with your heart, mind and spirit, and your brothers and sisters as yourself. How many of us have condoned, if not taken part in, killing our brothers and sisters in war, revolution or discrimination? Of course, we justify our actions by putting duty, loyalty and love of country before our love of God. And we feel pretty good about it.
Recently, a church refused to marry a young couple because they had lived together for two years. Did the young couple not love each other as themselves? Of course they did. Did the church love the couple as themselves? Of course not. So
- 77 -
who was ignorant of the basic laws? The church was. Upon those two laws all else depends.
The controversy over contraceptives is totally irrelevant. Bringing children into an already over-populated part of the word, where poverty, disease and malnutrition are prevalent is a violation of nature, and of the earth. If it causes more suffering it is a violation of God.
Most people do not love their brothers and sisters and this manifests as corruption, crime and violence in business, government and society. When will we personally begin to see the Spirit of God in all things? Murder and violence is not an absence of God, but a denial of it.
How do we love God? God is in all things; so if we love the surf, we are loving God. If we love the sun because it sustains life on our planet and brings us light and warmth, we are loving God. If we love the moon because it reflects the light and keeps our part of the planet free from total darkness, we are loving God. To love the earth is to love God. We cannot love God in its totality because it is All That Is and more than the sum of all its parts. The mind cannot encompass the enormity of that creative energy that we call „God‟. We are in the age of enlightenment and expanding our consciousness until we become so realised that we can no longer fail to see the manifestation of God in all things.
The essence of true love is kindness. We used to call it ‘caritas’ or charity, but we’ve lost the spirit of the word. So if we want to love our brothers and sisters as our self all we have to do is be kind.
Now, that isn’t too hard, is it?

- 78 -
In the 7th Century the Spanish Catholic Church interpolated the Latin world ‘filoque’ into the universally accepted Christian creed. Filoque means ‘from the son’ and its addition to the creed rendered it as “I believe... in the Holy Spirit... who proceeds from the Father and from the Son.” This blatant interpolation was opposed by the Popes for about the next 200 years, though it was very much promoted by Charlemagne in the ninth Century.
To raise the Son to a parity with the Father so shocked the Church that the Son did not receive such ‘official’ deification until 1015 AD when that dogma was finally accepted in Rome. The Eastern Church considered the filoque doctrine to be heretical, and broke away from the Western Church, calling itself the Orthodox Christian Church. It now includes Orthodox Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox Churches.
Earlier in the 4th Century the creed had changed from “I believe in the resurrection of the Spirit” to “..resurrection of the body”.
Even the Lord’s Prayer was not exempt from meddling. The earliest recorded version of this prayer (AD 64) exists in Greek, and the adjectives ( ) meaning super-substantial or spiritual, has long been omitted. Thus “Give us this day our spiritual bread” has become “Give us this day our daily bread”.
If you think that is shocking, you should see what the scribes and translators have done to the Buddha’s teachings. Yet all this fits in with the Divine plan. ‘God’ is not something to be taught, but something to be experienced directly for oneself.
We are not ignorant peasants back in the dark ages and beyond, but those of us who cling to faith according to what other men wrote hundreds and thousands of years ago have
- 79 -
a very tenuous hold on truth. Second hand knowledge is a confession of ignorance.
Ashrams, temples and churches are to be used for the expression of genuine love - places where Love and Peace can be manifested outwardly only after they have been experienced inwardly.
Jesus of Nazareth came as a World Teacher not to establish institutions or books that take you away from inner knowledge, but to bring you a living example of personal commitment, personal remembrance, and personal prayer and meditation to reconnect you with the Mind of God. He is the physical and spiritual reminder that each one of us must turn within to find his or her own Divine connection with the Source of all life and consciousness.
Today we have many physical and spiritual teachers but if they are not tuned into the Higher Nature themselves, you must seek elsewhere. There are, indeed, some teachers of Light to whom you will be drawn, but their purpose is not to form an institution for their own glorification. Their only teaching function is to free us from such bondage and return to us the power of God within so that we recognise and use it to bring Peace, Love and Light to this, our Planet.
For this you were created.

Those who study the ‘holy’ books of Buddhism, Islam or Christianity in order to find God’s Truth are not likely to
- 80 -
find what they are seeking: for that which they are looking for is that which is looking.
You will not find God in the words of any book nor in the words of any teacher, no matter how eminent and God-realised the writer or speaker may be. All such men can do is point the way. You, and you alone must make the journey and find the God within. There is no other way!
We hear those who are unwilling to make such a journey putting their faith only in what they have read and, because second-hand beliefs are confessions of ignorance, mindlessly say, “But God said...” and quote chapter and verse of a „holy‟ book that none of the founders of any of the world’s great religions ever wrote; let alone God. Of course, the stock reply is to say that the teachings have been passed down orally until the authors wrote them down, or from the depths of our own unknowing, we claim that the authors were God-inspired.
All ‘holy’ books, the Upanishads, the Sutras, the Bible and the Koran all contain profound truths but only those of us who love God with our hearts, but not our minds, will claim our particular book is free from distortions of truth. So what are we going to do if we cannot find the Spirit of God in our books? Well, maybe Jesus of Nazareth was telling the truth when he said that the Spirit of God lives within us. Did he expect us to take his word for it and make no attempt to turn within and make connection with that spirit? What does he mean by seek and you shall find? How do we know he said any of that anyway? There is only one way of truly knowing, and that is the way of direct, personal experience.
God does, indeed, communicate with us through instinct and intuition as well as visions and dreams. If we would only take time out from talking to God in our prayers and start listening to God in our meditations. “But how do we know it’s not the devil?” ask the spiritually moribund. The way you would judge anything: By its fruit. Unless your belief in fear is stronger than your belief in love. Only the deeply conditioned ignorant would believe that that which
- 81 -
we call God did not speak to Muhammad or the Buddha. Both have their own names for the Universal Mind. One calls it ‘Allah’ and the other ‘Dharmakaya’ (the Source of all Being). So what? Who gives a hoot what labels man puts on the Creative Source? If we tried to love one another instead of fighting over divisive labels we could make that connection with the God within All.

Because you cannot, except in ignorance, be separate from the Source of all life and consciousness, every thought you have is creative and every feeling you suffer or enjoy is experienced by that Source. There are no separations of consciousness between the created and the creator. There are no separations of consciousness between all that is created. Whatever you create with thoughts, words or deeds you add to the whole of consciousness. Every experience you undertake adds to the zest and intensity of life. Every emotion, every dream or illusion, every challenge, every discovery you make, broadens your understanding and broadens the consciousness of all mankind and therefore expands the Mind of God.
Everything you have experienced has added to your growth. You can never take away from it. Do not desire to remove anything from your past - nothing! You have never failed. You have never done anything wrong. What you have done is create all the joys and terrors of experience that produces within your Inner Being the priceless pearls of wisdom. These pearls are not produced by concepts, beliefs or rationalisation. Only by direct experience. That means you will never have to repeat those experiences, for you know
- 82 -
how they feel and have them recorded in your Soul. They exist as feelings, which are the sum total of experience and the real treasure of life.
Whether you realise it yet or not, you have gained knowledge and wisdom from everything that has ‘happened’ to you. Your life, just as it is right now, has been a wondrous spectacle of the Divine Creative Force within you and should be reviewed with reverence. No matter what you have done, no matter what masks you have worn, you have always been an aspect of God. No matter how strongly you have identified with the various roles you have played, no matter how abandoned and unloved you have felt, you were always a valid aspect of God and were always in a state of Grace. That state is your birthright. Do not let the ignorance which would seek to separate you from God make you feel unworthy.
You are, indeed, worthy of all life’s adventures. More important, you are worthy of those adventures which are to come. If you have learned all that can be learned from the past adventures and are sick and tired of them - let them go! How? By loving them, allowing them their rightful place as your teachers. The strength of your being is there because of them. Stop the guilt. Stop the God-denial of Self-pity and embrace your experiences with love. Do not put the responsibility for your experiences on anyone else. Take hold of your experiences. They belong to you. They belong to God.

I would like to tell you about a friend of mine, Bryan Haukohl, who came to my self-healing classes some years
- 83 -
ago with chronic osteo-arthritis. His pain was so severe that he would drive his car with one leg over the gear console and a rock beneath his knee to ease the pain. His doctor recommended surgery to replace his hip joint. After a month or so Bryan had cured himself of pain and took the risk of cancelling his operation. He explained that he was determined to cure himself with the power of mind. Naturally, his doctor was enraged and made it perfectly clear that he considered Bryan to be a gullible idiot.
Bryan has succeeded in curing himself of osteo-arthritis. He has been cured for about two years, walks normally and takes an active interest in water sports. Bryan now conducts free self-healing classes.
Whilst Bryan was conducting one of his classes he was asked if the group would try an absent healing on someone’s relative in England. Bryan agreed, and the group proceeded to concentrate their minds on the English woman.
After the class, a man told Bryan that he found himself in the English woman’s room during the meditation and was able to give a vivid description of the room and the woman. Bryan checked this out with the woman’s relative and found the description to be true. Even down to the type of glasses that the woman was wearing.
Now, such remote viewing would be considered pure imagination by cynics anonymous. Here’s what Stephen Weinberg the 1979 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics has to say:
“Electromagnetism is a ‘warble’ in the fifth dimension. Since we can control electromagnetic activity in the brain with the mind, the mind must encompass more complex dimensions than the fifth one. The fifth dimension is the last one that can be measured in Space and Time. The cortex of the brain keeps track of Space and Time so when you focus your mind and stabilise the electromagnetic activity of your brain, you can begin to identify with other dimensions of reality, the area that physicists call
- 84 -
‘Hyperspace’. It is here that remote viewing, out-of-body experiences and past lives can be experienced.”
But really, what would a Nobel Prize physicists know?

In the 82nd psalm it is written: “I have said you are gods; and all of you are Sons of the Most High.”
It is this psalm that Jesus referred to when he said: “Is it not written in your books, “I said you are gods”, why then do you accuse me blasphemy because I say I am the Son of God?”
It was not the intention of Jesus to be deified, nor was it his mission to be the saviour of man, but to SHOW THE WAY whereby man could save himself from the consequences of his lack of love and compassion and, by example, assist mankind in his or her own spiritual growth.
The wars, the famine, the crime, the drug addictions, the greed, violence and corruption that we are experiencing today are the physical manifestations of our spiritual heedlessness. Even the natural disasters that occur with more frequency are physical manifestations of our spiritual ignorance. We are supposed to have loving dominion over the earth yet we continue to violate it.
We are fast running out of time to prevent an apocalypse and it is imperative that every man, woman and child get his or her act together, for the alternative reality to an apocalypse is to enter the Golden Age of the earth. Each individual must make a personal and spiritual commitment
- 85 -
to peace on this planet. It is not God who will bring about the terror. We are doing it to ourselves. Listen to the God within, meditate and pray for peace on the planet. The political rulers of this earth have led millions of us to our deaths in wars and we.... we have gone off to kill singing patriotic songs.
The Christ consciousness incarnated as Jesus to free mankind of its past mistakes but He did not come to take away our personal responsibility of choice and action. Do not desensitise your mind and body with the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Honour yourself and the God within. If you cannot love yourself, how can you possibly love others?
Your thoughts are living energies that move their intentions into physical reality. You are all powerful, because you are Sons of God. Do not misuse this power by adding your thoughts to the negativity of the prophets of doom and gloom, but make your personal commitment now to love and peace in your inner prayers.
Say: “I am willing to let my heart be filled with love and trust”. Do this and you will have nothing to fear. Do it now, and do it often.

- 86 -

Since the Quantum physicists have discovered that the atomic structures of matter can be influenced by the mind, Western physics and Eastern mysticism have begun to merge.
Werner Heisenberg, physicist: “In the history of human thinking, the most fruitful developments take place where two different lines of thought meet. These lines have their roots in quite different parts of human culture, in different times, or different cultural environments, or different religious traditions.”
Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha: “All matter is in a constant state of movement, of change, of impermanence. It is a series of heat impulses and vacuums.”
Neils Bohr, physicist: “For a parallel to the lesson of atomic theory we must turn to those kinds of problems which already have been confronted by thinkers like the Buddha and Lao Tzu.”
The Buddha: “It is mind which gives things their quality, their foundation and their being.”
Sir Arthur Eddington, physicist: “The stuff of the world is mind stuff.”
The Buddha: “Mind precedes reality, mind governs reality, mind creates reality.”
Sir James Jeans, physicist: “Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realms of matter; we are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.”
The Buddha: “there is consciousness in all matter.”
- 87 -
The Christ: “Lift the stone and you will find me, cleave the wood and I am there.”
The blessed Mikael, an ancient mystic: “When it be that ye journey through life’s learnings and come upon a pebble, embrace it, for thou art also embracing an aspect of God.”
Werner Heisenberg: “You cannot observe a thing without altering the thing by observing it.”
Paul of Tarsus: “I know, and my Lord Jesus Christ has said, that nothing of itself is evil; but if you believe a thing to be evil, that thing becomes evil. And if you believe a thing to be good, that thing becomes good.”
So we begin to discover that it doesn’t really matter which path we take; physics or mysticism, atheism or sun worship; in the end all paths lead to That which we call ‘God’.

To be given the gift of projecting our thoughts and feelings out into the physical world and make them manifest is a gift beyond measure, but to be allowed free-will to create all the joys and terrors of our physical world which we do individually and collectively, without spiritual reward of punishment is, surely the supreme act of unconditional love.
Because we create our own earthly suffering, we are not punished for our ignorance but by our ignorance. Suffering is not spiritual not is it good for us. Unless it teaches us how to stop suffering.
- 88 -
Because of free-will, help cannot be given unless we ask. That is Universal Law. When you ask in your prayers for help, do not ask that a thing be done for you. It must be done by you. Therefore it is skilful to ask for help and inspiration to bring about that thing yourself. This way you will learn to accept responsibility for own creations.
Of course, it’s a lot easier to continue killing our brothers and sisters in war, defy the Law ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and blame it all on God. “I wonder how God can allow such things?” It is we who allow such things. Make no mistake; anyone who condones these abominations by calling them ‘Holy’ wars, ‘Just’ wars, Crusades, Jihads of ‘Wars to end wars’ is defying God.
Our personal function in the Omniverse is to love all aspects of creation. It is our personal and collective challenge. It is our collective Karma. We are to love and care for the earth, the waters, the atmosphere and all the sentient creatures pertaining to them; for all are aspects of God. You cannot separate God from creation. There is nothing that is not God.
We pollute the air, we poison the waters and the earth with our toxins and our wastes, we kill each other over ideals, concepts and labels that have nothing to do with honouring the godliness of all being. We use our technology for destructive purposes and pour billions upon billions of dollars into the manufacture of armaments. For what? To protect ourselves from our enemies? And who is the enemy? We are the enemy! Our ignorance, our refusal to recognise God in all people, in all things... That is our greatest enemy.
There is only one way that free-will can be over-ridden, and that is when our destruction of this planet threatens space. Space is not emptiness. It is the living womb of creation. All the planets, stars, galaxies, universes; all the God-creations grow and move within it. Space pulses with life and energy, even within one atom of it. Do we really believe that we can explode a hydrogen bomb above or within our earth and it does not affect the rest of the universe? Madness! We will
- 89 -
not destroy the earth, but we have reached the point where the earth could destroy us, for we will not be worthy of it. And we will have brought this on ourselves.
We can reverse our own ignorance. Each of us must make a personal commitment to peace on our planet and respect for the earth. Do not vote into power any politician who will not pledge him or herself to the same commitment; and mean it. YOU can change the planet. Don’t wait for others to lead the way or do it for you. You are, indeed, the light of the world. Why do you hide that light? We were made the caretakers of this earth. It’s time we started caring.

The multitude, owing to ignorance, see only through the eyes of the flesh which yield the five sense-cognitions. They see things as separate and each with its own nature. This is the false-self, and they cling to it.
When one learns to see through the eye of wisdom, these so-called separate things are unreal, illusory, and only that which man calls ‘God’ is real and that all things are a part of it, inseparable from it. The ignorant pursue names while that which they seek is reality. Nevertheless, though all objects are devoid of reality, they are objects of experience; they are seen, touched and tasted, and should be respected.
From clinging to perceptions there arises dispute, but if there is not clinging, what dispute will there be? He who understands that all views, clung-to or not, are in truth of the same nature has already become free of ignorance. The man or woman who understands this does not cling to
- 90 -
anything; does not imagine that this alone is true and not that; does not quarrel with anyone; knows that all individuals create their own reality.
If one does not accommodate other doctrines, does not study them, does not accept them, he is indeed ignorant. Thus then, all those who quarrel and contend are really devoid of wisdom. Why? Because they refuse to accommodate the views, beliefs and realities of others. That is to say, there are those who claim they have the only truth; they say that what they speak is the highest, the real, the pure truth; that the doctrines of others are words, false and impure. Allow them their truth. God is. All else is concept and conjecture.
Whosoever makes no judgements, is kind and compassionate, and greets each day with joy, best manifests the unconditionally loving nature of the Source of all life, consciousness and energy. Here are the words spoken by the Venerable Cha of Thailand to a western monk returning home:
“It is beneficial to speak about the Buddha’s teaching to those who inquire. And when you explain it, why not just call it Christianity? They won’t understand if you say anything about the Buddha in the West. What we are really teaching is how to be free of suffering, how to be loving and wise and filled with compassion. This is the teaching anywhere, in any language. And it is the true purpose of every religion that we know this in our hearts. So just call it Christianity. Then it will be easier for some of them to understand.”

- 91 -
It is a sad thing to reflect on the way we have turned away from the simple teachings of Jesus. We choose not to believe that each one of us is as surely a Son of God as Jesus is, and that the spiritual consciousness within us is a living part of God. We do not bother to comprehend that the Spirit of God lives in us and we have stubbornly refused to recognise it in our brothers and sisters.
What Christian church or sect, apart from Quakers, has forbidden the so-called ‘faithful’ to take part in war or protested against its own nation’s war-mongering? In America the Quakers were the only Christian group to protest against the slavery and persecution of blacks. They were already friends to the American Indian.
The Quakers, a derogatory term for the Religious Society of Friends, are the only group of Christians who may properly be called ‘true’ in their loving obedience to the examples set by Jesus.
The Friends hold the fundamental belief that Divine Revelation is available to the individual and that all persons may perceive God’s Word in their Spiritual Consciousness (or Soul). The Friends rejected formal creeds, worshipped in silence- especially as a congregation - and waited for Spiritual Guidance to take place. In short, they took time to listen to God and termed such guidance as the ‘Inner light’ of ‘the Christ Within’. They understood that the Comforter, or the Holy Spirit, was always with them. They acknowledged all participants as potential vessels for the word of God and did not rely on a separate or paid clergy to preach to them.
- 92 -
Because of their understanding that something of God exists in everyone they emphasise the goodness of mankind. They recognise evil as a denial of the God within and work to eradicate as much evil as possible.
In admiration and privileges of the Society, no distinction is made between the sexes. It has been so since the 17th century. The Friends refuse to take any oath whatsoever, preach against war - even to the extent of refusing to resist attack - and so do not hesitate to oppose the authority of Church and State on matters of principle. Members are regularly and formally queried on their adherence to Quaker principles on matters such as the proper spiritual education of their children, the use of drugs and intoxicants, care of the needy, racial and religious tolerance, and the treatment of all offenders in a spirit of love rather than with the object of punishment. Today, their primary concern is to create a society in which violence need not exist.
They know that Man is the Temple of God, and that which others call a Church is what they term a meeting place. Before any decision, members sit in silence and await Spiritual Guidance. Any member, if moved by the Spirit within, may rise and speak. After all, that’s what the prophets of old did. The Friends are, indeed, a light to the world and whereas before other Christians persecuted them, it is time we loved and honoured them and rejoiced that such beings are among us.

The ignorant think that we are separated from the Source of all life and consciousness - or if you prefer to uses the much
- 93 -
abused label – ‘God’, and that our material bodies engender and harbour pleasure and pain and that there is an evil influence called „the devil‟ manifesting in the world, opposing God’s will.
They THINK this is so, and it IS -to them- for all things are to mankind what mankind thinks and believes them to be. Germs, bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke and the sun’s rays are absolutely neutral until we give them the quality of being evil by our own beliefs.
Nothing of itself is evil, but if we believe a thing to be evil, that thing becomes evil, and if we believe a thing to be good that thing becomes good. Hence the placebo effect.
If you believe that surgery will help you, go to a surgeon. If you believe that herbs will help you, go to a herbalist. Whatever you may do, it is your belief that creates your reality. The only reality we will ever know is the way we FEEL and it is of the utmost importance that we learn to be honest about our own feelings. Usually we do what the „experts‟ tell us we should do, ought to or must do, rather than what we feel we want or need to do. Most counsellors tell us to follow our heads and not our hearts. By doing this we destroy the very fibre, the integrity, of our own being.
If you believe a thing is so, isn’t it really so -to you? Or as Shakespeare puts it, “There is no good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Others may see things differently and might think your view is foolish. Who is right? All of you. Some see God in all things and others see the devil everywhere. Some regard meditation as listening or tuning-in to God, others believe that if you still the mind the devil can creep in. So if you believe that meditation is the work of the devil, DO NOT MEDITATE. If you believe that God does not dwell within you, and that you are therefore powerless and have no domination over the physical plane, do not smoke; hide from the sun, and wear an antiseptic mask at all times. Happily we can learn to change our beliefs.
- 94 -
Your body, your personality, your environment, your world, ARE what they APPEAR to be TO YOU, because you have thought them into their present condition. You can change all these things BY THE SAME PROCESS.
If you begin imagining them to be good, they will become good. The ‘things’ of your experience are, in truth, creative illusions of the mind. Quantum physicists are now saying that ‘patterns of matter that we see in physics are reflections of the mind’. The Buddha said that 2,500 years ago. This creative illusion is the loving gift of the God Force. We are in the process of learning to use it consciously and with responsibility. It is meant to be fun. Use it skilfully

- 95 -
To think is to create. As it is in your heart, so it is - with you.
Each thinker lives in a world of his/her own conscious creation. And we do, reap in the physical what we sow in the mental. We think that we are subject to viruses, germs and bacteria. That we are subject to the sun’s UV rays, cigarette smoke and accidents. Because we think, believe, such things dominate us, THEY DO. For all things are to our consciousness what we think and believe them to be. That is the Law of Creation. That is what is meant by ‘God’s Will’.
In reality we have been given dominion over all the ‘Kingdoms of Earth’s’ mineral, plant and animal. We are created Lords of the earth, sea and air, and of all the energy that supports and sustains them. Our thoughts give all things their quality. Good and evil have no real existence. They are merely relative terms which describe outside, or physical conditions, looked at from different viewpoints. The intellectual consciousness perceives duality, the spiritual consciousness knows the Oneness of all things. Good and evil are the outer aspects if an Inner Truth. The way we perceive and respond to our own creations, individually and collectively. We create physical thought-forms as naturally as we breathe. It is we who create all the joys and terrors of our physical experiences.
When we take responsibility for our reality instead of blaming nature and wondering why God doesn’t do something about it, when we create with our spiritually oriented mind, putting love for our brother and sisters above all other desires or ambitions, the physical effects which bring happiness and abundance unfold naturally as outer benefits of inner guidance and inspiration. It is this
- 96 -
Inner Reality (another label for God) that we seek to know and express in our physical plane. We are learning to handle our creative energy.
We still see through a glass, darkly. As we peel back the layers of illusion which clouds our perception the glass becomes a little clearer, and with a flicker of excitement we begin to catch glimpses of the Divine Reality within and about all things and events. You are what you believe you are. Not one thing or event in your life is real, nor does it have any value to you other than as your thinking makes it so. Well then, think and believe that you are not separated from the Source of all consciousness and creation, that you could not possibly be separated; for you are ONE. God is within you, and you within God. This Truth had been taught throughout the millennia in different words and in different ways so that we might finally be brought to realise the omnipresence of God. One way is to love our brothers and sisters as our self. Another is to love God as Our self. It has nothing to do with human morality. It has everything to do with spiritual Reality.

On the seventh of August 1982, the British medical journal Lancet published an article that went completely against the prevailing scientific position on the relationship between skin cancer and the sun. In the study conducted at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of Sydney’s Melanoma Clinic, Sydney Hospital, researchers found that the incidence of malignant melanomas was considerably higher in office workers than
- 97 -
in individuals who were regularly exposed to sunlight due to lifestyle and occupation.
One of the major researchers, Dr. Helen Shaw, found that people who had the lowest risk of developing skin cancer were those whose main outdoor activity was SUNBATHING! Twice the risk of developing melanomas was found in office workers who had to work indoors all day under fluorescent lights.
Additional research by Dr. Shaw has shown that fluorescent office lights can cause mutations in cultures of animal cells. Dr. Shaw concludes that "in both Australia and Great Britain, melanoma rates were high among professional and office workers and lower in people working outdoors."
From the above, it should be obvious that the solution is simply moderation. Mild, sensible exposure to sunlight is not only safe, but desirable. Some of sunlight’s life-sustaining properties are that UV light activates the synthesis of vitamin D, which is a prerequisite for the absorption of calcium and other minerals from the diet. UV light lowers blood pressure. UV light increases the efficiency of the heart. UV light reduces serum cholesterol levels. It should also be noted that other types of fats implicated in heart disease (fatty acids, mono, di and triglycerides) are also reduced by exposure to UV radiation. UV light is an effective treatment for psoriasis.
There are people all over the world who live at high altitudes or at the equator, where levels of ultraviolet light are high, yet they are virtually free of all types of skin cancer. So why is it that Queensland is ‘the skin cancer capital of the world’? Because those who make billions of dollars out of promoting fear and selling "Slip, slop and slap" products are turning us into the wimps of the world. For your children's sake, encourage them to develop a slow, protective suntan. Remember, moderation is the key.
Now what’s all this got to do with spirituality? Well, if you believe a thing to be evil, that thing becomes evil. Your
- 98 -
belief creates your reality. That applies to Dr. Shaw’s belief about fluorescent lights as well your own beliefs about any physical phenomenon. Collective beliefs rapidly become self-fulfilling prophecies. Contemplate this.

Nothing happens to us by accident, there are no chance meetings and there is no such thing as good or bad luck. We do not live in a chaotic universe.
We choose, as spiritual beings, the challenges we will face in the human condition, not as punishment, nor as reward but as a part of our spiritual growth and development; as part of our learning process.
Some very advanced souls choose the most seemingly impossible situations in order to see if love can still survive and triumph. Many brave and adventurous souls choose positions of great power for the same reason. Politicians are to be admired and respected for their courage, for they are usually those who have, in what we would think of as past experiences, been those who opposed others in power with hatred and violence when it seemed to them that love and non-violence was futile.
Well, now the boot is on the other foot. Now these souls are ‘having a go’ at it themselves. Will they be any better than their predecessors?
Every time politicians put their personal pursuit of power, wealth, ambition, political ideals and party allegiance above the pursuit of the people’s well-being and happiness or
- 99 -
above any of God’s creation in, on or above the earth, they fail in their challenge. They fail in their volitional karma.
Instead of being angered by self-serving corruption in ‘high places’ we should feel compassion for these lights that failed and for a life being wasted. Any politician who votes for or against any proposal that effects the people should first ask, “If I were Jesus or the Buddha, how would I respond”
Lao Tzu, the great master of Taoism, writes in the Tao Teh Ching: “The wise ruler does not interfere with the lives of the people.” We only have to look at the present Chinese government to see how this wisdom is ignored, for interference is rampant in most local governments.
Do not be filled with hate for those councillors who interfere with our lives, our homes and businesses - not even when those whose delays in giving their rubber-stamp approval to your submission can bring you to ruin. It is far too easy to blame ‘the system’, for the system is merely a euphemism for the caring-less way an official performs his obligations. So to those who put rules and regulations above ethic and common sense, above common decency and love for their brothers and sisters, do not feel hatred but pity. Rebuke them, by all means, and, if they repent, forgive them. And if they fail again and again, repenting each time, continue to forgive them; for your anger if sustained, will add fuel to the fire of man’s inhumanity to man.

Learn, through understanding of Reality, to feel compassion for those who do not love their brothers and sisters as
- 100 -
themselves, but mistake them for something other than Self.
Pity all con-merchants, swindlers, thieves, corrupt businessmen, corrupt politicians, corrupt tradespeople who cheat and overcharge. All those deluded beings who, like most of us, deny the God in Self and the God in others.
In the physical plane, justice aimed at reparation of the damage we have done to others should be our first concern. In the non-physical plane that we encounter at the ‘death’ of the body, reparation of the damage we have done to ourselves should also be our first concern. It is not always so in practice. There is absolutely no punishment involved. When we realise the inseparability of all aspects of God we will know that what we have done to others we have done to ourselves. That lesson must be thoroughly learned, and so, when we are ready and willing to take further steps toward God-realisation, we will choose to be on the receiving end of our own unlovingness. It is only through direct, personal and emotional experience that such lessons are learned. Intellectual knowledge alone is merely academic.
We are never punished for our mistakes, but by them; for we are harming ourselves. When Yeshua bar Yosef (Jesus) taught that we should love our brothers and sisters as ourselves, he was not teaching morality, but reality.
As no one forces an individual to be on the receiving end of his or her own unlovingness, own unkindness, one’s first reaction after ‘death’ is to simply refuse to take on such lessons in God-realisation, and so we begin to stagnate in whatever illusory state we find ourselves. That state - and there are many and diverse states - will be beautiful and pleasant, your companions will be like-minded and at the same level of development, and you may not feel inclined to move on in growth and development.
You will encounter advanced friends, guides and teachers who will encourage you to grow, but will then move on to pursue their own adventures in creation, leaving you to
- 101 -
remain in a static, changeless state which gradually becomes deadeningly boring through lack of challenge, lack of Karma. Remember Karma translates as ‘action’. The decision, the challenge, is always yours.
Eventually you will select the time, place, body and circumstances that you deem necessary for your development. You may do it with reluctance or with enthusiasm, but you will do it. Your prime and eternal purpose is to manifest personally, by example, the glory of God. This is known as loving in spirit.
Attacking, cheating, obstructing and causing sorrow to other aspects of God manifesting in the physical is not in your best interest. And though we transgress time after time, again and again, the beauty and the glory of God is that we are never unloved, never abandoned, never forgotten.

Do not think that anything as simple as dying is going to give you union with God, nor that proudly declaring your membership is any particular church will guarantee such union.
A person may be Christian or Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu, Muslim of Taoist; he may claim that Jesus is the only way - or the Buddha, or Muhammed - as millions of devout believers do; he may insist that ritual prayer and regular attendance in church, mosque or temple bestows salvation, but it all comes down to what you are in yourself.
- 102 -
No great master enters the physical plane to draw people to himself, but to draw them to Truth which, as Jesus said, “will set you free”. This is the ‘salvation’ of which all true prophets speak. They so not say that we will realise salvation by outwardly following a religion, but by what you do personally to establish your relationship with God. Whatever your beliefs and practices, the essential purpose of religion is to establish your kinship with God.
When Jesus says that “there is no way to the father but through me” he is not saying that you have to become a member of a Christian organisation, but you had to become as God-realised as he. Jesus shows the way by example and that way is through becoming as Christ-like as possible. Not a poor, weak, sinful follower of Jesus, but an equal and, of possible, greater Son of God. “These things I do, you can do. Yes! Works even greater than mine.” You are all, indeed Sons of God, but we worship health, wealth, power nationality and many other material attributes as our Source of Happiness. We all bow down to these false gods while, at the same time, we profess our affiliation with Jesus or the Buddha. We call the ‘Lord, Lord!’ And do not do the things they ask. They would not know us.
To become as God-realised as the great masters, is to overcome all suffering. Here and now.
Jesus might feel sad, but certainly not heart-broken if another person did not return his love. Some of us have committed suicide because of unrequited love. Would the Buddha suffer if he lost all his possessions? Some of us have been driven to the pits of despair. Why is it that the God-realised no not suffer?
If Jesus were told that he had terminal cancer, would he collapse in a heap sobbing, “Oh, my God! I’m going to die”?”
Suffering is sin, for it is ignorance. Ignorance of who and what we really are and of our inseparability from God. If we make no personal effort to become Christ-like in our hearts, - compassion and love for our brothers and sisters of all
- 103 -
races and religions - Christ like in spirit, - BEING Christ-like - we shall continue to create suffering on earth. We create hunger, poverty, war and all the other deadly things that flesh is heir to because we do not love God above material things and we do not love our brothers and sisters as ourselves. It is time we stopped calling ourselves Christians and started becoming Christian.

Because we, in ignorance, tend to separate the Creator from the created, we make the mistake of saying God created the universe. Actually, that is no so - at least in the sense that a sculptor creates a statue. God BECAME the universe, without in any way losing its essential nature.
That which we call ‘God’ is more than mere physical forms, and the universe reflects only a part of the God-consciousness. That which we know as the universe is a manifested though-form, a cosmic illusion known in the East as ‘maya’, but it is the creative illusion of God and must be taken very seriously. It cannot be dismissed simply as a sort of magician’s trick or hallucination.
It is true that the physical realm is illusory, but so are the psychic realms. A fact which is not understood by many who belong to spiritualist organisations. Just as we join clubs, societies and other groups according to our beliefs and interests here in the physical, so is it in the psychic realms. Just as there are games people play, so are there games spirits play. Many non-physical personalities are just as confused and ignorant as their physically manifested counterparts.
- 104 -
When the focus of our soul-consciousness withdraws from the physical at the moment of bliss and ecstasy called ‘death’, we do not become enlightened. Indeed, we continue to carry with us our usual beliefs and prejudices. In the psychic, or spirit realms, that which the Buddhist call the Bardo state, we continue to create our own realities. There is a psychic validity to these ‘realities’ but they are illusory nevertheless.
“More and more the universe begins to look like one great thought” (Sir James Jeans, physicist)
All the separate roles we play in the illusory realms are like waves upon the great ocean. Our sense of separation makes us identify only with the waves and we take on false egos. “Hey, look at me!” we cry as waves. “See how big I am.” - or small, fast and seemingly independent from the ocean.
The wave is in the great ocean and the great ocean is the wave. When the wave exhausts itself it becomes part of the great ocean, but in truth it never left it. The separate reality of the wave’s existence is purely illusory. Anything we think we are, as separate and distinct from God, is purely illusory. We are in God, and God is in us.
No matter how caught up we become in the illusion of the physical roles we play, we are never, nor can we ever be, separate from God. When the waves finally die on the rocks and beaches of some distant shore, do they not return home to their source? We do no less.

- 105 -
When the writer of this column was a fully ordained Buddhist monk it was his pleasure to make acquaintance of Krishnamurti, a famous Indian sage, and exchange some spiritual understandings about the nature of man and his physical experience. Krishnamurti was tenacious in refusing to accept as truth anything that smacked of second-hand experience. There was no point in telling him that God said, or the Buddha said, or Jesus, for he would reply.
“First of all, how do you know? You have been told, you have read it in books. How do you know they are not the fabrications of priests of monks for their own profession, for their own benefit? An authority, seasoned through the mists of time becomes invulnerable, and man accept that authority as being final... That is only the habit of a lazy mind that wants to settle everything by authority, by precedent, saying that because someone has said it, it must be true.”
He would say that “All disciple end up killing their Master’s teaching.” A statement which at first seemed shocking, but with time and awareness becomes self-evident. Nevertheless, it was pretty incisive stuff to anyone brought up in a conditional-belief system, and many who came across his published statements would be outraged, but very few, on meeting the man, would not be impressed by the gentleness, truth and sincerity of Krishnamurti.
The following, though not verbatim, is very close to his original talk to a group of young people in Ojai camp: “All religions are based on absurd ceremonies, exploitation and fear. And who has created them? You and I. Who else creates environment? Who created our social structure, our political structure, our economic and religious structures? We. Each one of us had contributed individually and within the structure of our family, friends, acquaintances, as infinitum.
- 106 -
Our individual contribution becomes collective and the individual who has helped created the collective becomes the victim of his own environment. The environment now begins to mould the man.
Through ignorance, unawareness of our true relationship to family, friends, enemies and all other beings, we create racial separation, class separation, and exploitation of each other and the earth’s resources. We have created these separations - you and I. So, individually, we must break them down. There is no other way.
Krishnamurti and the current writer were absolutely united in their common understanding that man creates his own reality.
Your ideas of reality are continually being reinforced both consciously and unconsciously, not only within the family, but among all those with whom the family comes in contact. It is very easy to point at others and see clearly that their invisible beliefs, those they take for ‘facts of life’, limit their experience, yet, at the same time, be totally blind to your own invisible beliefs which you take so readily as truth or characteristics of ‘the way things are’. You get what your mind concentrates upon. Things are never ‘the way they are’, they are the way you believe they are.

If we could ever grasp the fact that all experience is self-created and part of our learning process, then terms like ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ would have very little meaning. But
- 107 -
if we are unhappy and suffering, then the word ‘negative’ begins to take on meaning.
From the Soul’s, or greater Self’s, point of view, there is nothing wrong with the negative belief that we are helpless victims of disease, old age and death, for we will eventually learn our power over these thought-forms. Meanwhile our ignorance of reality causes a great deal of unnecessary suffering.
If you have a deep inner conviction, a root belief, that ‘Man is inherently evil’ or ‘Life wasn’t meant to be easy, suffering is normal,’ your belief will cause to spring up about it events that only serve to reinforce that belief. From all the physical data of radio, television, the newspapers, and private communications, you will concentrate the focus of your mind only on those issues that ‘prove your belief’. Your belief will enter into the most personal aspects of your life until no evidence to the contrary will be able to disapprove your belief. You will end up fearing life and avoiding experience. By avoiding experience you hope to avoid being hurt. Some belief! Here is a list of some crippling root-beliefs:
“Love has passed me by.”
“War is unavoidable.”
“To become a neutral country is to invite attack.”
“God will punish me.”
“Death is permanent.”
“Money is the root of all evil.”
“I am a born failure.”
“People in power are corrupt.”
You make your own reality. Your beliefs and attitudes exist first and the event follows. “Nothing of itself is evil, but if you believe a thing to be evil, that thing becomes evil.” (Jesus of Nazareth)
It is of greatest importance that you acknowledge the existence of joyful experiences and recollect those aspects of your own experience with which you have had success.
- 108 -
Capture that feeling of accomplishment and transfer it to any areas of your experience where you have had difficulties.
The vitality and strength of your beliefs, whether liberating or limiting, will be quite real and will bring you physical results. Nevertheless, your ideas are still only beliefs about reality. They are not reality itself.
Be very careful of invisible root-beliefs. A root-belief is only invisible when you think of it as a FACT OF LIFE, and not as a belief about life. For example, “I am dying of an incurable disease!” If you identify with that belief utterly and completely, you automatically focus your perceiving along that specific line and you CREATE that ‘reality’.
Keep on reminding yourself that your beliefs can work for your advantage. It’s up to you. “Physician, heal thyself!”. That’s addressed to you, man.

Our genes and chromosomes, that which gives us characteristics as unique and individual as our fingerprints, did not just ‘happen’ to have within them the precisely coded information that will be needed as the body develops. This data is impressed upon them from within, but the knowledge existed before their physical creation and will continue to exist after them. Your true identity existed before your physical form. One could say that your identity, existing in another dimension entirely, programs the medium of physical reality from which its own material existence will develop.
- 109 -
The Inner Self then, forms first the invisible structure which will later materialise in flesh. While this is happening, the conscious mind, as we think of it, obviously is not yet connected with the brain, which has not yet been formed in the flesh. The design and characteristics of the body are held and made physical by the conscious mind. In short, you choose ahead of time the kind of body you will inhabit. While you think of yourself as a material being instead of a pure spirit, you will not be able to differentiate between the real and the false self, and it is futile to speculate on the reasons behind the choice.
The portion of self that must ‘wait for’ the brains physical development, in terms of time, is the part you call in physical life. ‘the conscious mind’. As we have not been taught to associate our attitudes and emotions with our body’s condition it is only natural that we have no conscious mental control over our health.
Advanced medical science has discovered the connection between the mind and the body, and is saying that it can make no separation between them. That it is all really ONE. The placebo effect points the way.
Each cell in our body contains mind. We call this ‘cellular memory’, which seems to act independently from our conscious mind. For example, when we cut ourself, there is inner knowing of the accident, and the monosites which are contained within the marrow of our bones are released into the immune system and rushed to heal the injury. Where does this knowing come from? Does it point to the existence of an inner self?
How does a bird know how to build a nest, or a bee to construct the geometrical perfection of a hive? How does a new-born mammal know how to suckle? The knowing does not lie in the brain, for the brain is no older than the rest of the body, therefore it cannot on its own originate knowledge that preceded its own creation. If it is not the body and not the brain, it can only be the mind, and must therefore be related to but not dependent on the brain. As this
- 110 -
knowledge is not conscious knowledge, we must look to the deep unconscious part of the mind and say that THERE lie hidden the secrets of existence. The beauty of it all is that we can turn within and, through meditation, tap into this knowledge.
Dr. Carl Jung, commenting on Nietzche’s Zarathustra writes, “A new man, a completely transformed man, is to appear on the scene, on who has broken the shell of the old, and who not only looks upon a new heaven and a new earth, but has CREATED them”.
Stick around brothers and sisters, it’s all happening.

In the 2nd century the celebrated Christian writer, teacher and theologian, Origenes Adamantius, known as ‘Origen’ was a student of Clement of Alexandria. Clement was one of the early fathers of the church and taught that from the beginning men/women have always been immortal and children of eternal life.
Origen read and spoke Greek fluently and was a Platonist, though in a work, ‘Contra Celsum’ (against Celsus) he brilliantly defended Christianity against a fellow Alexandrian and Platonist, Celsus, who was perhaps the first serious critic of Christianity.
Origen is generally regarded as the father of Christian mysticism and it was he who first wrote that the Lord’s Prayer was unskilfully translated as give us our ‘daily’ bread instead of give us this day our daily ‘spiritual’ bread.
- 111 -
He warned against praying for a corruptible in place of the incorruptible. It would be difficult for a present scholar of classical Greek to argue against a renowned scholar such as Origen. It was Origen who developed the idea of Christ as the Logos, or incarnate Word, who is with the Father from eternity, but he also taught that the Son is subordinate to the Father in power and dignity. Nowadays, many people teach that the Son IS God, which is certainly NOT what Jesus of Nazareth taught.
On one particular occasion when Origen was visiting Palestine in the year 216, he was invited by the Bishops of Jerusalem and Caesarea to lecture in the churches on the Scriptures. The Scriptures as we know them today had not yet been chosen as the only official Scriptures of the church. Some years later the same two bishops ordained him a presbyter without consulting Origen’s own bishop, Demetrius. Enraged, Demetrius held two synods in Alexandria, the first forbidding Origen to teach in Alexandria, the second depriving him of his priesthood. Demetrius died shortly after these synods and there was no court of appeal.
Origen settled in Caesarea where he founded a school of theology, philosophy and literature.
In the year 250, during the persecution of the Christians under Emperor Decius, Origen was imprisoned and tortured. He was released a year later and shortly after died of the injuries he had sustained in prison.
Origen is still severely criticised by some theologians, and had it not been for the fact that Saint Gregory of Nazianzus together with his fellow desert dweller, Saint Basil, compiled and anthology of Origen’s writings called the ‘Philokalia’ (Love of the beautiful) it is doubtful that any of Origen’s words would have survived the dark ages.
Speaking of the dark ages, it should never be forgotten that up until the 12th century, the Buddha was listed in the Martyrologuem, the Catholic book of pre-Christian saints
- 112 -
and martyrs. What happened? Perhaps a 12th century Demetrius thought he knew better.

The unrealised think that we are separated from the Source of All Life and consciousness or, if you prefer that much abused label, ‘God’. They think that our material bodies engender and harbour pleasure and pain, and that an evil influence called “the devil” is manifesting in the world, opposing God’s will.
They THINK all this is so, and it is, To them. For all things are to Man what he thinks or believes them to be. Germs, bacteria, virus, UV rays, cigarette smoke, these are all absolutely neutral until we give them the qualities of being evil, or harmful. Nothing of itself is evil, but if you believe a thing to be evil, that thing becomes evil. And if you believe a thing to be good, that thing becomes good. Hence the placebo effect.
If you believe in your heart that surgery will help you, have surgery. If you truly believe that herbs are the answer, take herbs. If you believe in faith healers, go to faith healers. Whatever your choice, it is your belief that created your reality. if you believe an illness to be terminal, so be it. If the collective consciousness believes an illness to be terminal, we create a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Most counsellors tell us to follow our heads, not our hearts. By doing so we destroy the very integrity of our being, for the only reality we will ever know is the way we feel. It is
- 113 -
vital that we learn to be true to our own feelings, not others’ intellects.
If you believe a thing is so, isn’t it really so; to you? Or as Shakespeare put it, “Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Another might see things differently and may think your view is foolish. Who is right? Both of you! Some see God in all things and other see the devil everywhere. Some regard meditation as listening to God, others regard it as the work of the devil. Still others believe that if you still the mind the devil will jump in. If you really believe such a thing is possible, for heaven’s sake do not meditate.
If you do not believe that the Spirit of God dwells in you, and therefore you believe that you are a helpless victim of ‘harmful’ forces, do not meditate, do not smoke, hide from the sun, boil your drinking water, and wear an antiseptic mask at all times. Your body, your personality, your environment, your world are what they appear to be to you, because you have thought them into their present condition. You can alter these things by the same process! If you begin by looking for the good, looking for God in all things, they will become God in all things, they will become good, for you will let go of fear. Fear is a great denial of God. The ‘things’ of your physical experience are the creative illusions of mind. The illusion is the loving gift of the God force. Because it is illusion we cannot, in reality destroy any of God’s creation. Our intent, however, is all important. We are learning to take loving responsibility for Creation. Yet we are still ‘destroying’ the earth and each other. If you want to change the world, you must start with yourself.

- 114 -
In the Theravadan Buddhist Sutras, the great Truths taught by the Buddha are badly distorted by the pedantic and multitudinous variations of an idea as expressed by the various Indian scribes of old, and the Buddhist monks who have been conditioned to regard the Sutras as Inviolate continue to promulgate the distortions. It should be recalled that the Buddha’s teachings were passed down orally for five hundred years until they were written. The only-to-be-expected distortions and irrelevancies have all but destroyed the original teachings:
The Eastern mind’s predilection for lists and numbers is nowhere more evident than in these sacred’ texts. The teachings of the Buddha have been analysed and reduced to numeric formulas which obscure rather than elucidate them.
Buddhism, as it is generally taught today, has as its foundation ‘The Four Noble Truths’ and the ‘Eight-fold Path’. In the true spirit of the teachings, the Four Noble Truths are;
1. Suffering exists.
2. Suffering exists because we cling to ignorance.
3. Suffering ceases.
4. Suffering ceases with Self-realisation.
By clinging to false ideas of who and what we are, our name, body, occupation, relationship to others beings, nationality, positions etc., we lose our true identity and feel separate from the Source of all life and consciousness. As our beliefs and feelings create our reality, we disempower ourselves. Suffering ensues.
Self-realisation is God-realisation, that is, conscious Union with the Source. The way to this enlightenment is known as
- 115 -
the ‘Eight-fold Path’. In Truth it is really three-fold, the other five are dissections of these. They are:
1. Right thought.
2. Right speech.
3. Right action.
Is that not taught by every major religion? The most important guide-post on the path to enlightenment is HARMLESSNESS. Ahimsa, as practised by Mahatma (Great Soul) Ghandi is an expression of Harmlessness.
It all seems simple; however, we cannot fill a vessel with fresh, clean water without first emptying it of any old, muddy contents it may contain. Have we not all been hardly able to wait to tell a friend of the unkind things someone has said about him/her? Think about it. Did you tale-telling make your friend’s day? Did you make your friend feel good? Why did you repeat it? Was your friend in any peril because of the criticism, or were you foolishly excited by the ‘drama’ of it all? Were you truly being a ‘good’ friend? Clean you own vessel.
Perhaps you made the error of reproaching the ‘attacker’. It is not up to you to correct your brother but to accept him as he is. And that is very easy when you know that in the true nature of his godliness he is faultless. We are in the process of learning perfect love. Perfect love is unconditional. What we usually call love is anything but perfect. “I can only love you if...” Fill in your own conditions. They will lead you into wrong thoughts, words and deeds. They are not harmless. Above all, they harm you, yourself.
When we are critical of the ones we love we justify ourselves. “Oh, I‟m just saying these things for your own good.” In truth we are saying them so that they will conform to the way WE would like them to be. Is it so difficult to accept them as they are? Do they really do you harm? Is it
- 116 -
the way you respond that is harming you? Now think about it. Are you really being harmless; to yourself?

As the renowned psychotherapist, Lawrence Le Shan, pointed out in his speech to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in November 1085. 29 out of 30 medical textbooks before 1900 associated cancer with suppressed emotions.
“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you” (Jesus of Nazareth), according to the Gospel of Thomas, known as one of the apocryphal gospels. The important point is not whether Jesus actually said this or not, but whether there is any truth in the teaching. For thousands of years Great Masters and mystics have been saying that we create our physical environment without beliefs, anticipations, ideas and attitudes, and that the most concentrated power we have at our disposal is our imagination and emotions. Not our will-power, not our positive or negative thinking, but our emotions. What we think, and allow our self to feel, becomes our experienced reality.
In the Gospel according to Thomas, it is alleged that Jesus spoke a parable which alludes to the mind. He speaks of a chariot, beautifully made, but it lacks grace because it has no movement. So a team of horses is hitched to the chariot. Now it has movement, but is dragged against the trees, over rocks and into ditches and in no time at all it is shattered. It needs a diver. Now it can be kept on the road. It lacks only one thing, a destination.
- 117 -
The motionless chariot is the mind stilled in meditation. Many people, especially Buddhist monks, struggle to achieve the resultant bliss that comes with such tranquillity. However, they fail to recognise such bliss as being a denial of life.
The horses in the parable represent the emotions. When we are swept away by our own emotions we also are in danger of a breakdown.
The driver, obviously, represents control. The primary purposes of meditation, is to get to know and understand your own mind. With understanding comes control.
Finally, one has to have a destination. Though there are many places to visit, many sidetracks, many adventures, the only real destination is our journey back to God. All else is illusion. All things physical are thought forms objectified. The thoughts are real, the effect illusory. In this way we are, in reality, unable to cause death or destruction to ourselves or any other forms of life. Within the illusion we create great suffering, individually and collectively. For this reason the illusion had better be taken very seriously.
The journey we are on is for the purpose of knowing God is all that is. From thought into energy, into matter, into this physical aspect of eternal life. Through the transfiguration of your Great immortal Self, or Soul, into the physical plane, you take the risk of losing your true identity, becoming embroiled in survival. Sadly, that is what most of humanity has indeed done. Happily, it is not a permanent condition.

- 118 -
The foundation of true Christian faith is to love God with your heart, mind and spirit, and to love your brothers and sister as yourself. The foundation of distorted Christianity is that the Lord Jesus is not only the Son of God, but God himself, and must be worshipped as God himself. And those who worship Jesus will go to heaven, and those who do not will go to hell. Farewell Abraham and Moses, farewell all the Buddhas, farewell Muhammad, farewell Mahatma Ghandi. The loving God of such ‘Christians’ condemns you to hell.
The mindless arrogance of these ‘believers’ who maintain that only they have an exclusive right to God, is beyond all comprehension, but it only serves to make them feel self-righteous. It is such ignorance that breeds persecution, ‘holy’ wars, separations and other un-Christ-like behaviour. It is such latter-day who place their beliefs, rules and regulations above love for one another.
We know that, in general practice, Christians do not love one another. The hatred between Protestant and Catholic Christians extends far beyond the ‘troubles’ in Ireland; to say nothing about the Christian ‘love’ the Serbs and Croats feel for their Muslim brother and sisters in what used to be Yugoslavia.
The Christian church was split when the European Christian establishment outraged the Eastern Christian establishment by elevating Jesus to a party with God. This elevation did not start until about 400 A.D. It split again when a truly Christian Catholic monk, Martin Luther, protested against the mockery, the parody of Christianity into which the establishment had fallen.
True Christianity is not dependent on the taking of bread and wine; not dependent on songs of praise, not dependent on rites and rituals; nor is it dependent on any book, no matter how holy we believe that book to be. These are but the trappings of our institutes. This is not to say they do not serve a purpose and fulfil a need.
- 119 -
True Christianity is to be found in the heart; in seeking the God within. It depends on you becoming Christ-like in thought, word and deed.
True Buddhism is no different. It also is found in the heart; in seeking the True Self, the Dharmakaya (Source of all Life) within; in becoming Buddha-like in thought word and deed. Buddhists are taught to love all Beings as themselves.
That which we call ‘God’ is beyond name, form and any concept we may have of it. Many representatives of God have been sent into this minuscule physical world to remind mankind of its true and loving nature. All of them taught love and peace. Not one religion has accomplished that. We destroy each other on a scale that was inconceivable in earlier times.
Unless you yourself are Christ-like in thought, word and deed, you are a hypocrite to call yourself a Christian. The same principle applies to all religions. You must do it for yourself.
“Atta hi attano Natho”, warned the dying Buddha. “Your True Self is your only Lord.” Sadhu!

The Western approach to God is external, whereas the Eastern approach is internal. Western man is conditioned to believe that he is insignificant, next to nothing, or as Kierkegaard puts it, “Before God, man is always wrong.” By fear, penance, promises, submission, self-abasement, good
- 120 -
deed and praise he propitiates the Great Power which he believes to be totally ‘outside’ himself.
The Eastern approach, particularly the Buddhist, feels compassion for the „lower‟ spiritual stage wherein, believing himself to be separate from the Source of all life and consciousness (Dharmakaya), man tortures his imagination with a belief in absolute gods, and worries about ‘sin’. The Buddha saw concepts of gods as nothing but the illusion woven by man’s unenlightened mind. Archetypal thought forms which do indeed have a psychic reality.
To find Dharma (Reality, Truth) he turns within in solitude by meditation, which is not to be confused with contemplation. It is interesting to note that, before their ministries, Moses went up onto the mountain, the Buddha into the forest, Jesus into the wilderness, and Muhammad into a cave in a mountain. To anyone familiar with meditation it is impossible to believe that they did not meditate in order to break through the barriers of physical illusion and achieve spiritual union with the God within.
The true essence of man is all important, it is the all-pervading Power, the One, the Universal Mind, The Dharmakaya, the Source.... God. All existence emanated from it, and all existence dissolves back into it, like the waves unto the great ocean. The East would have no difficulty in believing that the body returns to the earth and the spirit returns to the Source. But if we were to use a different label and say “the spirit returns to God”, the Buddhist would ask, “which God?”
“There is only one God.” The Westerner would reply.
“Do you mean the one God of the Jews, Yahewh? The one God of the Christians, Jehovah? Or the one God of the Muslims, Allah? Or do you mean the Supreme God of the Hindus, Brahman?”
All are correct. The label may be different, but the truth remains unaffected. If we would realise that God is not a
- 121 -
single form, but the Creator of all forms which are contained within God and are never separate from ‘Him’ except in illusion, we might not be so intolerant of other religions approach to God.
Because we cannot be separated from God, we already have Divine Grace. We were born in a state of Divine Grace and we will die in a state of Divine Grace. What we do in the physical illusion cannot remove us from that Grace. We will, however, cause much suffering by our denial of it; not only in ourselves but in all other beings.
Spiritual pride is manifested in all people who believe that only their religion has the truth, and in the case of ‘Christian’ self-assertiveness, all others, unless they convert, are in for the loving God’s eternal damnation.

Meditation works for two profound and powerful reasons:
1. Because of who and what we really are, and
2. Because by meditating we begin to use, consciously, our birthright and inheritance.
The great failing of Christianity today is that it has not only allowed itself to become institutionalised, but it separated us from God, put God outside of creation as an observer waiting to reward and punish mankind for its good and bad behaviour. All this in direct opposition to the teachings, “At the day of at-one-meant you will know that I am in the Father, You are in me and I am in thee.”
- 122 -
“God is above, throughout and within you all.”
“You are gods.”
“The kingdom of God is within you.”
“Know you not that you are the temple of God? That the Spirit of God dwells in you?”
You were children of God before the world was. If you had understanding you would declare that when God laid the foundations of the earth and all the children of God shouted with joy, YOU WERE THERE.
That which man calls ‘God' cannot be separate from its creations. Nothing exists outside of ‘it’. When we call it nature, matter, energy, Tao or Dharmakaya, we change nothing but the word-symbol. “The sages of old”, says Chuang Tzu “First got Tao for themselves, then got it for others.” When we realise for our self through direct, personal experience that the essence of our true nature is Godly, the Inner Power, Wisdom and Serenity that you may draw upon is limitless.
As for our Birthright and inheritance. Let me rephrase an old myth: “In the beginning, that which we call ‘God’ created mankind in its own image; that is, the image of mind. Then it did a beautiful and loving thing. It allowed mankind to create itself, indeed its own world, in its own image.”
We have been given the greatest of all gifts; the ability to project our thoughts outward and make them manifest. We are learning to do this consciously. Usually, we are unaware of the creative energy of our minds. We think of this creatively in terms of imagination, without understanding that imagination triggers off our emotions, and emotion is the tool we use to create. Not positive thinking, not will power, but emotion. Positive or negative emotions.
is not worry, stress, fear and anxiety simply focusing the mind on the last thing we want to have happen to us or
- 123 -
someone we love? If we sustain this focus long enough it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is what can be called “Meditation”. Unskilful meditation, but meditation nevertheless.
Creative meditation is focusing the mind intently, passionately, on what you would like to have happen. All this has been taught by Jesus as well as the Buddha.
“And if you pray with the very real conviction that you have a thing already, it will be yours.”
“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”
These teachings are only valid if you know them for yourself and not because someone you love wrote them.

It had been a long day at the monastery. The monks had been asked to conduct the celebrations of the birth of the village headman’s great-grandchild. They had risen before dawn and had been kept busy all day travelling and performing the appropriate rites and rituals. To make matters worse, they were now obliged to keep an all night vigil in the temple.
Halfway through the night the young monk, Sariputra, looked up from his reading of the Sacred Buddhist Texts and saw that all his brother monks, save the abbot, had fallen asleep. This annoyed the learned Sariputra who was a dedicated and devout scholar of the texts.
- 124 -
“Venerable, sir” he whispered to the abbot, “some of my brothers never bother to read the Sutras, and none of these sleepers opens his eyes or raises his head. You would think that they were all dead.”
To which the abbot replied, “My beloved Sariputra, the Lord Buddha never read the Sutras either, yet he became enlightened. As for these sleepy-heads, I would rather you too were sleeping like them than slandering.”
The Jesuit priest, Anthony de Mello, tells this story of the Zen Master and the Christian in his book ‘The Song of the Bird’... A Christian visited a Zen Master and said, “Allow me to read you the Sermon on the Mount.”
“I shall listen with pleasure,” said the master.
The Christian read a sentence and looked up. The Master smiled and said, “Whoever said those words was truly an Enlightened Man.”
This pleased the Christian. He read on. The Master interrupted and said, “These words come from a Saviour of mankind.”
The Christian was delighted, He read on to the end. The master declared, “That sermon was pronounced by someone radiant with Divinity.”
The Christian’s joy was boundless. He left, determined to return another day and persuade the Master to become a Christian. On his way back home he found Jesus standing by the roadside. “Lord,” he said excitedly, “I got that man to confess you are divine!”
Jesus smiled and said, “And did it do you any good except to inflate your Christian ego?”
The philosopher, writer, diplomat, Andre Maurols, once asked an elderly village priest if he believed in hell. “My son,” he replied after quiet consideration, “as a Priest I must believe in hell. But as a man I know there is nobody in it.”
- 125 -
Learning about God from ‘Holy’ Books is like being an armchair traveller. No matter how much borrowed information you acquire, it is still second-hand knowledge. No one word of any religious book is valid unless it leads you to unitive knowledge of God, and that can be only through direct, personal experience. All else is just words, words, words. Most people say they love God, but they sure as hell seem to hate each other.

If you were to obtain work in a chocolate factory you would be invited to eat as much chocolate as you liked. After some time you would become so heartily sick of it that you would turn away from it.
Religious sects which offer a never-ending diet of sin and guilt have the same effect on the young today. To be told constantly that Jesus died for your sins and was required to suffer the death that YOUR sins deserved, is not only sickening, but blasphemous; and it is little wonder that the less gullible youth of today reject such idiocy.
No decent man would sacrifice the life of his fifth cousin, let alone his only son. It is blasphemy to believe that God is less loving than Man. Yet these unregenerates say “God is love” and teach the opposite.
The whole point of Jesus’ very public death was to demonstrate by His resurrection, that the Son of God (Man) is immortal.
Do not confuse Biblical Christian truths with Spiritual Christian Truths. If you look for truth in a book instead of
- 126 -
you own Mind, you will become an unthinking parrot squawking, “But the bible says, but the bible says, but the bible says.” Is that where we find God? In a book? The early Christians found God within. Saint Peter, Paul and James never read the bible.
For the first three centuries Christianity found expression in Gnostic mysticism. Chief among Christian thinkers who strove to express Man’s Spirituality were Clement of Alexandria and his great successor, Origen. After the 4th century Spiritual awareness began to fade when Christianity became the official State religion, requiring uniformity of doctrine. Christian thought began to be expressed in set theological formulas.
In 543 A.D. when the Emperor Justinian declared Origen a heretic and anathematised some of his teachings, some 300 years after Origen’s death, the individual’s private and personal striving for Spiritual knowledge was no longer tolerated. God was only accessible through official State Theology. God now had an official interpreter. And woe unto them who spoke another language.
Justinian also prohibited the teaching of Greek philosophy. He issued an edict forbidding “persons persisting in the madness of Helenism to teach ANY branch of knowledge.”
Christians could love God with their hearts but no longer with their minds. Happily, within the Christian church, there are truly Spiritual men and women who speak of what they know for themselves and of their own insights into the Source of all in all.

- 127 -
If there were such a thing as ‘sinning against God’ it would be despair, for despair is a denial of the God within, the Holy Spirit. Choosing the path of fear rather than the path of love. A person who commits suicide cannot find love of himself, love in the people about him or love in the world in which he finds himself.
Suicide is not the ‘ultimate act’, nor is there any punishment. There is, however, a great deal of compassion. Nevertheless, one will have to face the same sort of challenge at other times until one gets it right.
When you are filled with the sense-data of your current life, immediately after the ‘death’ experience, you will realise all the opportunities you had, but chose fear, chose a false image of Self, and you will eventually choose to have another ‘go’ at physical experience. This is not inflicted upon us by some stern, moralistic teacher. There is as much love for the suicide as for the saint. The Universe is filled with love, wisdom and compassion. Only the hypocrites say “God is love” and talk of hell. If you think you have one only physical lifetime in which to grow and develop, you are in for a surprise.
There is a story about a great Master who came across a man who had been born blind.
“Tell us Lord, who sinned? This man or his parents, that he should be born blind?” asked one of his followers, as if he had some understanding of reincarnation, for how could the man sin BEFORE he was born?
“None of them sinned!” replied the Master. “The man is born blind to manifest the Glory of God.”
So are we all. Our true purpose throughout beginingless and endless eternity is to manifest the Glory of who and what we really are. That is what is known as ‘manifesting the Glory

- 128 -
of God.’ We do not do this when we violate another Being, physically or psychologically.
Hellen Keller, who was both deaf and blind, refusing to despair, became an author and world lecturer, and shiningly manifested her Spirit. The Minister for Sport in Western Australia, without legs, competing in kayak races and not wallowing in self-pity is another example. Both of them became lights unto the world.
With maturity comes the knowledge that every major success in life is based on a hundred failures. Each seeming failure is another rung on the ladder of your development. Failure is not a matter of failing or being knocked down. It is a matter of staying down. You are never beaten until you give up.
Nothing remains the same. Life is full of peaks and valleys but we cause suffering for ourselves when we cling to them as if they were permanent conditions. No child ever learns to walk without falling over. We do not consider the fall a failure. If the child believed it was, it would not try again. Learn that you can change your life by changing your attitude.
One of my many gurus, Frank Sinatra, said, “There is no revenge like a massive success.” Life, when you discover how to take control, can be very rewarding.

When Cephus, whom we know in English as Peter, was crucified upside down, at his own request, he spoke of the
- 129 -
illusion of the physical plane and of the true nature of mankind in the following words:
“O Nature of Man, that cannot be separated from God... You that hope in Christ, let not the cross be that which it appears to be; for it is another thing, and different from that which it appears, this ‘suffering’ which is in accordance with Christ’s. And now above all... hearken: Separate your souls from everything of the senses, from everything that appears to be, but in truth is not. Lock your eyes, close your ears, shun those happenings which are seen! Then you shall perceive (interpret correctly) that which was done to Christ, and the whole mystery of your salvation... The Lord says in a mystery (hidden truth) “Except ye make the things of the right as those of the left, and those of the left as those of the right, and those that are above as those below, and those that are behind as those that are before, ye shall not have knowledge of the kingdom (There is no duality, no separation in God). This understanding have I brought you, and the figure (cross) in which you now see me hanging is the symbol of the first man who came to birth (The creation of Man). For what is Christ but the word, the sound of God? The word is this upright beam on which I am crucified; and the sound is the beam that crosses it, THE NATURE OF MAN; and the nail which holds the centre of the crossbeam to the upright is man’s transformation and repentance.” (change of wrong-thought. i.e. separation)
The writer of this article has added the words in parenthesis to give a better understanding of the translation of Peter’s words. This translation may be read in its entirety in Carl Jung’s ‘Transformation Symbolism in Mass.’ trans R.F.C.Hull.
In this work, Jung comments on the church’s predilection for material interpretations.
“The Church, more practical in these matters, has always insisted on the concretism of the historical events, despite the fact that the original New Testament texts predict the ultimate deification of Man in a manner strangely
- 130 -
reminiscent of the words of the serpent in the Garden of Eden: “Ye shall be as Gods.” Nevertheless, there was some justification for postponing the elevation of Man’s status until after death, as this avoided the danger of Gnostic inflation.” (Gnostic: Adj. Of or possessing knowledge, esp. spiritual knowledge of insight.)
The Church, as an institute, maintained that the individual must not interpret the ‘mysteries’ of the kingdom of God for him/herself, but such interpretations should remain the prerogative of the church. An excellent way of stifling any future prophets. How many Christians had read the teachings of Muhammad? Are you aware that Muhammad was shocked to the core by the Christian ‘blasphemy’ of God having sexual relations with a human. Still, Islam, which is a violent religion, has much to learn from Christianity. The Jewish people, conditioned by ‘an eye for an eye’ mentality, and having the collective Karma of learning to forgive, could also profit from Christianity.
“If a man say “I Love God” and hateth his brother, he is a lair.”

- 131 -

Now that events are speeding up because of all the mental energies being released on our planet, we are faced with violence and bloodshed more within countries than between countries. Now we have corruption manifesting in the highest offices. Now spirituality, which is a private and personal connection with your inner self or the God within, has been reduced to organised and systematised religion, particularly in the itemised steps to enlightenment found in current Buddhist dogmas. Now that all this continues, the only way you can rise above the quagmire of ignorance caused by our conditioned sense of separation from that which man calls ‘God’ is to break through the illusion of a separate self by seeking union within.
If you seek first the kingdom of God, which is within, all else is added to you. Personal suffering ceases. Not because you ignore it, but because you no longer attract it into your life. None of the violence and corruption will touch you personally if you break through the delusion of separation.
In his play ‘A Sleep of Prisoners’ Christopher Fry puts forth a challenge to humanity which is becoming increasingly urgent: “Thank God our time is NOW when wrong comes up to face us everywhere, never to leave us till we take the longest stride of soul men ever took. Affairs are now soul-size. The enterprise is exploration into God. Where are you making for? It takes so many years to wake, but WILL you wake, for pity’s sake.”
There is a story about the devil walking along with a friend when they observe a man bend down and pick up something. The friend warns the devil, “You had better do something. That man just found a piece of Truth.”
The devil smiled knowingly. “No worries,” he replied, “they will soon turn it into an organisation and systematise it.” Enlightenment is the ultimate do-it-yourself.
- 132 -
When you do make contact with the God within and its all encompassing truth you will lose your desires for anything else. It is an on-going process. When you spend more and more time in the awareness that God is expressing and experiencing through you, you will attract all the abundance of the universe into your life, all the personalities that, ideally, are to come into your orbit and all the experiences you need to pass through in this current lifetime in order to take another learning step on the path of enlightenment. There is no final moment in the physical plane when you are fully enlightened. In all the endless omniverse, this current experience on the grain of sand we call ‘Earth’ is but the blink of an eyelid. Enlightenment is not a piece of knowledge, an ‘ultimate’ truth. It is a state of being wherein there is no longer any suffering. Religious or psychic experiences do not bring with them enlightenment, nor does enlightenment come at that wonderful moment of release that we call ‘death’. Life in the body is but a fraction of the Soul’s experience, but enlightenment as we think of it in the materialised plane is Self-realisation. And Self-realisation is God-realisation. You will know that you have always been, are now, and will always be an eternally valid aspect of God and that nothing can ever harm you but that which your own fears create. Even then, your suffering is not a permanent condition.

In Sydney recently, 31 doctors from Europe, America, Australia and Japan assembled to hold the first world congress on cancer with the emphasis being on non-intrusive treatments. Not surgery, not chemotherapy, not
- 133 -
radiation, but natural and non-expensive treatments dealing with mental attitudes and nutrition.
The public, and especially medical practitioners, were invited to attend; however, the Australian Medical Association asked all doctors to boycott the congress. Why? A watchdog committee for the AMA was seen to be taking down the names of those doctors who dared to attend. A threat?
Jennie Burke, the daughter of a Sunshine Coast resident organised the conference. She received life-threatening phone calls. She said that no major newspaper would publicise the congress. On television, only Allan Jones took a real stand against the Cancer Institute’s boycott. His show was axed within days. Coincidence?
One of the lectures given by an American doctor was on ‘the conspiracy of silence’ regarding alternative treatments for cancer. Who gains by silencing alternative treatments? Especially those already approved by some qualified doctors and researchers? Jennie also had about 100,000 pamphlets advertising the congress ‘disappear’ on her. Who stands to gain by this conspiracy? Could it be the unimaginably powerful drug cartel which influences governments through the medical associations and has total monopoly of the cancer industry?
The head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Sydney University, Ray Kearney, is on record stating that the incidence of cancer can be reduced through nutrition but he said, “Organised medicine is not interested in this. Why. I’ll tell you. Because it costs nothing! That's the problem.... Cancer is an industry, a multi-million dollar industry which doesn't want to give any credence to options which threaten surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.”
In 1973, Dr Dean Burke, head of the cytochemistry section of the National Cancer Institute in the USA, issued an open letter to his own boss, Frank Rauscher, Director of the NCI, charging that virtually ALL conventional anti-cancer drugs
- 134 -
in the institute’s own studies had been found to CAUSE secondary cancer. “The Food and Drug Administration approved anti-cancer drugs, are toxic, immune oppressive and carcinogenic” he wrote. A blanket of silence fell over the American media. The most important news story of our time was squashed.
An eminent Australian doctor told this writer personally that the chemotherapy drug DTIC, which has been pulled off the market in the USA because of its disastrous effects, is still being off-loaded in third world countries AND IN AUSTRALIA.
The US Food and Drug Administration had to ban the use of Estrogen for fattening cattle because it caused cancer in them. Too dangerous to have that in the food chain; however, five times that amount of Estrogen is used in certain contraceptive pills. Small wonder that so many surprisingly young women are going down with breast cancer. It seems we worry more about our cattle than our woman. It is frightening to note the increase of women’s cancer since the advent of the pill.
Next time an appeal is made for money for cancer ‘research’, think twice about the Rockefeller-Carnegie created tax-exempt foundation for cancer research which, with government grants, bequests and charity appeals and functions, already gains more than ten billion dollars a year. For fifty years we have been told “Thank you for your generous donations which have helped us move a little closer towards a cure for this dreaded disease.” And we and the Government are regularly advised that “We are on the verge of a break-through in the cure of cancer.” Big bucks, big business, big barbarity.

- 135 -
Recently, a television documentary was screened dealing with varying opinions held by scholars and ‘experts’ regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls. One scholar proposed that the scrolls were written some time before Jesus' physical birth, which suggests that Jesus was a latter day phoney. Another proposed that, because the scrolls mention the control of Judea by foreign invaders, meaning the Romans, the scrolls were written during or after Jesus’ ministry.
Because these scrolls constantly refer to a nameless ‘Lord of Righteousness’ it is assumed that the reference is to Jesus; and because ‘the liar’ referred to closely parallels Paul of Tarsus, they suggest that Paul was not telling the truth about Jesus of Nazareth.
During Jesus’ time, rumours that the Messiah had appeared were spreading throughout the Jewish people, and many persons, spiritual and otherwise, were quick to cast themselves in the role of Messiah. Just as some people today, after certain psychic or religious experiences, begin to believe that they are Jesus reincarnated. Most, if not all, psychiatrists are aware of that phenomenon.
The ‘Lord of righteousness’ was just such a person and he set himself up as the ‘real’ Messiah. He was a zealot, promulgating the liberation of the Jews by violent means, a popular idea among many Jewish people at that time; particularly the young. This attitude is still prevalent in modern Israel. Naturally, he had his followers. His name was Menahem or Manahem and he was assassinated by a rival ‘Messianic’ group in about 60 to 70 AD. He was murdered in a cave outside of Damascus.
- 136 -
‘The Liar’ does indeed refer to Paul; particularly as he spoke of Jesus, the true Messiah. Now, whatever Paul may have done by systematising the teachings and establishing an organisational religion, he was no liar. He was a very passionate man in his beliefs of what is right and wrong. At one time he did hold some zealot beliefs, but rejected them for harmlessness after his spiritual experience on the road to Damascus. His main concern was to keep Christianity alive in a hostile world. Not an easy task.
The scholastic suggestion that Jesus was a zealot, based on the false premise that the ‘Lord of Righteousness’ must in fact be Jesus, stems from the supposition that the Dead Sea Scrolls are entirely true, and the Gospels as we know them are entirely false. Truth is not based on suppositions.
Where does this information come from? For those familiar with Universal mind, no explanations are necessary. For those who are not, none can be given. The truly wise will see all of these arguments as concepts about reality, and not reality itself.

One of the great truths from which we can benefit is that by clinging to the false ego of name, body, occupation - or any other mask/persona we adopt - instead of the real Self, which is an eternally valid part of God manifesting in the physical realm, we create suffering for ourselves. We cling to an illusion.
Now, the challenge is “How do we realise our inseparability from the Source? How do we make direct, personal union
- 137 -
with God?” We do this by turning within. If we seek first the kingdom of God which is within us, all else is added to us. Gift upon gift.
Well, that’s great, but what is it we are seeking? And what is the ‘Kingdom of God within’ anyway? This is what it is: It is perfect Wisdom, perfect Love, perfect Peace and perfect Power, and they are not ‘given’ to you in a sudden flash of enlightenment, but are grown and developed within; watered by your longing and fertilised by your practice.
That which we call ‘God’ has always been within, about and throughout us, and it is typical of Man’s outer search for God, by doing rather than by being, that he tries to ‘find’ God. How can you find what was never lost?
One way of growing and developing Peace and thereby getting rid of the false ego's suffering is to ‘centre’ as the Buddha calls it, or ‘rest in God’ as St John of the Cross puts it. The next time someone is talking ‘at’ you, complaining, nagging or criticising, focus your mind on the sensation of your breathing. The warmth or coolness of your breath as it appears to you at the tip of your nostrils. Or focus on the rise and fall of your lungs as you breathe. You can practice this as you walk down the street, observing everything but not letting your mind comment on what you observe. By doing this, you train yourself to rest in the present moment, and your mind, being centred, will not search desperately for a verbal response to defend, explain, excuse or counter-attack your detractor. You will hear every word, but you will discover that you do not have to allow it to affect you, nor does your peace of mind depend on others' behaviour but on the way you respond to their behaviour. Once you have learned to rest in your own Godliness you are invulnerable. From that centred position you will begin to comprehend that people behave badly, not because of their true nature, but because of their own unhappiness. They are acting out of their own insecurities and fears into which they have been conditioned from childhood. They are attempting to live up to the false images they have of themselves and the false images that they feel they must present to others.
- 138 -
Instead of responding with anger and hurt, you will learn to feel a genuine compassion for them. Whenever we step outside of our inner Self we fall straight into powerlessness.
Do not mistake the mask for the real person, and do not look outside yourself for happiness. Everything outside you is a reflection of your inner feelings. If you find happiness within yourself, it will reflect in your environment.

- 139 -
Ideally, when we give birth to our children we take loving responsibility to teach, guide, sustain, shelter, protect and love them. It is our responsibility to teach and guide them not only physically and mentally, but also spiritually. The best possible way of guiding a small child spiritually is to teach him/her a simple prayer: “Heavenly Mother-Father God, please fill me with light and love.” Then ask your child to wait in silence for one minute.
When we ask for spiritual bread, as in this prayer, we definitely receive. Knock on this door and it quickly opens. Ask for material bread, (wealth, loving relationships, health and success) and you deny the Spirit within you to bring about these things yourself. You deny your birthright and inheritance. The ability to create your own reality. Not anybody else’s, but your own; according to your innermost beliefs and expectations and by using the great creative energy of your feelings and emotions. Failure to recognise the creative power within you is failure to recognise that which man calls ‘God’.
In the beginning it is very difficult to accept that nothing ‘happens’ to us by accident and that there are no chance meetings in our life. There is no such thing as good or bad luck. If there were, we would be living in a chaotic universe, and our quantum physicists are discovering how mathematically precise it really is. Even in its spontaneity.
When you come across a virtual stranger who is unaccountably rude to you, consider what area of your own behaviour, perhaps within your own family, that this is reflecting. All things that happen to us or about us are a part of our own life’s learnings. Even the war in Bosnia is a
- 140 -
reflection of our collective minds. It is a reflection of fear. What fear? Do we in Australia spend billions of dollars on a DEFENCE budget? Which path do we follow? Fear or love? That is the bottom line of all problems. Which path?
Even if your teenage child is experimenting with drugs, you should ask yourself why this is manifesting in YOUR life. Be aware that growing people must experiment with their physicality. Exploring their strength, their sexuality and, in the dangerous case of drugs, chemically expanding their consciousness. Know that, in the physical realm, heavy drug taking is extremely dangerous, but in reality, nothing can ever destroy life.
Instead of attacking your children, tell them your fears, that you need reassurance that you have taught, guided and loved them enough that they will have the physical, mental and spiritual strength to touch and let go. The strong can do this, the weak will get hooked. Ask them for the reassurance that they are strong enough to face the realities of their personal world without seeking escape into the hallucinatory world. You are the one who is suffering. You ask them for help. Learn that you must let go and allow them to follow their own life's learnings. Instead of focusing your mind on your fears, sit quietly and mentally send them your unconditional love and protection. Which path do you follow?

The tragedy of Buddhism and of Christianity is that we have turned their founders into Gods. Despite the Buddha's warnings against dogma, rites and rituals and despite his
- 141 -
teaching that the Source of all life, energy and consciousness is beyond form and concept, the Buddhists light incense, bow before his statue and pray for his intercession in their affairs.
Christians claim that Yeshua bar Yosef (Jesus) is God and that Miriam (Mary) is the mother of God. On the one hand we are told that Jesus is the only son of God, yet we are told that God, speaking to Job, said that when He made the stars to dance “ALL the children of God shouted with joy.” All of them.
Jesus of Nazareth made a very clear distinction between himself and God. “Not my will, but Thine” and “Heavenly Father, glorify me with thine own Self, with the glory that I had with Thee, before the world was.” Nevertheless, he knew that there is no separation when he tried to explain “I am in the Father, you are in me and I am in thee”. He also taught that at the day of at-one-ment we would know this for ourselves. Nevertheless, he did not mistake the part for the whole. Of components, God is the co-ordination.
When we metamorphosis God; that is, when we reduce God to a single male-form, we are really creating God in OUR OWN IMAGE. The path of Man’s spiritual journey is littered with the discarded images of our gods. Some Christians have virtually turned Mary into a goddess. They light candles, kneel before her statue and pray for her intercession in their affairs.
It is well known to theologists that Mary had other children besides Jesus, but in the 4th Century the Patriarch of Constantinople, John Chrysostom, tried to proclaim Mary to be ‘perpetually virgin’. He was not helped by his friend Syrus suggesting that she was impregnated auricularly - via the ear - into the womb. This gives us some understanding of the ignorance of the church at that time. Happily, the proposal was rejected. Amazingly, the proposal was accepted some three hundred years later; which gives us further insight into the establishment’s mind at that time. In 431 A.D. the Council of Ephesus declared her ‘deipara’
- 142 -
mother of God. In 1546 the Council of Trent declared her ‘Free of all sin’ making way for Pius XI in the 19th Century to promote the ‘Immaculate Conception’ as an article of faith.
In 1958 the Mariological Congress in Lourdes tried, unsuccessfully, to promote Mary as the ‘Causa Efficiens’, the agent of redemption; which rather usurps Jesus or, at least, places her on equal footing with him. However, despite the opposition of the 2nd Vatican Council in 1964, Pope Paul VI declared Mary ‘Mater Ecclesia’, Mother of the Church which put her back up there with Jesus. Well, seeing that the Popes became infallible in 1870, it is foolish to argue. So much for ecumenism. One does wonder though, what all this has to do with loving God and loving your brothers and sisters as yourself.
Krishnamurti was right. Disciples do indeed kill their own masters.

Dear Mum, please help me to love myself. Don't spoil me. I know quite well that I shouldn't have all that I ask for, I’m only testing you - but please give me the discipline I need! I need my sense of dignity, so please don't belittle me in front of people. I'll take more notice if you talk to me with as much respect as you give to your best grown up friends.
Don't ridicule me or imply that my inappropriate behaviour means that I am bad. It erodes my sense of worthiness. Don't be too upset when sometimes I say "I hate you‟. It isn't you I hate but your power over me. Please be patient with
- 143 -
me, I may be a late bloomer. When you have a bad day, please don’t take your frustration's out on me. Please don't shout or nag. If you do I shall have to protect myself by appearing to be deaf.
Please help me feel good about myself by telling me of the good things about myself more often than you tell me of the things you don't like. Don't bribe me or make rash promises. Remember that I feel badly let down when promises are broken. The more you give me the safety to expose my true feelings, the more of my inner beauty I will risk showing.
Don't be inconsistent. That completely confuses me and makes me lose faith in you. Don't tell me my fears are silly. They are terribly real and you can do much to reassure me if you try to understand. Don't ever think it is beneath your dignity to apologise to me. An honest apology makes me feel surprisingly warm towards you.
Please praise and acknowledge me for who I am and not for the things I do, for then I will grow up without the stress of comparing and competing. Please keep reminding me that I am basically good and capable and worthwhile, so I can grow up loving and accepting myself.
Don't forget that I can't thrive without a lot of love and understanding... but I don't need to tell you, do I?
P.S. I love you, and I don’t expect you to be perfect either! (Author anonymous)
A copy of this memo was given to the present writer at the end of one of his morning meditation classes. Of course it is equally pertinent to Dear Dad as it is to Dear Mum; perhaps more so. It so simply and honestly expresses the deep human yearning to be loved and respected, and acknowledged as a free and sensitive individual - not a slave, that it could also be addressed to Dear Husband or Dear Wife. So many marriages and close relationships could be sustained happily if we were to ask ourselves nightly:
- 144 -
"Did I make my loved one feel good about him/herself today?” To change another person’s behaviour you must first alter your own attitudes. All you encounter is a reflection of mind.

There are many atheists who love god actively and passionately but do not know that they are doing so. There are many people who claim they love God but do not do so as well as such atheists.
As all forms, energy and consciousness emanate from the Source of All that which Man calls ‘God’, then to love any of God's creation is to love God; at least in part. So those dear atheists who care for the earth, protest against the violation of the planet by our mindless pouring of wastes and toxins into the rivers, lakes, oceans, atmosphere and soil, are truly loving god more, much more, than those who pay lip-service worship to their image of god, and do nothing in spirit.
There are others who care for god in other aspects. Like those good souls who actively speak out and protest against the killing of animals for their fur, and using animals for painful and sickening medical experiments for man's ‘benefit’. What does it profit a man in reality? Many ‘God-fearing’ persons justify such abominations, even make them out to be virtuous. Love of one aspect of God can never justify the destruction of another.
We even justify war. War is the most anti-Christian of all our activities. A ‘holy’ war, a war to end wars, a ‘just war’; all these are terms we use to justify such ignorance. We put
- 145 -
nationality before Godliness. Love of country before love of God. We pray for victory over our brothers and sisters, and we dare to call on god to assist us. “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.” “Put your trust in god, but keep your powder dry.” In the middle of a world war, at Christmas time we pray for “Peace on earth and Goodwill to all men”. It’s like “you do it God, we‟re too busy killing each other”.
NOW is the time for god-loving Christians to actively and vocally campaign for peace; not after we have gone to war again. What we are saying is “put your trust in God, but pour billions of dollars into defence”. Can you imagine the church actually leading a Champaign for a neutral Australia? Can you imagine the church DOING something to bring about peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. Of course not. the mind boggles. Well, the quakers do, but the rest of ‘God's Ministers’ and the church? No way, Joese! It is so sad that the church has never thrown its might into peace. Of course, it does pray for it. But that‟s about all. There are many priests, ministers and nun‟s who would welcome an active church stand on neutrality. What is stopping them?
If we want to change the world we live in, we have to start with ourselves. It is no good our criticising other ‘war-mongerers’ if we ourselves have not the faith in God to become neutral. Imagine using the money we pour into defence for our children’s benefit and not for their destruction. Indeed, we are not islands, entire of ourselves, but eternally valid aspects of the Whole, the Oneness, the That which we call "God‟.
Peace and neutrality are not matters of politics, but Christian ethics. They are not the responsibilities of governments, but of our churches and all who follow them. We can't leave it all to the atheists.

- 146 -
The great teaching consciousness of the omniverse, the Krishna consciousness, Christ consciousness or Buddha mind (use your own label), took the form of a Jew, Yeshua bar Yosef, in a tribal society which believed in a destructive, vengeful God which feared death as a permanent state. This great Messianic teacher is know in English as Jesus.. He did not come to change the universal laws of creation, the natural laws, but to change the unnatural laws of man which had so separated Man from God.
Except for the mystics, man, after about three hundred years, reverted to the old concept of God being separate from creation and become once again an observer dispensing rewards and punishments for mankind’s actions. One mystic, St John of the Cross, a Spaniard of the 16th Century, turned within in meditation and eventually achieved union with God. He describes that enlightenment thus:
“The understanding of the ego is now the understanding of God; and its will is the will of God; and its memory is the memory of God; and its delight is the delight of God; and the substance of the person, although it is not the substance of God, for into this it cannot be changed, is nevertheless united in God, and absorbed in God, and is thus God by participation in God”.
The Buddhist monk, Hakuin, describes enlightenment using different labels:
“When the gate opens, cause and effect are one. This very place the Lotus Paradise, this very body the Buddha.”

- 147 -
Enlightenment is a direct, personal experience, not a concept nor an acquired flash of knowledge. Even in enlightenment there is delusion. The delusion being the personal interpretation of the experience which has been conditioned by one’s own religious or spiritual beliefs. One cannot know ‘God’, only experience it. Nor is that experience a permanent condition, though it is very hard not to cling to it. In Zen we are told to “Take one more step from the top of the hundred-foot bamboo”. That step brings you right back to earth. When ordinary mind becomes Buddha-mind, nothing has been added to it. When Buddha-mind becomes ordinary mind nothing has been detracted from it. To cling to union or enlightenment is to hold it as an ultimate goal, a state of static perfection in which there is no further room for growth, experience and development. No such state exists. Enlightenment is not the goal of life, it is the way to live it.
Father Thomas Merton, not necessarily in Union with the God within himself, but certainly aware of that creative life force within nature writes:
“There is not a flower that opens, not a seed that falls to the ground, and not an ear of wheat that nods on the end of its stalk in the wind that does not preach and proclaim the existence of God to the whole world. Often we refuse to hear the million different voices through which He speaks to us, and our refusal hardens us against His grace, and yet He continues to speak to us; and we say He is without mercy.”
The only problem here is that Fr. Thomas Merton metamorphosises God by calling it ‘He’. That which he calls God is beyond all form. Much more than the sum of all its part. It can be experienced, but cannot be defined.

- 148 -
The writer of this article received a letter from a deeply religious woman whose son had cursed God ‘in no uncertain terms’, while she trembled with fear at the imagined consequences of such blasphemy. She wrote that she found it difficult to let go of a vengeful God issuing rewards and punishments for our deeds, and was trying to adjust to the idea that ‘God’ is totally loving and totally forgiving.
One cannot help smiling at the thought of the son cursing God, for that is really an affirmation of one’s belief in the existence of God. In truth, what he was cursing was the concept of God that his religious conditioning had taught him. To curse the Source of all life, energy and consciousness is as foolish as cursing your own heartbeat and your very breath. To curse God is to curse the creative, living energy within all things. A seed, a plant, a fish, a fowl, an animal. To curse God is to curse the movement of the stars and planets, the orbits of the earth around the sun, the moon around the earth, the rising and the falling of the tide, the beginning and the ceasing of the wind. To curse God is to curse the vibrant, living energy within an atom, or within the seemingly inanimate rocks which are made up of such atoms. Indeed, there is life and consciousness in more than just the animate of the physical plane.
Even if we were to accept the concept of God that we have made in our own image, a male figure with a long-flowing white beard (thank you, Michelangelo) living somewhere up in the clouds surrounded by harp-plucking angels, how is it that we can forgive our children time and time again for their cursing against us,"I hate you, I hate you‟, yet we fear that God may not be as loving as ourselves? Does that not speak volumes about the concepts we have of God?
It is time that we, being the real Temple of God, became true witnesses, by example, of the Spirit of God within us, and began to love our brothers and sisters as ourselves; in
- 149 -
business, law, government, politics and religions as well as in the home and on the street.
To attack the ignorance of Buddhism and Christianity as it is taught at today’s level of degeneration is not to attack the Buddhists and the Christians, nor is deploring religion’s conversion of both the Buddha and Jesus into gods in any way denigrating one whit of their teachings. Both were enlightened, God-realised men. Lights to the world, but men nevertheless.
Religion tells us that God dwells in a place called ‘heaven’, yet Jesus is supposed to have said that the spirit of God dwells within ourselves. Religion tells us that God is love, but damns us ‘sinners’ to eternal suffering. Would you do that to your children? Religion tells us that we are born in sin yet Jesus, quoting God’s words to Asaph repeats, “I said you are Gods” and himself is supposed to have said “Know you not that YOU are the temple of God?” Religion has us praying together in a building which we call a ‘church’, yet Jesus is supposed to have warned us “not to be like the hypocrites who pray in public places”.
Religion places a huge barrier of separation between Man and God, yet Jesus is quoted as saying, “I am in the Father, you are in me and I am in thee.” Now, who do you believe? Jesus or religion?

The bottom line of every challenge we face is “which path shall we choose, fear or love and trust?” Do we make the
- 150 -
very natural mistake of fearing evil or loving and trusting good?
Recently, at a State High School, the students were learning to meditate. Parents were allowed to take part. When the meditation began, two women began quite overtly praying. Later they explained that meditation is evil, and that if the children still their minds the ‘devil’ can get in and take over. In essence, these women’s fear of the devil was greater than their love and trust of God. Yet, as their belief creates their own reality, it would be foolish of them to meditate until they had overcome their fear. Remember, if your beliefs were no greater than a mustard seed nothing would be impossible to you. Not even conjuring up ‘devils’ as individual and collective thought forms.
As for meditation being evil, “Nothing of itself is evil, but if you believe a thing to be evil, that thing becomes evil” (Jesus of Nazareth as quoted by Paul). Eventually we will all come to realise that all the joys and all the terrors of this physical world are created by Man. No gods or devils inflict them upon us. The physicists like Fritjof Carpra, author of ‘The Tao of Physics’, are just realising that “patterns of matter that we see in physics are reflections of mind”. The mystics have known that for thousands of years, yet we still see without perceiving and hear without understanding; which is why Jesus said he would have to speak the truth in parables.
It just does not occur to those who put their concept of God outside of self and all other creation, that we ourselves create or attract our own experiences; physically and psychically. Murder, famine, war violence, gods, ghosts and demons. They all begin as thoughts objectified and made potent by our emotions. “You cannot observe a thing without that thing being altered by the observer.”(The Uncertainty Principle of quantum physics) Devil worshippers objectify their own thought forms and the thought form of a demon is given great potency by the way the worshippers respond emotionally. The ‘devil’ does, indeed, have a psychic reality, but it is man-made.
- 151 -
Wherever there is poltergeist activity you will find in almost all such cases an unhappy, angry teenager or child unconsciously creating the phenomenon. In rare cases the child may be doing it consciously.
So, it would be foolish to contest the beliefs of the women who feared the ‘evil’ of meditation and the devils ‘power’. That is their truth. It may not be skillful truth but it is theirs nevertheless. It might help to wonder what Jesus was doing for forty days and nights alone in the wilderness, if not in union with God through meditation. It should also be remembered that Jesus himself taught creative meditation. These days some call it creative ‘visualisation’ in order to circumvent the dark age fears of meditation.
Here is the teaching... “If you pray with the very real conviction that you have a thing already, IT WILL BE YOURS.” And again, “Whatsoever ye desire, if you BELIEVE that you possess it already, it will be yours.”
“All phenomena are originally in the mind, and really have no outward form, therefore, as there is no form, it is an error to think that anything is there.” (Ashvaghosha, C.80 AD)

Most of us find it difficult to say “No” and then find we can’t live with our yesses. Each of us should ask our self, if we truly have the courage and self-respect to avoid, or walk away from, people and situations that we do not like. If not, why not? What is it we fear? What others may think of you? Whatever image you have of yourself, if you are miserable,
- 152 -
is false. It is hard enough to live up to the false image you have of yourself, let alone the false images others have of you.
The bottom line of every problem you face, or will ever face, is “which path shall I choose, fear or faith?” Faith in yourself and the God within you. Courage is not the absence of fear but the mastery of it. After all, fear requires imagination. It begins when you focus your mind on the last thing you want to have happen. That requires imagination. The dreaded ‘what if....’ syndrome.
Everybody wants to go to heaven - but nobody wants to die. We all want to be happy but are too frightened to walk away from our misery. The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. That step takes courage, the rest unfolds according to your fear or faith.
“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”(Goethe)
It is perfectly natural to have healthy fears such as drinking arsenic, jumping off speeding trains, or having sex with gorillas. You know such things are dangerous and you choose not to do them. These same fears become unhealthy when you begin to fear that they MIGHT happen to you. The ‘what if’ syndrome once again.
When we are not being in the present moment and are living in the past through memories, or in the future through anticipations, we might as well make them happy ones. We do have a choice. You get what you concentrate on. Through meditation you can become consciously aware of where you are placing the focus of your mind. Just as a good athlete trains to gain mastery of his body, so must we train to gain mastery of our mind; and thereby our thoughts, imagination and emotions. It is through the focus of our thoughts that we attract our experience.
“The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” (Marcus Aurelius)
- 153 -
Most of us would look at that statement and see it as some sort of philosophy, not realising that it is a profoundly practical comment. Once again we see without perceiving and hear without understanding. There are no permanent conditions except change. All things are in a state of flux. Do not cling to a past event, or a present situation, as a permanent condition which causes you pleasure or pain. Such clinging results in suffering. Do not put the authority for your own happiness, or suffering for that matter outside of your own mind. Dare to move on.

The oceans of the world are becoming severely polluted by organochlorins (OCs), one of the most deadly groups of chemicals on earth. These deadly chemicals are the result of everyday industrial processes and household products such as PVCs, HCFCs, solvents (like paint strippers) and chlorinated pesticides and bleaches. These highly toxic chemicals are dumped into the ocean as illegal waste, or ‘legally’ pumped out to sea through the sewerage system.
When disposed of, few of these chemicals break down, many last hundreds of years and some become more toxic with age. If we allow this pollution to continue, the whale and dolphin populations could become extinct in every ocean of the world, and the fishing industry could become obsolete. It would be too dangerous for humans to consume seafood.
In America and Europe, laws have been passed to reduce these toxic emissions. In many countries, plans are in place to ban them altogether by 2000. Industry monitoring of
- 154 -
emissions is also rigorously and strictly upheld. By comparison, Australia has done nothing to cut back organochlorin emissions. Further, huge chemical companies like ICI, though they comply with strict American regulations, avoid those same responsibilities in Australia - and our government lets them get away with it! The all-powerful petro-chemical industry dictates to most governments throughout the world. It is amazing that a Labour Government could care so very little about the welfare of ordinary Australians.
Time is running out for our sea life. With every passing year the oceans become more and more polluted, and this pollution cannot be undone. In recent years thousands of dolphins have died en-mass. Already a dozen whales and dolphins have washed up on our own shores, dead from poisoning.
Greenpeace is not only campaigning for a ban on these emissions, but is going right to the cause, the petro-chemical industry itself, and calling for a complete ban on the manufacturing of organochlorins by 2000. Already our researchers and scientists are working to develop alternative solutions to OC’s. Greenpeace is promoting these alternatives to both industry and government.
In February 1994 Greenpeace blockaded the Geon PVC plant in Altona, Victoria and called for a ban on all chlorinated chemicals in Australia.
We should not sit idly by with our fingers crossed, hoping that Greenpeace will succeed. This is our planet also, and we do have a responsibility to demand that our technology is not used for the destruction of the planet, but for its, and all its inhabitants, benefit.
If you really want to save the planet for your children, send a postcard to Senator John Faulkner, Minister for the Environment, Parliament House, Canberra 2600. Just write “Save our Ocean. Ban OCs!” Meanwhile, send what you can afford, even if it’s only a dollar, to Greenpeace Australia, 213
- 155 -
Currie Street, Adelaide 5000. You have been given dominion over the physical plane and all its creatures, not the dominion of a dictator, but that of a loving guardian. For your spiritual development, stand up and be counted.

Every now and again the many people who attend the mind-power and self-healing classes here on the Sunshine Coast are asked to see if they can get through one whole week without verbally criticising other persons to their faces or behind their backs. One good and honest friend said she ‘didn’t even make it to the door.’ Of course, it is one thing to control our tongues and quite another to control our thoughts. Still, it is well worth the effort in order to gain awareness of what patterns of negative thought we habitually slip into. How frequently we criticise others and our own selves.
Too often we feel unworthy and fear rejection; that we will not succeed in our endeavours. You may be surprised to learn that worrying is a form of atheism. Our fears prevent us from making any moves. Good children do not ask, but then, good children never get. Never be afraid to ask. If you are told ‘no’ you will be precisely where you were before you asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Rejection is not failure, nor is it a permanent condition; unless you choose to believe it is. A wise man learns to avoid that which causes dissatisfaction, not that which might cause it.
When you yourself are in a position to say yes or no to others, be aware of your own attitudes. Many parents say no
- 156 -
to their children out of habit, a conditioned response. Sometimes for other reasons.
“Why?” asks the child.
“Because I said so!” replies the parent.
That is the way slaves were spoken to. Having respect for the young does not mean giving up discipline. Observe nature and see how a lioness will cuff her cubs in order to train them. A child needs a cuff also, in order to learn the parameters of social behaviour. Beating a child is another matter altogether. It is a good thing to allow children their spontaneity, but not at the expense of others.
Moderate use of the cane, in the schoolroom, and in the sense of cuffing a child as opposed to beating a child, would go far in limiting the boundaries of socially unacceptable behaviour. Social graces, on the other hand, should be taught at home; though many adults lack these graces themselves. Two generations ago it was important that a young man or woman should display good breeding. A man would give up his seat for anyone older or weaker than himself. Healthy young women would do the same. A man would open the door and stand back to allow an older person or a woman to enter or exit before him. It’s a strong man’s courtesy, and it was beautiful to behold. Nowadays he could be arrested for sexual harassment. Lao Tzu said, “The wise leader does not interfere with the lives of the people.” What a tragedy that our government has not learned this. It intrudes upon the raising of our children. It is illegal to physically discipline a child. A smack can be construed as child abuse; at home or in school. Verbal abuse of parents and teachers is intolerable.
The right to receive a free education should not apply to those who disrupt the class. They should be sent home until they are ready to behave with consideration and respect for their classmates and teachers. Put the onus for good or bad behaviour back on the individual. There is no point in learning good English if you cannot use it harmlessly.

- 157 -
The Tasmanian Government is finding out the hard way that Lao Tzu’s warning, “The wise leader does not interfere with the lives of the people” has to be taken very seriously.
Tasmanian State leaders have made sex between consenting adults of the same sex, even though in the privacy of their own homes, a criminal offence. How can an act of love between gays possibly cause harm to the people or the State? If you believe it is an offence against ‘God’, leave it to God. Do not judge! As long as a person does not deliberately violate another physically or psychologically, St Augustine’s injunction, “Love, and do as you will” applies.
Those who condemn or debase the love between homosexuals will have to learn the Spiritual Law “Love your neighbours as YOURSELF” is not a teaching about morality but of reality. Therefore, Judge not. For you are judging another aspect of your own totality in God. If you pour your condemnation and disgust out on these, our brothers and sisters, you will, indeed, find yourself in another life on the receiving end of your own venom. You are never punished for your judgements but by them, for you do it to YOURSELF.
When you realise that all Beings are inseparable from what mankind calls ‘God’, you will choose to spend another life as one of those you hate and curse in this current experience; whether they be ‘gays,’ ‘ slant-eyes’, ‘wogs’ or what-have-you; until you learn to love them. As you will experience being one of them, it should not be too difficult. In spite of the venom. The lessons have to be learned thoroughly. Not through intellectual understanding, but through direct, personal experience. There is no other way. Hopefully, you
- 158 -
will learn that homosexuality is only a sexual preference and is NOT WHAT YOU ARE. It is a mere facet of your multi-dimensional Self. To build your life-style around your sexuality is to adopt a pitifully limiting self-image. The same applies to the heterosexual ‘ocker’ or ‘redneck’ who feels he has to be macho at all times.
Unfortunately, the gay community is not always kind to itself. The Mardi-gras is at times a debasement of love. What a person does in private is personal, in public it is everyone’s business. Gays do not enjoy being ridiculed, yet they do not hesitate to ridicule nuns in their public ‘drag’. Whilst many feel an empathy for any individual or group which is abused and persecuted by the majority, it is hard to sustain when the minority show so little respect for themselves.
Let us have the Spiritual wisdom to accept all Beings as sacred and worthy of respect. Above all, learn to respect yourselves. Meanwhile, you do not have to love everyone, but you can always be kind.

Before the beginnings of earthy history, the children of God, or spirit-gods that you are, took part in the co-creations of the physical plane but made very sure that the materialisation was made totally subject to the thoughts and feelings of the immortal man-gods who occupy it. Humans, as we think of ourselves in the physical plane, are man-gods with absolute dominion over this mortal realm. What we think, accept and allow ourselves to feel becomes our reality. It is one of the great gifts of God.
- 159 -
When humankind became engrossed in its own creations it began to lose its memory of the Source of all life, energy and consciousness. Fear started to insinuate itself into man’s consciousness and what he then encountered was, as always, the physical reflection of his own mind. Superstition usurped man’s knowing as fear usurped man’s trust.
When man-god created fear, he created violence, disease, war and suffering. “All the plagues that flesh is heir to.” They were never inflicted upon man, they were his own emotions being manifested. Man’s belief in evil created evil. “If your belief is no greater than a mustard seed, nothing is impossible to you” That is why pointing the bone works, why placebos work and why repeated suggestions (“Two out of three Queenslanders WILL get skin-cancer”) work. You don’t have to take the Christ’s word for it only, you can experience it for yourself. Know it for yourself.
When the spirit-god that you are placed a part of its consciousness into man-god embodiment it gave that embodiment the gift of gifts which comes not of itself but from the Source we call ‘God’. That gift is the ability to create reality according to one’s own belief.
When absorption into the physical illusion of his own creations became more vividly real than his remembrance of home, that is, his conscious union and understanding of his Oneness with God, he would find his consciousness at ‘death’ not in the physical plane and not in the Oneness form which he originated, but at various levels between the two; depending on the degree of separation his belief had created.
In the house or Oneness of God there are many mansions. Home to us will be where we have hung our mental hat. We will feel most at home with those who share the same limitations or development. Unless you are fully God-realised, your ‘home’ will be in any of these mansions in the all-encompassing house of that which we call ‘God’.
- 160 -
In your own time, of your own volition, you will project another embodiment into the physical plane in order to overcome the illusion that you are separate from God. It is meant to be a joyous endeavour. The closer you get to the Oneness, the greater you will challenge yourself, for you are learning to transcend every challenge (Karma) you encounter. The knowledge of how to do this is already safe within deeper levels of your own consciousness. Even the greatest of all masters can only point the way; and the way is within you.

A great deal of talk - and action - goes into women’s  lib these days and, apart from the pedantic rubbish that would have us say, ‘a policeperson just fell down a personhole’, it is to be applauded. Sadly it is only beginning to occur to us that men are also in great need of liberation.
Whatever good qualities the Australian male may have, he is, without a doubt, emotionally constipated. He is conditioned into keeping ‘a stiff upper-lip’ and brain-washed into believing that ‘Balmain boys don't cry’. Apparently, Balmain boys set the criteria for masculine behaviour.
From childhood the male is told to ‘act like a man’, which is really as absurd as asking a six year old girl to act like a woman. He is to show no weakness, no fear, no emotions and, above all, no matter how hurt or betrayed he feels, he must not cry. “Do you hear me, sissy? Stop crying!” If he does not get this from his father, who is just passing on what he has been taught, he will get it from his teachers and
- 161 -
peers. How wise we would be to say, “That’s right son, let it out. Then we’ll see what we can do about it.”
Traditionally the male is expected to play the role of provider. He has to get out there and earn the money to pay for the food, the clothes, the mortgage and the car. Now that women have liberated themselves to some extent, they can share in these burdens. In a recession there isn't that much choice.
Men are rightly accused of not making a commitment. They play the philanderer, flitting bee-like from flower to flower. Well, can you blame them these days? The liberated ladies make it so darned easy! Even girls in primary school are having sex with boys who, naturally, know nothing about responsibility and commitment in a relationship. They are learning an awful lot about sex without obligations. The questions among male youths are usually, “How many have you had?” “How many times did you do it?” and “How was she?” The latter referring not to her personality but to her sexual prowess. A Male rave notice being, “Oh man! She does it all!”
Men may be sharing the housekeeping these days, but that is in no way liberating their emotions. A man is not considered effeminate because he washes the dishes or cooks a curry. We might get a bit worried if he bakes a cake. Bread’s okay, but not cake. See the conditioning?
Let a man burst into tears and sob out his fear and distress - and watch the proverbial hit the fan. “Wow! What a weakling. How embarrassing!” On rare occasions he might release his emotions to a fellow male whom he trusts absolutely. He would probably prefer to die rather than display such emotions to a woman. He believes she expects him to be big and strong.
A male child, being spontaneous, may do so with his mother but, fearing reproof, holds back with his father. Once a male reaches puberty his attitude towards the female changes. Depending on his conditioning, and the women involved, he
- 162 -
can treat them as objects of fascination and mystery or just plain sexual objects.
Men can be taught to find happiness and fulfilment in a loving relationship with giving and caring on both sides. Women play a most important part in a man's conditioning. If a woman is so foolish as to give a man her body BEFORE asking for some emotional, or social commitment she should not be surprised and hurt by his lack of it.

In the long history of Dharma (Buddhist Teaching) there have been over forty recognised Buddhas. The man, Gautama Siddhartha, was the latest of the currently recognised Buddhas and is usually the one to whom people refer when they say “the Buddha”. A ‘Buddha’ is any Self-realised man or woman. Any one of us can become a Buddha in his lifetime.
Self-realisation is God-realisation. It unfolds as we break down the conditioned barriers of delusion that seemingly separate the created from the creator. The delusion that is conditioned by the many false doctrines that lead mankind to believe that it is somehow apart from the Source of all life, consciousness and energy. Such doctrines have led us into a feeling of sinfulness and powerlessness, and that we have to be "saved‟ by the grace or intercession of some outside agent. Realisation comes at that ‘day of at-one-ment’ wherein we experience that “I am in the Father, you are in me and I am in thee”. It is a direct, personal experience, as opposed to an intellectual concept, philosophy or belief.
- 163 -
In the East, the layperson virtually surrendered all expectation of enlightenment the moment the Brotherhood of monks (the Sangha) turned the Dharma into a religion and started to worship Gautama; even though the Buddha saw through the man-made concepts of personalised gods and taught against it.
Nowadays, in the ‘orthodox’ Theravadan tradition, the lay-Buddhist supports the Sangha so that, hopefully, one of the monks, through intense meditation and the strict observance of the two hundred and twenty-seven rules of the Sangha, will achieve Buddha-hood and help his brothers and sisters do the same. The 227 rules are little more than a reduction ad absurdum of Ahimsa (Harmlessness) in word and deed; if not in thought.
Islam, though a very violent religion, is one of the few world religions that has had the uncommon good sense not to deify its prophet/teacher. “There is only one God, and Muhammad is God's prophet.” Unfortunately Islam, like the other ‘children of the book’ personalised God with the label ‘Allah’, but happily managed to resist deifying their prophet. Buddhism and Christianity have both turned their prophet/teachers into the one God.
It should never be forgotten that the ‘holy’ books were written by men. If we were wise enough to say, “The Prophet so and so is reported to have said (by whom)....” instead of, “God said...” We might dare to question man’s distortions of the original truths.

- 164 -
As long as those ‘Christians’ who insist that God is a male, personal identity who sacrificed his biological son in order to save humanity from the folly of its sinful ways continue to separate themselves from God in such a manner, they will not make the effort to seek union with the Source of all life, consciousness and energy now, while they are in the material plane of existence and will wait for death and resurrection in ‘heaven’ with the hope that God is all-forgiving. Well, in their case anyway. After all, they think, as Christians, they have a monopoly on God.
If they believe that Jesus died for their sins 2000 years ago, then surely, in the knowledge of the atrocities of Nazi Germany, Stalin's Russia and Pol Pot's Cambodia, to say nothing of atomic bombs, the sacrifice has been in vain. If God's purpose was to sacrifice the Lord Jesus for our ‘redemption’ He must have been appalled by the atrocities of the ‘Christian’ church with its torture and burning of heretics, ‘witches’ and non-believers. Some redemption!
Jesus' death on the cross fulfilled the Messianic prophecy (which was all-important) and showed, by example, the transfiguration and immortality of Man. “I come to bring you eternal life. And life in abundance.”
Man is born sinless and in a state of grace. Unless of course you believe that Mankind is not the Temple of God, and that Jesus lied when he taught that the Spirit of God dwells within us. In the light of that understanding we are truly man-gods, for Man can never be separated from God, nor God from Man. Man can, and does, deny God, but God can never deny Man for it knows Man as an aspect of its own Divinity.
Divine love is non-judgemental. Divine love knows no duality, no right or wrong, no good or evil. Just Being. God is the ‘isness’ of all creation, the oneness of all consciousness. It can never be defined, other than to say it is "All That Is‟ and is more than the sum of all its parts. To
- 165 -
say that God is ‘love’ is to separate God from all other emotions like anger, hatred and fear. Only we think in terms of Good and Evil. The Source of All knows that not one aspect of itself can be corrupted or destroyed in Truth. Death is the great, man-made illusion.
The Source of All may never be known in its entirety, but it can, and must, be experienced in all levels of Being. To reduce God to the physical level of male-personality as we know it on this small grain of sand called Earth is like a frog trying to conceive the great ocean from the standards of its life's experience in a well.
That which we call ‘God’ is not the Alpha and the Omega. God is eternal; and eternity knows no beginnings and no endings. When we think of birth as a beginning, and death as an ending, we are in delusion.

In the Buddhist Monastery two young Western novices approached the present writer who was then a monk known formally as Jayamangalo, but amongst friends, ‘Tan Jai’.
“Tan Jai,” said one of them, “may we ask you a personal question? Well, very personal, really.”
“You may ask, sure, but I may not answer. What is it?”
“Do you, at your age...” (Tan Jai suddenly felt older than the earth)... “Do you still get randy?”
Looking them straight in the eye, Tan Jai replied, “Yes!” There was a groan from the novices and you could almost
- 166 -
hear their hearts drop down into their sandals. “Oh! How are we going to get through it?”
Novices, like the monks, take vows of chastity. Absolutely no form of sexual indulgence is permitted. A monk may not make any physical contact with a woman.
“Do you know the Buddha’s teaching on Tanha?” asked Tan Jai.
“Yes. It means ‘clinging’. Clinging is supposed to cause suffering.”
“Right. I’ll tell you how it works. When you are sitting in meditation, or simply walking through the forest, and the thought arises of a sexy-looking girl, you can cling to that thought and suffer, or you can let the thought go and stop suffering. There is nothing wrong with having sexy thoughts. They are meant to be. They arise and they pass away, like all thoughts, whether they be of desire or regret. If you can do nothing about the situation, hanging on to the thought is self-torture. So what must we do?”
“Change the focus,” they said together gloomily.
The same applies to going without cigarettes. When a born-again non-smoker has that first cup of coffee in the morning, the thought of how great it would be to drag on a fag arises, and he begins to focus his mind on the feel of that smoke going down into his lungs. Well, he can stay with that focus and torture himself, or he can focus on another thought, get up and do something, even if it’s to simply look out the window, and let go of the desire. It helps if you are determined that you will not allow your body to dictate to your mind. Who’s in control here, anyway?
Of course, it helps a lot if you understand meditation and know that its primary purpose is to gain ‘sati’; awareness of where you put the focus of your mind at all times. Unless you are experiencing physical pain at this precise moment, any suffering you are undergoing pertains to memories of
- 167 -
the past and anticipations of the future. Both are states of mind. Depending on the thoughts, they can be pleasant or painful. It’s your choice isn’t it?
It is interesting to note how much effort we put into keeping our bodies fit and exercised. There are many ways to train the body. It is also interesting to note what little effort is put into keeping our minds fit and exercised. There are many ways to train the mind. Meditation, turning within, is the greatest. Some of us have to pay a psychologist to tell us about our own minds. How about a little do-it-yourself?

The former pop-singer, Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam is now teaching  ‘The word of God’ or the Holy Koran, just as many Rabbis are teaching ‘the word of God’ or the Holy Torah, and as are many Christian ministers teaching ‘the word of God’ or the Holy Gospels.
Although orthodox Buddhists do not recognise any ‘god’ in the personal form of a male or female they do recognise the Buddha as an enlightened man. Though, in practice, they have turned him into a ‘God’ and refer to the Sutras as ‘Holy and Sacred Texts’. Neither Abraham, the Buddha, Jesus or Muhammad wrote a word of these ‘Holy’ books.
All of these books contain profound truths, but they also contain profound distortions of truth. Even blasphemous distortions. They contain stories of devils, demons, hungry ghosts, angels, devas and djinni. They contain threats of hell and bad karma, and promises of heaven and good karma. It’s the old carrot and the stick principle, the tooth-fairy and
- 168 -
the bogey man, all of which keeps the superstitious in check. Of course, a couple of thousand years ago superstition was rampant and such stories served a purpose.
Such teachings separate man from God, instil fear, or worse, they lead the more ignorant into forsaking the joys of this life for the promise of an eternal life of heavenliness in the future. A sort of spiritual greed which denies the very integrity of Being. Denies the Godliness already within you. Clement of Alexandria, c150-215 AD, a Father of the Christian Church had a very different understanding of the nature of Mankind: “From the Beginning you have been immortal and children of eternal life. You destroy death, and you destroy the world, without yourselves being destroyed. You are Lords of the Universe and of all that is mortal.” (all that is physical).
Immortal? Children of eternal life? “And when I made the stars to dance and ALL the Children of God shouted with joy, where were you? If you have understanding, declare it.”.... “I come to bring you eternal life, and life in abundance.”
Destroy death? Nothing dies! Death is the great man-made illusion. Illusions of ‘endings’ in eternity. A contradiction in terms. The body, being mortal, returns to earth and the Spirit (the real YOU of mind and consciousness) being immortal, returns to God - from whence you emanated.... Ready for your next adventure.
Is not a wave an aspect of the sea? There is only the illusion of separateness. Are you not an Aspect of the Source of all life, consciousness and energy; that which we call ‘God’. Reflect on the relationship between the wave and the sea and you might experience the revelation of Self. Then, what can ever harm you in Truth? Only in the separation of the false ego can you suffer from fear and the resultant sense of powerlessness.
- 169 -

Quite a few people say that they find it hard to meditate. When asked what they are trying to do when they meditate, they usually reply that they are trying to still their minds. That is not meditation. Meditation is not about keeping your mind in some sort of catatonic state. Nature loathes a vacuum.
Meditation is all about ‘sati’ - awareness. Being aware of where the focus of your mind wanders and learning to take control of that focus. The observing of your breathing in meditation is merely a device used to catch your mind change focus. Nature loathes a vacuum, and keeping the mind still is like keeping a beautiful car in the garage. It was designed for movement. The idea is to get the car onto the road and move.
Now, it is important that you, as the driver, have total control of the car and not allow the car to have total control of you. It is exactly the same with the mind. To gain control over the mind we must become aware of how it works. Look at the nature of suffering. Unless you are in physical pain at the moment, then your suffering is a state of mind known as ‘memory’ or a state of mind known as ‘anticipation’. Either you are dwelling on anger, hurt, guilt or failure - all of which exist in your mind as memory - or you are putting the focus of your mind on the last thing you want to have happen to you, or to someone you love. Anticipating the future with fear and anxiety. Focussing the mind on regrets of the past or fears of the future is one sure way of suffering.
Meditation should not be used as a psychological lobotomy by refusing to allow these emotions their existence. Above all you should use meditation to give these emotions their
- 170 -
full expression. Blocking them out of your mind is as dangerous as taking drugs to stifle your emotions. You do not get to the cause by killing the symptoms. So how do you escape the fire in your mind? By going down into the furnace. You can work through your emotions without having to confront anyone physically. You can express your hurt and anger in the privacy of your own room. Punch a pillow as you penetrate the emotion in your mind.
Once you have given expression and release to your fears and regrets you should quite consciously focus your mind on the ideal scenario instead of the worst possible scenario. For what you repeatedly sustain in the present becomes your personal experience in the future. You are, in a very real sense, putting out a psychic blueprint of the future.
Meditation is being aware of your negative feelings, expressing those feelings and creating new, positive feelings in their place. It is also very much about making contact with the Source of all life consciousness and energy.

We are not in the physical plane to be loved, but to be loving. We are not in the physical plane to be understood but to be understanding. We are in the physical plane to manifest the glory of God.
To be able to manifest consciously the glory of the Source of All That Is, we must gain the realisation that our relationship to God is like the relationship between a wave and the sea. The wave may be any shape and size, rolling, turbulent, fast or slow; and when it has expended its
- 171 -
relatively brief life on the shore it ‘returns’ to the sea. In Truth, it never left it. It is the sea and the sea is it. There is no duality. To give it any characteristic other than ‘sea’ is to give it a false ego or identification.
We are like nerve endings at the cutting edge of creation, yet there is constant communication between the nerves and the brain. The nerve endings may not be aware of the brain, but the brain is most certainly aware of the nerve endings. Think of the miracle of unspoken communication when the fingers scratch an itchy knee.
We are like tentacles to the body of an octopus, feeling our way throughout creation. We are like the periscope in its relation to the submarine, intensely focused on the visual world, but never separate from the set of its being.
In this particular physical plane, we try to define the omniverse from the brief experience we have on this grain of sand that we call ‘earth’. Just one grain of sand on the beach of infinity. “Do not speak of the great ocean to the frog in the well” say the Buddhists. No one can speak of God other than in parables. Neither Jesus nor the Buddha spoke the truth about ‘God’. They did, however, point the way. And the way to God is as personal, as unique, as varied and as individual to you as are your fingerprints. God is as intimate to you as your heartbeat and your breathing. One moment we say “this is my breath” and the next moment it returns to the atmosphere. Did it ever leave it?
The truth of the great Masters is always ad hoc. It depends on the conditioned understanding of the people according to the time and place.
God is eternal. Truth is not. The ad hoc truth that ‘what goes up must come down’ no longer exists in the space-age. It was true at one time.
So if a wave were to believe that it was born in sin, is separate from the source of its life, consciousness and energy, and that it will die at the end of its journey -
- 172 -
mindlessly unaware of its existence as a wave - then it clings to a false truth, real though it may seem, and a false ego that is conditioned to believe in duality, in separateness.
The greatest way we can manifest the glory of who and what we really are is to choose love instead of fear. Know for yourself that whatever happens, happens right. Honour the godliness of man, the earth and all its creatures. Honour all creation. There is nothing but God.

The history of Man is filled with accounts of God speaking to prophets, sages, seers and Holy men. If mankind could hear God in the past, why not now? We all have the equipment to tune into God and receive revelations, wisdom, instincts, intuitions or an overwhelming knowingness, but we don’t make the effort to listen. The wonder is that it is so simple. Try taking a few moments, maybe only a single minute, every hour of the day to turn off the transmitter of your mind and put it into reception. Make a statement of intent such as, “I wish to listen to God. Speak to me, and speak alone”, then be receptive.
So many people have golden opportunities to listen to God. Imagine! Sick people, lying in bed, tuning in to television. “Well”, we say, “It takes their mind off their illness.” Amazing! Television or God; and we chose the telly. Letting the moment slip away. Of course, it would help if we became aware of the choice.
Prisons are like up-market monasteries. Prisoners get three meals a day. Orthodox Buddhists get one every twenty four
- 173 -
hours. Prisoners sleep on beds, monks sleep on the floor. In a fairly crowded and busy monastery, one of the great joys is to finish one’s chores and slip into the solitary peacefulness of your own small room and meditate. In prison this is called ‘solitary confinement’. What an opportunity to shut-up and listen. To ‘shut-up’ is to stop the endless flow of the hundreds and hundreds of words and thoughts that flow through your head every hour.
Tune in to the present moment. Be alive and totally aware in this present moment. Keep your eyes open and be fully aware of the next five passages of breath as you experience them at the top of your nostrils and the rise and fall of your chest. Be aware without allowing one word to enter your head. Not even the words, “One...two...” etc. Then, begin to listen. If you prefer, you can do this with the eyes closed.
It is very easy to find that inner tranquillity. Some say it is difficult, but the only difficulty is your BELIEF that it is. We do create our own realities, you know.
It is easier to meditate in a group. When we meditate we produce a very slow electro-magnetic frequency known as an alpha-wave. In a group this frequency is shared and it becomes more powerful. That is when real magic can happen. If the intention of the group is to hear and feel God, the connection is made easier. This is not to say that you cannot make the connection in solitude. History tells us otherwise. Perhaps you will make the effort and nothing seems to happen. That night you will go to bed full of anxiety and fears. In the morning your problems may not be solved but you will face the day with a new-found courage. During the sleep-state when the monkey-mind had stopped its chattering, the connection was made. The more you practice, the faster it occurs. Doubt is replaced by confidence; and confidence is another word for faith.

- 174 -
It is sad to reflect on how the teachings of the Buddha have in most cases been reduced to a series of formulas which have the intellectual and emotional appeal of a shopping list. Most of the Sutras read like a child’s two times table. These sutras are considered, by fundamental Buddhists, to be both holy and sacred. Some of them contain profound truths, but most of them contain self-evident and mundane clichés with, in the translations especially, terrible distortions of truth.
When the Buddha speaks of ‘anatta’ meaning not atman, not Soul, not Self, not the real You, he speaks of the false masks of ego we wear and believe to be Self: the Body, the name, the occupation, the relation we have with others, all the roles we play. All are changeable and not permanent conditions. None of them is what we really are. Clinging to the false ego is like clinging to the wind. What you really are is permanent, immortal. Anatta is translated in English as no-Self. The non-existential belief. Descartes shot that belief down with his “Cogito, ergo sum” - I think, therefore I am.
Fundamental Buddhists believe, because they have been taught by ignorant Dhamma teachers, that the real cause of suffering is desire. Desire to have something pleasant and desire to get rid of something unpleasant. The Buddha so desired enlightenment he was prepared to die for it. You cannot wash, eat, sleep, go to the toilet or join a monastery without desire. And anyway, what is wrong with desire? The frustration or the non-fulfilment of desire may cause suffering if you permit it. The fulfilment of a desire can be very gratifying. Trying to divest yourself of all desire is not only impractical but a denial of life.
- 175 -
The Buddha’s teachings are today buried beneath boring and seemingly endless repetitions of platitudes. The best you can say of them is that they do have a great rhythm when chanted; that’s about all. Buddhist children are brought up on the Jataka stories. The myths and legends of the imagined life of the Buddha. The focus is always on the Buddha and not on his teachings.
The same applies to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In Christianity these days it seems that all the emphasis is on the personality of the historical Jesus and very little on his teachings. If his teachings have no value unless he is God, or at least His only son, was of virgin birth, and was physically resurrected, then we do not accept his truths on their own merit. It wouldn’t matter if Jesus were black, yellow or white, queer and communist. What matters is what he had to teach. Despite the blasphemy of today’s teachings - “God is punishing you for your sins. You’ll go to hell etc.” - the real teachings are still to be found, and they are very simple. Love God and love your brothers and sisters as yourself. Sadly we are taught to love our ‘Holy’ books more than God and ALL his children.

As events begin to speed up as a result of the sweeping energies of what we are calling “the new age” there is a lot of talk about stress and stress management.
First of all we have to understand that stress (worry, anxiety, fear) require us to focus our minds on the last thing on earth we want to have happen to us or to someone we love. The stress of today is the result of our past
- 176 -
conditioning. That is, the past exists in our minds as memory. The future also is a state of consciousness, for it exists in our minds as anticipation. Here's a well-known Buddhist story which illustrates the way our minds operate.....
There were two monks travelling by foot in India. They arrived at the bank of a river and were about to wade across when the younger of the two noticed a young woman on their side of the river looking quite distressed.
“What's the matter?” he asked.
“Oh, I wanted to go to the festival over there but I can see the ferryman has left his boat on the other side and gone to the festival himself. I can hardly wade across in my best sari.”
The young monk, who had taken vows that as long as he wore the robes of a Buddhist monk must make no physical contact with a woman, replied: “Hop on my back and I'll carry you across”. The girl, hiding her surprise, agreed. The elder monk nearly fainted, but kept silent. So away they went. On the other side the girl thanked them politely and went off to the festival. The monks continued their travelling in silence. After about two hours the elder monk could stand it no longer. He stopped, and turning to his companion, bellowed:
“Just what do you think you were doing?”
“What are you talking about?”
“The girl. The girl! That's what I'm talking about!”
“Oh, Venerable,” replied the young monk, “I put the girl down on the other side of the river but you're still carrying her.”
Now, where the mind goes the energy flows. If you concentrate on the ideal (winning, health, abundance) don't be surprised when that happens.
“If you would know the past, look at the present which is the result of it. If you would know the future, look also at which is the cause of it. ‘The present’ (The Buddha c. 500 BC)
Believing that an event had scarred you (or your child) for life is about the most self-destructive mind-game you can
- 177 -
play. Learn to put the girl down. You are not the victim of the past unless you cling to it.

- 178 -

When a much younger version of this writer was touring the United States as a member of an English Shakespearean company he became intrigued by two demonstrations of 'people-power' in action. The first being when the coffee industry announced a large hike in the cost of coffee. Well, The Housewives Association of America flew into action. On television, radio and newspapers these marvellous women appealed to all the housewives of America to boycott coffee until the price came down. And down it came, indeed! In those days the population must have been about 220 million, and if only one person in ten kept the boycott, the loss of profits would have been enormous. People power in action.
The second example came some months later when the price of beef rose dramatically. Once again the Housewives and the Consumers Organisations appealed for a boycott. Americans were asked to buy chicken, fish or whatever - but no beef. Beef prices humpty dumptied. Americans are very feisty people when they believe they are getting a raw deal. Even children with their mothers were holding up boycott placards outside the supermarkets on these occasions.
This was the first time the writer had seen non-violent people power in action, and it left a lasting impression
Only a few weeks ago the huge petro-chemical chain, Shell, dumped a lot of its toxic waste in the North Sea. The German people, who must have been the most endangered, were outraged and, with the help of Greenpeace, were out in front of the Shell Stations with placards appealing to fellow Germans to boycott Shell petrol and products until assurances were given that Shell would never try that again. Within no time at all Shell profits in Europe had fallen a staggering twenty percent. The one thing that a business, no matter how great, cannot endure is financial loss. We supply
- 179 -
the money and we can withhold it. It is as simple as that. It just needs a little organisation.
Though the writer has spent many years outside of Australia, he has always tried to keep abreast of what has been happening in this country, and it is his opinion that Australians have yet to discover the potential of their people power, but recent events related to politics in Queensland could lead to the greatest, non-violent, stand against political and big-business corruption, (as well as their short-sighted destruction of our children’s earth-inheritance) this country has ever witnessed. We are not powerless. Some people say that this world, including governments, is really controlled by thirteen families connected to the banks, drug and petro-chemical industries. Thirteen families? Well, don't you worry about that, as we say in Queensland; people power can provide a billion families. Who has the power?

Recently the following headline appeared in this Sunday newspaper, “Satanic cults converging on coast: Expert.” How does one become an expert on satanic cults?... “Good morning ladies and gents; is this group in fact a coven? If so may I sit in and take notes?”
The opening sentence stated that “Satan worshippers were performing human sacrifice and other satanic rituals in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, a cult expert warned yesterday.” For ‘expert’ read ‘fanatic’ and you will get closer to reality. Human sacrifices indeed? If our expert knows this to be so, and has not reported it to the police, then she is an
- 180 -
accessory after the fact, and should be locked up for her crime.
She warned all Sunshine Coast and Caboolture residents to be wary of anyone offering an alternative to Christianity. “There are some really dangerous cults out there” she said. In reality there are some very dangerous cults in her head. Some ‘controlling’ cults she named as operating openly in the community included the Jehovah’s Witness movement. Surely she must mean the Yahweh’s, Buddha’s or Allah’s witnesses. These wicked cults do offer an alternative to Christian concepts of God, but the Jehovah’s Witnesses are Christian through and through. They are no more controlling than any other cult which says, “Believe in this or you’ll go to hell.” The dear old J.W’s may have a naive belief about the ‘end of the world’ and life thereafter, but they are good, loving people who are taught to interpret the bible in a literal and rather dogmatic way. Whatever opinion you may hold of them, they cannot be accused of offering an alternative to Christianity. Different concepts perhaps, but not alternatives. Other groups she warned people to be aware of were “New Age groups that WERE or WERE NOT based on the Bible.” That effectively covers ALL New Age groups. No one is safe.
The real point about this expert’s belief is that you do get what you concentrated upon. She sees the devil in everything not fitting in with her concept of Christianity. She would experience the devil everywhere because her belief and fear of the devil is greater than her belief and love of God.
Nikos Kazantzarkis author of ‘Zorba the Greek’ and the controversial ‘Last Temptation of Christ’ wrote: “By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it.” Indeed, the mind does create our ‘reality’.
Ghosts, devils and demons are not created by God - and there is no creative force outside of God - they are created by us using, quite unskilfully, our great, creative minds,
- 181 -
individually or collectively. Ghosts, devils and demons are thoughts objectified and are made potent by the observer.
There is no such thing as a ‘force of evil’ in any part of God’s creation. “Nothing of itself is evil. But if you believe a thing to be evil, that thing BECOMES evil.” Evil is merely a denial of goodness in oneself, our neighbours and the world we live in. If you would change the evil in your world, you must first change your own thoughts. The simplest way to get rid of the devil is to start loving God with your mind.

Most of us would like to connect with the God Consciousness but we feel that we are not spiritually ‘advanced’ enough to be worthy or ready for such an experience, so we don’t bother to make the effort. It is not at all important whether you feel worthy of otherwise. What is important is your intention. Your intention is, in fact, everything. All else is academic.
If it is truly your intention to experience, to feel and hear the God Consciousness, you will not be denied. The more passionate your desire, the greater the connection. One simple way to make a connection with God is to ask. That is asking for spiritual bread. To do this, close your eyes and try to observe five passages of breath without allowing any words to enter your head. It’s perfectly normal to have the impressions of a thought but try to keep the words out of it. Stay with the sensation of your breath at the tip of your nostrils, the warmth or the coolness, and be aware, without losing the focus on your nostrils, of the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. Allow whatever sounds you hear, such
- 182 -
as traffic noises, voices and other sounds to be. Do not analyse, dissect or comment on them in any way. Simply allow them to be. Do not speed up your breathing. Once you have mastered five breaths without verbal thinking, you are ready to listen.
As God is in all things, within, throughout and beyond the very atoms of matter, we put out our request to ‘empty space’ - the womb of creation - in this manner: “Please fill me with Light, Love Peace and Power”. Turn the transmitter of your mind onto reception and continue to observe the continuum of five breaths. Remember, no words in your head.
Now, when we ask for Light, we are asking for understanding, instinct and intuition. To see and truly perceive, to hear and truly understand. When you are totally receptive you can experience the difference between revelation and intellectual deduction. Intellect has nothing to do with intelligence. Nothing to do with understanding. “Conclusions arrived at by purely logical thinking are devoid of reality” (Einstein)
When we ask for Love, we are not asking to be loved, but to be more loving.
To ask for peace is not asking for everything about you to be passive and tranquil. It is asking for the ability to respond to what is happening without fear. Without fear there is only love. If there were no collective fear, the world would be at peace.
When we ask for Power, we are not asking for power over another person, but Spiritual Power to heal and create harmlessly.
Our prime purpose throughout eternal life is to manifest the Glory of God as it manifests through ourselves. You must have the desire to do this. One way to begin is to look at any problem you may be confronting and asking yourself, “If I truly loved, honoured and respected myself, how would I
- 183 -
handle this situation?” By doing this you tune into the Spirit of God which is within you. Put direct, personal experience above all concepts and you will connect.

One of the most important lessons that we can learn in the physical plane is to release our emotions spontaneously, as children and animals do. Naturally, we should be able to release our emotions without violating another being physically or psychologically.
This we can do, without a confrontation which might exacerbate the situation, by letting off steam in the privacy of our own room. One very good way is to punch-up a pillow and to rage at it as if it were the object of our hurt and anger. In Japan, in some of the larger workplaces, a stuffed dummy is hung in the centre of an ‘emotional release’ room and a strong bamboo stick is placed nearby. Disgruntled workers who are feeling up-tight may beat this dummy to release their emotions. The only emotions that can harm us are those that we bottle up. They will reach a point where, sooner or later, they will express physically.
An American family known to the writer of this article kept a man-sized, rag-filled dummy in the basement. The children were encouraged to work out their aggressions on the dummy. It proved remarkably beneficial. Every school should have one.
In Australia most males are emotionally constipated. They are conditioned into stereotype behaviour. “Balmain boys don’t cry”, “Keep a stiff upper-lip”, “Don’t wear your heart
- 184 -
on your sleeve” and so on. Such conditioning leads the more gullible males to show emotions only when they are making love, or in other macho pursuits such as football. They find it hard to display affection and, more dangerously, they find it hard to display their hurt. Some men, unable to release their emotional hurt by crying, will end up releasing it through violence. “If I can’t have you, no one else will”. Anger is considered to be an acceptable human emotion. These men do not act out of an inherent evil but out of the unbearable suffering of clinging to painful emotions as if it were a permanent condition. They find no other release for their pain.
Much news coverage has been given recently to the woman who drove her car, with her two small children in the back, into a river. She alleges that she panicked at the last moment and leaped free while the children were left to drown. Before making judgement, imagine the emotional state she must have been in. She was estranged from her husband and her lover had just walked out on her, writing a ‘Dear John’ letter to let her know. We might say that no matter how bitter and hurt we felt, we would never do what she did. Well, great! Your pains are yours and her pains are hers. Our only reality is the way we feel, and each of us is as unique and individual as our fingerprints. Make no judgement.
Those who demand a similar death for her, and truly mean it, stoop to the same level of behaviour. Before they finish with the physical plane they may have to learn the hard way to judge not another expression of God. As for the children - they were cocooned in unconditional love, comfort and protection before their bodies had to struggle for breath. Many, like this writer, who have experienced drowning, know this to be so. In us there is no doubt.

- 185 -
If we were not so arrogant in our belief that only OUR religion holds the truth, we would look for the common denominator in all religions instead of the differences, and maybe, just maybe, we might begin to understand that all the great Messengers were speaking the same truth according to the time, the place, and the understanding of the people amongst whom they dwelt.
One truth that shines through Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism is that mankind is inseparable from that which we call ‘God’ and, as such, we have the power to create all that seemingly ‘happens’ to us. Because of our inseparability from God we are anything but powerless. The Buddha taught that though man creates his own prison, he can also acquire a power greater than that of gods. He said that he was born in God and lives in God. All separations are illusionary.
Jesus taught that the Spirit of God dwells within us, and that the miraculous works he did, we could do. Yes, works even greater. He taught that there are no real separations between man and God. That he is in God, we are in him and that he is in us. The multitude would see these things without perceiving and hear of them without understanding.
Swami Vivekananda, a God-realised messenger of contemporary times has written this about God-realisation:
“This is the only way to reach the goal, to tell ourselves, and to tell everybody else, that we are divine. And as we go on repeating this, strength comes, He who falters at first will get stronger and stronger, and the voice will increase in
- 186 -
volume until the truth takes possession of our hearts, courses through our veins and permeated our bodies. Delusion will vanish, and there will come a time when all else has disappeared and the Sun alone shines.”
“You are divinities on earth, not sinners! It is a sin to call a man a ‘sinner’; it is a standing libel on human nature. Come up, you lions, and shake off the delusion that you are sheep. You are Souls immortal, spirit free, blessed and eternal; you are not matter, you are not bodies, matter is your servant, not you the servant of matter. If there were sin, this is the only sin - to say that you are powerless, or others are powerless.”
When we become aware of these parallels in Hindu, Buddhist and Christian reminders to the race of our spiritual birthright and inheritance, it is time to discard those disempowering middle-men who stand between you and God, who deify the messengers and sing and chant their praises endlessly and do not reflect the glory of God. They are good, loving people who passionately worship the Messenger, but remain in conditioned ignorance about the true and uncorrupted teachings. It is time to stop fluttering like a sparrow and learn to soar with the wings of an eagle.
Following Swami Vivekananda’s interpretation of sin, we should know that it manifests as despair. Despair is a total denial of the Holy Spirit within you. In your worst moments God is as close to you as your breathing. You can never, ever remove the Spirit from you, you can only deny its existence. In the seeming absence of God there is only fear. In direct, personal experience of God, there is only love.

- 187 -
By the time you read this article the writer will be travelling about the northern parts of Thailand, purely as a recreational tourist, but visiting some of the more isolated Buddhist monasteries and renewing acquaintance with some of the monks.
Most Buddhist males in Thailand spend from one week to several months in a monastery, generally as a novice or by taking lower ordination as a seminarian monk. Those who do not are regarded as unsuitable marriage partners as they have not learned to take right control of their minds and emotions. Generally the males enter the monastery as boys or very young men, and their taking of the robes brings great honour to their families.
The Thai people are more genuinely friendly to foreigners than are other Eastern people because they have never been colonised by European power; thanks to the outstanding statesmanship of King Mongkut who was himself a Buddhist monk for many years before ascending the throne. Westerners may be surprised to find that the parody of this kind, skilful and intelligent man, as represented in the film ‘Anna and the King of Siam’, is deeply resented by educated Thais.
In the East it is generally the Westerner who is considered, if not actually barbarian, at least rather gross. Here are a few points that anyone planning a visit to Thailand should know:
1. The Buddhist monks and the King are to be treated with the utmost respect. This respect is carried over the statues of the Buddha and photographs of the Royal family,
- 188 -
especially H.M King Bhumibol. Treat such objects with disrespect and you could easily find yourself in a gaol.
2. Do not enter any temple, whether Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu, in shorts and without first removing your shoes or sandals.
3. Do not point your feet at anyone in front of you, or at statues of the Buddha. Westerners have to be particularly careful when they sit on the floor and lean back against a wall.
4. Do not pat or playfully pull the hair of a Thai child, let alone an adult. It is considered grossly offensive. The top of the head is considered to be the most spiritual part of the body.
5. No woman, or group of women, should approach a monk unless he is, or you are, accompanied by a male ‘chaperone’. A monk may not talk in private with a woman without a chaperone. He must not only be impeccable, but must be seen to be impeccable. Because of this, a woman must never make physical contact with a monk, nor may she hand him anything directly. He has an alms bowl, or uses a ‘receiving cloth’, for such occasions. These rules do not apply to men.
Those are the five main points regarding truly offensive behaviour. There is one more point of behaviour that should be understood. Do not, in any circumstances show anger. No matter how frustrated and annoyed you feel, do not display your anger. You will lose such ‘face’ among the Thais that they will be mortified for YOU. It is very definitely uncool to lose control.
All the rest is a matter of common sense and a little sensitivity. These customs have existed for well over a thousand years so, even if you don’t like them, allow them to be.

- 189 -
Whether we realise it or not we are all firmly planted on a spiritual path. The paths are varied, unique and as individual as our personalities. Sometimes it seems that some of us have taken a side-track, perhaps even a dead-end, yet all paths lead us back to our origins. Our paths are experienced through our feelings, all of which, painful and pleasant, add to the great treasure store-house of our emotional experiences. All experiences are valid.
There are those who think that life has no meaning or purpose, that we are born, live a short or long life, and die. That’s it. That’s all there is, there’s nothing more, finito. It must have been a cosmic accident, haphazard and without rhyme or reason. Well, all life has a spontaneity, but there is a discernible pattern and a mathematical precision in the development of a flower, the movement of the stars and the growth of a baby into adulthood. There is an awesome, creative intelligence operating throughout the Universe. What is it? No one can tell you! Oh, we can give it a label and call it ‘God’ but that explains nothing, nor does it define this creative force. When we reduce it to a man-like figure in the sky our concept becomes plainly ridiculous to all but children and unregenerates. Does God have genitals? If so, why? If ‘He’ existed before the creation of food, why does he need an alimentary tract? How can you, as the mystics do, see God in All things with such a concept?
The Australian, Aborigines acknowledge a living spirit within the billabong, the sea, the rocks, the earth and sky as well as all the animals they hunt. God is ALL THAT IS. If they call the Spirit of God which dwells within by any other name, God remains the same. Only our concepts change.
- 190 -
As the early Father of the Christian Church wrote that we, as Children of God have “from the beginning been immortal and children of eternal life. You destroy death, and you destroy the world without yourselves being destroyed. You are Lords of the Universe and of all that is mortal”. Mortal is that which ‘dies’.
Now, if we are, indeed, Children of God, are already immortal and have eternal life it means that everything that our religions have taught us could be wrong. Is not that a beautiful thing? It would mean that there is no such thing as sin, hell, the devil and a judgemental God. It would mean that our religions are wrong - and they are.
Now stop thinking you are miserable, wretched creatures who have to crawl on your knees beneath the shadow of God. You will never have to do penance, you will never have to atone for your mistakes; you will have to learn from them, but punishment is not a part of it. When you understand that nothing ever dies, only the embodiment, the ‘space suit’ of physical form, you will then know that God is never absent from the most beautiful events, nor from the most hideous crimes. There is only an acceptance or denial of God with all things. Therein lies all the joy and all the suffering of the physical plane.

In the East, the way to ‘God’ is within; in the West, despite the teachings of Jesus, it has become externalised. Though Jesus taught that the Spirit of God dwells within you, and Paul quoting him writes, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have
- 191 -
from God”, institutionalised ‘Christianity’ prefers to accept the blasphemy of original sin.
The Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of God, is not a person, nor is it an object, and it does not have its location in the physical but in the mental. It resides in all consciousness. As we think of consciousness, it resides not in our physical consciousness, sub-consciousness, nor in our collective consciousness, but within our Spiritual consciousness; and the only way we can seek it is by first having the need, the hunger for union, and second, by intense meditation and prayer. It cannot be reached through worship, rites and rituals, songs of praise, good deeds or other external means. That is not to say that such things do not serve a purpose or fulfil a need.
Union with the Spirit of God is available to all people, simply because it IS within all people. It is not the exclusive possession of any single person, sect or religion. It has existed within every new-born child long before the physical appearance of the Buddha and Jesus. The Spirit of God does not have religious preferences and all children are its chosen children, whether their parents be atheist, pagan, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist or Christian. No one is born into a religion. Your parents may choose to bring you up in one. Generally, it is not your own choice.
It is an arrogance, a spiritual vanity and a blasphemy to believe that only one particular religion has a monopoly on God. Most religions have degenerated into creating God in their own image, few attempt to seek the Spirit within.
Carl Jung wrote,
“It seems to me that we have really learned something from the East when we understand that the psyche contains riches enough, without to be primed from outside, and when we are capable of evolving out of ourselves, with or without Divine grace; but we cannot embark upon this ambitious enterprise until we have learned how to deal with our spiritual pride and blasphemous self-assertiveness.”
- 192 -
He goes on to say that because of our resistance to penetrate deeper levels of consciousness, we doubt the very thing that seems so obvious to the East... “The self-liberating power of the introverted mind.”
The Christian mystic, Meister Echardt, wrote the following: “Who does not hold God as an inner possession but must, with every means, fetch Him from without... truly such a man has Him not, and things come to trouble him easily.”
You will not find God in any of your churches, shrines or temples. If you cannot find it within yourself, you will not find it externally. You will only find a concept of God.

There is a vast difference between intellect and intelligence. Intellect is gained by the theoretical gathering of knowledge whilst intelligence is using that knowledge skilfully. Thus it is that there are many people who have acquired great knowledge in a particular field; art, music, theatre, physics - even metaphysics - but do not know how to apply their knowledge in practical terms, therefore they may have intellect with very little intelligence.
In metaphysics we constantly come across those who have intellectual knowledge of God and pay-lip service to Godliness of Mankind, yet in practice they have fears about ‘bad’ spirits; the devil, possession, ‘earth-bound’ spirits and the ‘doom and gloom’ prophecies. Now, for those who believe in such bad energies, their beliefs will be re-enforced by their experience. They will be able to say, “See, I told you so!”, and they will be right - in their reality. After all, they
- 193 -
create such things themselves. In short, they use their Godliness unskilfully, unconsciously. Such is the nature of conditioned behaviour.
When you withdraw from the physical plane, the only thing you can take with you is knowledge gained through emotional experience. Such knowledge is the ONLY treasure of the physical plane. It cannot be taken from you, for it is the priceless gift which enables you to create; now and in the future. When you apply understanding to your knowledge you have freedom and you have options. You can create worlds unlimited and you can live without fear, for there is no thing, no concept, no religion or philosophy, no spirit or element that can harm you. You cannot be threatened or intimidated. Only your own fears could create such situations. Only you can ‘harm’ yourself. When fear is overcome and the Light of wisdom (Experiential knowledge of God) takes its place, you have enlightenment. That is not the end of the line, just another beginning.
You will remember that you are unlimited in your ability to receive thought from the Source of all consciousness, transmute it into emotion, and manifest that emotion into creativity.
The present writer, in his role as a Buddhist meditation master, or in the role of ‘self-healing and mind-power’ teacher cannot teach you anything you do not already know in your ‘Soul’, or deepest consciousness. He can only try to help you remember.

- 194 -
Each of us are in this particular physical plane for many reasons, the greatest of all being to know who and what you really are and your true relationship to the Source of all life, consciousness and energy - that which we label ‘God’ or the Spirit of God within. Our most important functions is to break down the false barriers that seem to separate us from God, to recognise our divinity - just as we are right this moment - and to manifest the glory of God through ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, and examples. You are here to be a light unto the world; to create your life skilfully through harmlessness and fearlessness.
The prophesised thousand years of peace and love on this planet (the Promised Land) will be, can only be, brought into being by US. Not through fear of an apocalypse but through our recognition of God in All That is. God is not to be found in the form of a single male identity but in the pulsating ongoingness of life. The dance of the molecules, the energy within the atom, the expanding, evolving, vibrating and feelingness of life. God is within the consciousness of All That Is. Nothing is excluded, nothing is separate. All things are, indeed, God. Even in our pathetic myths about ‘the devil’ it is acknowledged that Lucifer was born of God. Once you expand your awareness you will know that there is nothing that is not God.
To experience and love God in all things, especially in oneself, is to break through the illusion that you and God are separate beings. You are, have been and forever will be an aspect of God; however and wherever you decide to manifest. You can never be harmed by the physical world or the ‘spirit’ world. Unless you believe that you can; for in all realms you create your own realities. You create your own suffering and your own happiness. No outside force can do this for you. What could possibly harm God? Only you can disempower yourself. God cannot die. It is beginningless and endless. If you believe that this physical body is what you are, it is not surprising that you fear ‘death’.
- 195 -
What you really are is immortal, you have never known death and will never know it. Your concepts of beginnings and endings create the illusion of death. You have lived male and female lives, heterosexual and homosexual lives that were glorious and romantic, miserable and savage, judgemental and prejudiced, understanding and allowing others to be, famous, infamous and mundane. But all that you have ever been in your past is not as great as you are right now, though you may not recognise your potential. Your present life is the cumulative knowledge and experience of all the lives you have ever lived. Emotional experience is the treasure of existence. The NOW is the purpose for all that WAS.

How can one possibly identify God and say, “That is what God is” when God is the essence of All That Is in a motivated force that is ever changing, ever creating, ever being? How can one say, “God is love” when God is all encompassing? Love and fear, hatred and jealousy, compassion and mercy - all of these are aspects of the one great creative force that we direct through our emotions.
How can one, with a mind which is temporarily locked in time and therefore must think in terms of beginnings and endings, possibly identify that which is beyond time, matter and space? The God that is now will not be the same as the God of the next moment, for ‘God’, though it may be a permanent condition, is not a static one.
As you are an eternally valid part of All That Is you cannot identify God OUTSIDE of you own wondrous being. To try
- 196 -
to do so is to deny your divinity. You are looking outside yourself for that which emanates FROM you. From that which is called ‘the God within’. To look for and experience this God within is much easier than trying to grasp the complexities of infinite creation. You turn to the here and now of your own being, your own thought processes and your own emotions.
You are created as an image of God, not because you have arms, legs, a body and a head, but because you are a perfect image of the Creative Force from which all realities spring. You, the real you, are the creative duplicate of the ‘Father’. The only way you can perceive, understand and emotionally know the Father, is to understand and know who YOU are; then you will know God. Then you can say, “I know who the Father is, for the Father and I are one, and I know who I am!”
All the attributes that you give to your concept of God are yours. That which you conceive to be the highest intelligence, the supreme power, the pinnacle of grace and holiness is YOU. When you discover your godliness you will begin to direct your creative mind consciously and, it is to be hoped, skilfully. YOU are the only means of experiencing God. Any image that you have of yourself that is any less than God is a false image. Clinging to false images of Self is a sure way to create unhappiness, for, in reality, none of them is a permanent condition and you will never be content. Some typical false images are: “I am a failure”, “I am a criminal”, “I am unlovable”, “I am this body” and so forth. These are all false concepts of your present physical and emotional conditions. They are impermanent; they are not what you are. You are the KNOWABLE GOD.

- 197 -
I will tell you a great truth: Man has created images of God that he could use to control his brothers. Religions were created to control people and nations where armies failed, and fear was the tool that kept them in line. If you take the divinity out of any man - take God out of him - then you can easily rule and control him.
“God has not created a hell of a devil. Those are dreadful creations of man to torment his brothers. Those were created through religious dogma for the purpose of intimidating the masses into a controllable organisation. That is a great truth.” - RAMTHA.
Though it is an exaggeration to impute religions with being created to control people, they have certainly evolved that way, and it is lamentable to observe otherwise intelligent people praying to and worshipping, often with elaborate and absurd rites and rituals, images and concepts of God as something outside and separate from the rest of creation. As if there were someone or something more holy than the God within all; the inner God of one’s own being, one’s ‘Isness’.
They will not accept the personal responsibility of acknowledging God within the man and actually doing something about honouring, respecting and being kind to all beings; not least of all, themselves. And even though these unregenerates deny God within and behave accordingly - as do the faithful of all religions - you yourself do not have to remain submerged at that level of perception. At any time you can get up off your knees - if you have not already done so - dispense with middlemen, and accept the God within, proudly, gratefully and lovingly - upright, on your own two feet. In the light of your own validity as an aspect of God, as God-Man, it is ridiculous to worship outer concepts of God. In reality, such worship is unconscious megalomania, for you worship yourself.
It is natural to hold in reverence, gratitude and love the Source of your own being, consciousness and energy, that
- 198 -
which we label ‘God’, for this Source created you, long before the world was, as a free and eternal spirit to manifest, and become, your own creations in all the ‘houses’ of reality. The physical, mental, psychic and spiritual. In these houses there are many mansions. This is NOT the only reality. The physical world, as we know it, is but a drop of water in the great ocean of being. Trying to contemplate God from the experience of our present physicality is impossible. As the ancients said: “Do not speak of the great ocean to the frog in the well.” In short, it is unskilful to say, “God is this, and not that”, it is unskilful to say, “God said...” and do not presume to speak of God’s will. It is enough to discover that God operates through you. Forget all dualities. There is no great and small, worthy and unworthy beautiful and ugly and there is no good and evil, but thinking makes it so.

Before Mahatma Ghandi was killed he warned the Indian Government about the dangers of rapid industrialisation. India, being a nation of cottage industries, would be putting vast numbers of its people out of work by creating factories and machines that could speed up the work that was generally being done by hand. Now the problem is not only massive unemployment, but the abuse of child labour. Why hire adults when you can get children to work for half the wage?
In our already industrialised countries we failed to see the dangers of computerising and robotising ourselves out of work. About thirty years ago it was quite common to see entire floors of big department stores filled with clerks,
- 199 -
typists and book-keepers. Most of these people were made redundant by computers. Factories employed hundreds, sometimes thousands of men and woman on the production line. Now computer-controlled machines do the work of welders, fitters, turners and hundreds of other manual jobs in a fraction of the time and they do not stop for a tea-break.
When we allow our technology to advance faster than our common sense, and our care for the welfare of our fellows, we create all manner of suffering. Nuclear energy with its radio active waste is one example, though it has not created the on-going despair of computerised unemployment throughout the world.
Recently, an article appeared in this newspaper expressing growing concern for the number of suicides, and it was suggested that more counselling be provided. Most of those suicides didn’t need counselling. They needed work. There are few things worse than living in a consumer society on a subsistence income like the dole. To watch television commercials of the latest cars, development estates, resort holidays, ‘in’ clothing for the young and countless other luxuries, when you can barely afford to run a pushbike, pay the rent, take a holiday and dress yourself at St. Vinnies can only lead you to a terrible sense of failure and despair.
Counselling for the chronically unemployed? How about work? F.D. Roosevelt dragged America out of the great depression of 1929 by creating huge public works such as highways and road improvement, dams, airports, railways and public buildings.
In Australia, Highway One, the Pacific, is still something of a death trap, dangerously narrow in parts and in others notorious for the amount of truck and bus accidents that occur. As the population of the world grows and car pollution finally forces governments to make public transport an efficient, viable means of travel, we might one day have an express train service to Darwin. Why not now?

- 200 -
The business sector cares for business, the government should care for the people. If it does not, we must find leaders who do.

The Twentieth Century has been the most violent, murderous and warring century in the Earth's history. Famine and disease plague the world and there are many who feel that God is punishing us for our sins. Such a thought is, in truth, blasphemous. That which we call God neither punishes nor rewards.
No God, nature, or any outside force has created this world-suffering. This we have created ourselves because we stubbornly refuse to see God in ourselves and in our attitudes and their creations and wonder how God can allow things; implying that it must be ‘his’ fault.
Refusing to take personal and collective responsibility ourselves, we blame Governments and powerful individuals for the present state of our planet, in fact, it’s one of the great cop-outs to do so. What we get in the way of Governments and leaders is a reflection of the collective consciousness. Public beliefs, expectations and emotions are being reflected in the physical. It has always been so.
“Patterns of matter that we see in physics are reflections of mind. “ (Fritjof Capra, physicist) The physicists are discovering what God-realised men have known throughout history.
- 201 -
Silence gives consent. The complacency of the people regarding Government policy and the "Don’t really want to know about it” attitudes of the pubic provide the perfect atmosphere for corruption. One typical example of this is American and Australian support of the genocidal Pol Pot in Cambodia. We allowed our leaders to support this man and his Khmer Rouge communists, whose massacre of their own people in the ‘killing fields’ of Cambodia has been more terrible than any other crimes against humanity. That includes Hitler’s and Stalin’s fearful ‘purges’. More than one quarter of the Cambodian people have been murdered, and we have supported this regime. Why? Because America’s hatred of, and desire for revenge against the Vietnamese people, who are the only ones who fought against the Khmer Rouge, took all precedence over decency.
Australia, once Britain’s loyal servant, had now become America’s puppet. If it were not for the work of the Australian Journalist, John Stilger, the film ‘The Killing Fields’ and the TV film ‘Year Zero; The Silent Death of Cambodia’ world compassion might not have been aroused. In his revelatory book, ‘Heroes’, John Pilger writes,
“Following this revelation the Australian Government, following Britain’s lead, withdrew recognition of the Pol Pot regime. This was largely due to the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrew Peacock, who persuaded the Coalition Government of Malcolm Fraser to make an uncharacteristic gesture against U.S. Foreign policy.”
We must learn that the wise leader does not interfere with the lives of the people, particularly those of other countries. It is hoped that we do everything to make atonement.

- 202 -
We are not the victim of our environment. We are the unconscious creators of it. Our thoughts, beliefs and expectations create our personal and collective experiences.
Every condition of the body, whether it be chronic disease or perfect health, is the result of our own creative energy. Every event that seemingly happens to us, whether good or bad, is the result of that same energy. When we suffer from a chronic illness we are not doing anything wrong. We are simply misdirecting that energy. Quite unconsciously.
Our imagination and emotions are the creative tools we have to work with. They create sickness and health, war and peace, poverty and abundance, happy and unhappy relationships, failure and success in all our endeavours. The advanced physicists of today are beginning to discover this.
“.... We are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail (the mind) as the creator and governor of the realms of matter.” (Sir James Jeans)
“Patterns of matter that we see in physics are REFLECTIONS OF MIND.” (Fritjof Capra)
“The world is made up by us, out of our experiences and the CONCEPTS WE CREATE to link them together.” (Otto Frisch)
Your belief is everything. If you believe that doctors can help you, you must continue going to them. If you believe that health foods can help, you must eat health foods. You must follow you inner conviction. Remember, your belief (faith, confidence, trust) creates your reality.
When the belief is collective, that is, when most of the people in any particular area believe in the one idea, they create very strongly. One example of this is the dangerous mass suggestion that two out of three Queenslanders will get skin cancer.
- 203 -
In the physical realm the mind creates through physical means. It is foolish to say that a physical problem is CAUSED by, say, a hormone imbalance, virus, bacteria or any other physical means. These are merely the means, not the cause.
All chronic illness IN ADULTS is almost always the result of a sustained feeling of frustration and powerlessness in a situation over which you feel you have no control. We must look for some area of individual growth that has been neglected because of ‘duty’ or ‘circumstance’. Only you, the individual can know for certain.

By using relaxation and visualisation in meditation we can by-pass our negative beliefs and work directly with our imagination and emotions. You may, at first, consider this day-dreaming, but you are really planting suggestions that will program your future. Remember that you do not create with your will-power, not with positive or negative thinking, but with positive or negative feelings. Your imagination and emotions are the most concentrated form of energy you possess and you use them all the time. The idea is to take conscious control of them.
Here are six steps toward the healing of a disease:
1. Discover the negative emotions that you have bottled up and are causing the problem. Behind all negative conditions there lies a hidden fear or frustration. Usually we don’t like to look at it and suppress the emotion; yet the only emotions that can harm us are those that we suppress.
- 204 -
2. Release the negative emotions. Penetrate your negative feelings. Give expression to such feelings by cussing and raging (in private, of course) and by punching or kicking a pillow to get the emotion out. Do this repeatedly until the emotion is spent.
3. Release the ‘culprit’ and release yourself. There are many ways to do this in meditation. One way is to repeat the mantra: “I release "X‟ and free myself from clinging to (hate, bitterness, resentment, hurt or whatever applies).” At other times use this mantra: “I forgive the world for all my mistakes.” You may not realise you are forgiving yourself with this mantra, but please try it anyway. If you cannot forgive yourself you will be sub-consciously looking for punishment and you will find it very difficult to heal yourself.
Because of the inter-dependence and inseparability of all consciousness, your inability to forgive those who have caused you suffering will also be hindrance to self-healing.
4. Visualise the removal of the physical condition. You can use a symbol for the removal of your problem. You could, for instance, visualise the problem as a large weed that you will pluck from the garden and get rid of. Or a balloon filled with negative conditions which you now release into the sky. Watch it disappear.
5. Visualise the ideal result as if it has happened. “And if you pray with the very real conviction that you have a thing already, IT WILL BE YOURS.”(Jesus of Nazareth)
6. Take a small, physical action (as if you were already healed) as an act of faith. This will help get the message across neurologically. YOU can destroy cancer. The only truth you will ever know is direct, personal experience. Go for it!

- 205 -
There is nothing in the physical realm that has not been created by the individual and collective mind of man through thought, and none of it has been possible without the Grace of God. Man creates all the joy, pleasure and beauty of the physical plane through the Grace of God, and it must be understood that Man creates all the terror, pain and suffering also through the Grace of God. This will continue to shock the ignorant who have never grasped the Master Jesus’ teaching that “Nothing of itself is Evil; but if you believe a thing to be evil, that thing becomes evil. And nothing of itself is good, but if you believe a thing to be good, that thing becomes good.”
For that which man calls ‘God’, there is no duality. Good and evil simply do not exist. There is only creation, and nothing within creation can possibly harm God, for God is creation. There is absolutely nothing in the Physical universe that is not God and before we dismiss that truth as pantheistic we should try to realise that the physical universe is not all that is. It is, in fact, no more than one grain of sand on the beach of creation.
When the collective mind is conditioned to believe that we have no dominion over the physical plane, we leave ourselves open to germs, bacteria, cigarette smoke, sun's rays and all the ‘deadly things that flesh is heir to’. What we encounter is not reality but our beliefs about reality being manifested. That applies not only to our health, but to our wealth, relationships, success and fulfilment in our present experience. Dr Carl Jung said, “It is far more simple to see how things happen to us than to understand how we make them happen. Indeed, the animal nature of man prevents
- 206 -
him from seeing himself as the creator of his circumstances.”
Of course it is simpler to blame physical things for our ill-health, other people for our unhappy relationships and bad luck for our failures. None of these things is the cause of our suffering, but the means. The cause of all creation begins in the mind. Your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and expectations create your own personal and collective environment. Mankind has barely begun to use its potentials. We will benefit enormously when we become more and more aware of the mind's directing power and its influence upon events. We will no longer fear our emotions and our bodies as threatening or unpredictable. Through the Grace of God which is within our own great, spiritual consciousness and the way in which we direct it, we can transform our own personal lives and the world we live in.

The Spiritual life and the material, worldly life are no more opposite than poetry is to pancakes. The spiritual is not separate from the physical, nor from the psychological and the psychic. Indeed, it is not separate from any aspect of life. In this world the spiritual is where your feet are, now, in the present moment; whether you are soliciting sex or singing psalms. In a moment of revelation the psalmist, David, realised that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you cannot be separate from God.
“Where can I go from the Holy Spirit? And where can I flee from God’s presence? If I ascend into heaven, God is there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, God is there. If I take the
- 207 -
wings of the morning, and dwell in the deepest parts of the sea, even there shall God lead me, even there shall God hold me. If I say, “Surely the darkness shall hide me”, even the night shall be light about me. For the darkness hides nothing from God. The night is as bright as the day. The darkness and the light are both alike unto God.”
What exactly is spirituality? Spirituality is no more and no less than God awareness. It is sensing who and what you are and your true relationship with ‘All That Is’. It has nothing to do with long faces, disciplines, rules and ceremonies. In particular it has nothing to do with robes, vestments, clasped hands, upturned eyes and speaking with an ever-so-gentle voice. You cannot awaken spirituality by any outward expression. In truth, you are as spiritual right now as you ever will be. Awareness of your own spirituality is awareness of God in the All. It must be more than a mere belief, more than a concept, more than a philosophy. Real awareness can come only by direct, personal experience of the God Force. It is a union which, in the physical plane at least, is not a permanent condition.
Meister Eckhart, the catholic mystic, wrote: “While I am here, He is in me; after this life, I am in Him. All things are therefore possible to me if I am united with Him who can do all things.”
Those of us who are capable of inner silence, after first expressing an ardent desire for union and by seeking, waiting and keeping available, may, through Grace, move into Sunyata, the void; a stage of true mystical meditation which leads to union. It cannot be obtained by will-power. It is a gift which is earned through passionate desire and, paradoxically, achieved by letting go of all desire. A temporary annihilation of the false self, or that which we conceive ourselves to be as individual from God.

- 208 -
A few weeks ago I was giving a Meditation and Mind-Power workshop in the countryside outside of Dubbo. For some time now I had been having stomach troubles and I was not feeling well, nevertheless I was able to draw on deep, inner reserves and I managed to give one of the best Sunday workshops I had ever given. After it was over I almost collapsed and if it were not for the loving nursing that I received from the organiser of the workshop, it would have been hard to keep on my feet. After a night of high fever I was driven to the airport to catch my plane back home.
I began to feel a bit shivery, and soon the shivering turned into the most incredible shaking. It was as if I had Parkinson’s disease, rock and roll fever, delirium tremens and malaria all rolled into one. I went to the small cafe in the terminal and asked for a hot tea. My shaking by this time was so bad that I ended up splashing the tea all over the floor.
There was nothing for it but to cancel my flight and get a taxi to the hospital. The shaking lasted about one hour and the medical staff thought I had some sort of mystery disease. I told then that my problem was in the stomach and possibly in the liver.
Eventually they took x-rays of my stomach which prompted them to suggest that I should have a rectal biopsy. “I won't allow you to cut my body open” I said in my ignorance. “We don't have to,” replied the bum specialist, “Nature has already provided an opening.” Of course, I turned white.
Well, after doing all that he had to do, the bum specialist said he could see a growth in my bowels but it was so large
- 209 -
that he couldn’t get around it to see how far it extended. Off to the cat-scannery!
When I received the results of the cat-scan, I felt a thrill of excitement. What an opportunity! I was riddled with dear old cancer. I found myself comforting the doctors and nurses with whom I had made friends. I explained that though the house may be crumbling and full of dry rot, the occupant was perfectly well. My mind was totally without fear or anxiety; and I was not going through denial. Naturally, the first thing in healing was to look for emotions from the past that I had never really expressed. There are none so blind as those who will not see and I am afraid I have been like that. Anyway, in deep meditation I found years of anger, hurt, humiliation and betrayals wherein I had tried to be Mr Cool, Mr Nice Guy instead of having the spontaneity to express my true feelings at those times. Now I have at long last released those emotions. I have attended to the cause, it is merely a matter of working on the symptoms. I have refused surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. If I cannot do this with my mind, which I can only use through the Grace of God, my mission is accomplished and it is time to go home. If such should be the case, I will use my dying as an example of how to do so without fear or anxiety.

This is the last article I shall write about my cancer-condition until I can show you the proof that I have cured myself through mind-power which, by the Grace of the Source of all consciousness and power, we all possess in abundance. The beauty of it is that you don't have to do
- 210 -
anything to acquire this power. You already possess it. You are born with it. It is your birthright and inheritance. The only problem being that very few of us have learned how to use this power wisely.
Already my cancer is improving. What appeared to be a beer gut, in spite of having lost thirty pounds, was the very large size of the cancer in my bowels. Now I am looking trim, taut and terrific, though I tire easily. Well, as I have already told you, I have expressed all my past negative emotions finally, and spent about two weeks in meditations wherein I would thank the cancer cells as my dear friend and teacher telling where I should change my attitudes, and my work in the future so that it will be lots more fun. “Do what YOU really want to do, not what you think you are duty bound to do!” it was telling me. So I would thank those cells and tell them to go in peace and with my gratitude and love. Then I would gently bind them into the white light of God consciousness. It’s working like a charm. There is no problem that does not bring with it a wonderful gift. Always these problems bring a gift that you really need at that particular time of your life Often the gift is simply to tell you that you are always free to choose a different future. Individually and collectively.
I have the choice of choosing whether to die or to live. I choose life! Not because I have the slightest fear of ‘death’, but because I have much to learn, and much to experience.
I would like to make it very clear that I blame no one for my past hurts and angers. I chose to allow others to hurt me. It is not what others do or say that hurts us: it is the way we choose to respond to others. I chose unwisely. Never again.
If I were never to write or speak another word, I would be happy just to have passed on the following:
All things are holy. The Earth, the plants, the birds, the fishes, the animals and the humans. There is nothing that is not an aspect of God; and no one aspect is holier than another. There is nothing more sacred than YOU. Just as you are, right now. You are the Holy Man, the Avatar, the
- 211 -
Messiah. We do have those wondrous, historical beings amongst us to remind us of who we really are. Regrettably we have not been able to perceive and to understand, and their songs have been distorted and we no longer listen to the song, but focus only on the Singer. Well, there is a wind of change glowing through the universe that will, indeed, make all our hearts sing. Be patient. Have no fear. Trust in your own Godliness.

Every religion has its ‘holy’ books, and we, the multitude, have been taught from childhood that the path to hell and damnation is trodden by those who dare to question the ‘sacred’ and ‘undistorted’ truths of these man-created books and think for ourselves. In all religions there have been priests, ministers, monks and nuns who, not being content with second-hand experiences of God, second-hand beliefs about God, have striven for direct, personal experience of that great, intelligent force. They know that it is not enough to love God with their hearts, but must love through their own minds and within their own spirit, or psyche. So instead of constantly repeating the myths, legends, truths and distortions of truth found in ‘holy books’, they begin the great inner journey to God themselves. They are to be found amongst the mystics of all religions. And it is they who keep the truth alive.
There is a minister of religion on the Sunshine Coast who held a copy of the Holy Gospels above his head and warned his congregation, “Don’t think that all the truth is to be found in this book.” Such people keep the teachings alive, and though they may shock the fundamentalists who are
- 212 -
unwilling to think for themselves, they encourage others to start their own journeys within God.
The blind belief in the sacredness and the absolute truth and authority of our holy books is not very different from the mindless, blind obedience of the Hitler youth in the thirties. “Don’t think, don’t question authority, just do it!” When Jesus of Nazareth spoke of himself as a shepherd caring for his flock, it was not his intention that we became sheep-like in our thinking.
Any Christian who does not contemplate seriously the teaching, “If you seek the kingdom of God which is within you, all else is added unto you,” is denying himself his birthright and inheritance, is denying the Spirit of God within himself and is denying the eternal validity of his own great Psyche. To seek that which is within you requires both contemplation and meditation. The two should not be confused. Contemplation is a mental process, meditation is a spiritual process. They should work in harmony. When in doubt, you should follow the promptings of your heart, and not your intellect.
Continual bible study, which is similar to the continual chanting of the Buddhist Sutras has absolutely nothing to do with seeking the Spirit of God within us. At best, they are intellectual pursuits, at worst they degenerate into a habit and a ritual. Continually mouthing the words God, Jesus or the Buddha will bring you no closer to God-realisation than mouthing the word food will bring you closer to satisfying your hunger. That way, you will never find the God that is within your own Psyche. God is not found by separation, by looking only outside yourself. Books may inspire you, but you will not find God within them; only second-hand knowledge of God. Truly, YOU are the temple of God.

- 213 -
“The world is nothing but an objectified dream. Whatever your powerful mind believes very intensely comes to pass” (Swami Paramahansa Yogananda)
“I think we have long passed the place in high energy physics where we're examining the structure of a passive universe. I think we're into the domain where the interplay of consciousness in the environment is taking place on such a primary scale that we are indeed creating reality by any reasonable definition of the term.” (Professor Robert G Jahn, dean emeritus of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University) He has also stated that he believes that sub-atomic particles do not possess a distinct reality until consciousness enters the picture.
Where is all this leading? To God, of course. To a deeper and less childishly superstitious recognition of God in and beyond all things. The mind is not a ‘thing’. There is so much scientific evidence that the ‘mind’ inseparable from matter, and from the events that appear to ‘happen’ to us in life, that it is as mad to deny the evidence today as it was to deny the evidence of yesterday that the world was round and orbits the sun. The fact that the sun and not the earth was the centre of our particular universe was considered a blasphemy and ‘the work of the devil’....or of madmen.
Science today is discovering the holographic effects of the creative mind, but it is no closer to defining mind that it ever was. If you can define mind then you can define God, and that no one can do. That which we call ‘God’ or ‘the Creative Force’ is never for a moment static. Like all of our universe, which is a minute aspect of God manifesting at a particular frequency, the Creative Force continues to grow
- 214 -
and expand. It is a religious conceit to say that God is unchanging. It is as unrealistic as the quote from Hebrews, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” Implying that Jesus is static and unchanging throughout eternity. Unless it is a complaint about a boring routine.
The personality whom we think we know as ‘Jesus’ is a living, growing and expanding force. Everything, and everyone, moves on. Eternity is not a static state. In fact there is no such thing as a static state in all existence.
When all of us begin to grasp the God-gift that nothing happens to us by accident and that we are not powerless to change conditions, there will be many who try to use the God-power for their own self-interest - and that’s perfectly okay. As long as you do not harm another being physically or psychologically, love and do as you will.
Footnote: As I amble tranquilly through the valley of the shadow of death, I have received and keep receiving so many cards and letters of love and affection that I am overwhelmed by people’s kindness. To all those who have offered me healing and rest havens, I thank most sincerely. I cannot answer so many letters individually, so please accept this as my true expression of gratitude.....

In this book ‘Beyond the Brain’ Dr Stanislav Grof, chief of psychiatric research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center and assistant professor of psychiatry at the John Hopkins University school of Medicine points out that the mind is not just confined to the brain and cannot really be
- 215 -
separated from matter, in fact, it cannot be separated from the universe itself. He writes:
While the traditional mode of psychiatry and psychoanalysis is strictly personalistic and biographical, modern consciousness research has added NEW levels, realms and dimensions, and shows the human psyche (mind) as being essentially commensurate (sharing the same measure of extent) with the WHOLE Universe and ALL OF EXISTENCE.‟
The emphases are mine as are the comments in parentheses. Psychoanalysists tend to translate the Greek word ‘psyche’ meaning soul, as “The mind, often regarded as an entity functioning apart from or independently of the body.” In reality, mind, soul and that which we call God are all of the one essence and cannot be defined. There are no separations between mind and matter and between mind and mind. It is all the one mind, but we have the illusion of separation caused by the false ego.
Dr Carl Jung coined the phrase, "Collective unconsciousness” to describe the unconscious interconnection of minds. One very skilful way of using the collective unconsciousness in very practical and beneficial ways would be in medicine, particularly surgery. The anaesthetized patient's section of the brain dealing with physical elements and reactions is numbed and no longer functioning, however the patient's ear passage has not closed and deeper, more creative areas of the brain are functioning perfectly well and without the usual interference of the surface consciousness which, as stated, is numbed.
This means that whatever the surgical staff say during and after surgery in the ‘unconscious’ patient's presence, is understood and acted upon. Exactly the same as if the patient were receiving instructions under hypnosis. Suggestions that the operation has been entirely successful and that from now on the patient will have a remarkable fast recovery will produce amazing results. It is all part of
- 216 -
the ‘placebo effect’. It is of the most vital importance that surgical staffs recognise the fact that the patient is LISTENING TO THEM from the sub-conscious, collective unconscious and the creative conscious levels of the mind (so it is no good saying anything positive if you know you are lying).
"Miracles happen, not in opposition to Nature, but in opposition to what we know of Nature.” (St Augustine.)

You are, just as you are in this present moment, whether filled with enthusiasm and happiness or boredom and misery, beautifully and perfectly unique. You are a one-off. There is no other like you anywhere in the omniverse.
You know in your spiritual consciousness, you feel in your heart, and you suspect in your intellect that your life is no accident, nor is it the hapless result of a mindless series of unchanging conditions. Your life does have meaning and purpose. We all feel this instinctively but we can't seem to discover what it is. Regrettably, many of us look at our lives in the present moment and ask, “Is this all there is?” not realising that we have complete control of our own destinies. Individually and collectively. It is precisely because we do not realise this great truth that we feel we are the victims of our environment, of outside forces.
Creativity starts with hope, without which life is boring and pointless. If we did not have the gift of hope, no one would ever strive to achieve anything. Hope is one of the many gifts of God. Without the gift you cannot dream; and
- 217 -
nothing came into being that was not first a dream, an idea. With such dreams our creative emotions flow.
Picasso captured his thoughts, dreams and feelings in paint, Mozart in music, Shakespeare in verse. You can analyse their work down to the smallest brush stroke, semi-demi quaver, or syllable; but you will never discover the essence of their genius, for it is a part of the God-gift and each one of us, in his or her unique way possesses the gift of genius. It could be something that you take for granted; the ability to deal confidently and lovingly with others. Children, customers, old folk. A plumber, carpenter, tiler - in fact, any tradesman - can be an absolute artist in the detail, care and perfection of his work.
One way to look for your hidden genius is to examine long-held interests that you feel you never had the time or circumstances to pursue. Never, never, never is it too late. Quite often the best part of travelling Is the voyage, not necessarily the arrival. No matter what your age, this day in eternity, start to develop a new talent. Something that you would consider fun and fulfilling.
Once again you are reminded that you are in the physical plane to experience as much of it as you can; always using your common sense, of course. You are in the physical to express yourself - as only you can. And you are in the physical to fulfil your potential. The meaning and the purpose of your life is to manifest the glory of who and what you really are. To do that, is to manifest the glory of God. Our lives have no other primary purpose.

- 218 -
This is the last article I shall be writing for ‘All In the Mind’. I have come to the understanding that I've written all that I could possibly write about the experience of God and of the journey that only you yourself can make; which is the path to self-realisation. There is nothing whatsoever that can be written about God for that which man calls God is totally unknowable, but as I have said thousands of times now “That which we call God can most certainly be experienced.” There is no way that anyone can define God. We try to conceptualise God by using clichés such as ‘God is love’. Then what about hatred? The only thing one can realise is that the force of God is absolutely neutral. Emotions like love and hatred and violence and compassion stem from us and with these emotions we direct that neutral energy into the areas upon which we focus our great eternal God-like minds.
The pattern of my life is changing rapidly. I would be very unhappy if any of my readers thought that I was stopping these articles because of ill health. I'm perfectly capable of writing a book.
Had I died of cancer a month ago I would have died shocked and disappointed, for I know in my heart I've not accomplished my mission in the physical plane. Recent events have filled my heart with excitement and joy. Plans are already underway to have all my writings entered on the 'Internet' which is an International computerised system with tens of millions of subscribers.
When this has become a reality I can leave the physical plane with glowing feelings that my mission has been accomplished. This need not be necessarily so, but I should have no complaints if it were.
Recently a friend of mine who went to the same school as I in Bondi, asked me if my attitude towards death has changed now that I am faced with my present situation. And my answer was this. “Yes it has. I find that death is like love
- 219 -
and it’s breaking through the illusion of the physical plane and making contact once again with my pure and perfect lover. I almost get images of her beautiful face and the unconditional quality of her love and her care and compassion.”
I know because of my very close association with human nature that there will be many of you who will say "some teacher, he died of cancer himself” (that is if I do) but as I have said time and time again, “Do not look at the singer, just listen to the song.” If one were to analyse the deaths of far greater masters than myself and looked only at their death and not at their teachings, we would say that if Jesus died the death of a common criminal how could he possibly be the Son of God? Or as many Christians believe, the creative God himself. If one were to think of the Buddha's death, who died eating tainted pork and would have died in an undignified manner would we not question the great enlightened master himself, that he would allow this to happen; why would he not just sit in meditation and let his spirit leave his body? The soul or the higher self or the entity or whatever label you want to put on it, does not worry about how you leave the physical plane. I do not believe for a second that the Buddha died in agony for he could control pain with his enlightened mind, nor do I believe for a second that Jesus died in pain for he had total control of his body.
I wish you all happy travelling through the miraculous journey of your own mind and emotions.

- 220 -
Meditation is the original genie's lamp. What greater gift could you have than the ability to project your thoughts onward into the physical world and have them manifest? This is exactly what we do when we use meditation.
You do not have to die of chronic illness, you do not have to suffer from poverty, loneliness, lack of love and fulfilment in your life or any other condition which you would like to change. Nor do you have to acquire any power to do this. You are doing it all the time - it is your birthright and your heritage. The problem is that you misdirect this ability and create a lot of suffering in yourself. How? By meditating all the time without realising it.
There is so much misunderstanding about meditation that it is not surprising that some people feel they cannot do it. Others, mentally living in the dark ages, believe it's the work of the devil. If you can worry, you can meditate. Meditation is a matter of where you put the focus of your mind. Nothing more. You can focus on things physical or on things spiritual, it's up to you.
Have you not realised that the nature of worry, stress or anxiety is to focus your mind on the last thing on the earth you want to happen to you or to someone you love? That's meditation. Not a skilful one, but meditation just the same.
If you can focus on the worst possible outcome, you can do the opposite. Focus on the best possible outcome. Either way, they both become self- fulfilling, prophecies if you sustain the focus long enough. You do not have to worry about every negative thought or feeling that arises. It is clinging to it that causes suffering. Likewise, perseverance and persistence are the keys to skilful creative meditation.
There is no condition in your life that you cannot change except one that has indisputably been taken on at birth, such as a missing limb or a functional lack. The primary
- 221 -
purpose of meditation is to get to know and understand your own mind. Be aware of where your focus lies. If you find yourself concentrating on your fears, learn to release the fear and change your concentration to the ideal.
Understand that all fear is caused by clinging to the past which is a state of mind known as ‘memory’, or by clinging to the future which is also a state of mind known as ‘anticipation’. The 'what if' syndrome. What if the doctor points the bone at me? Name your own disaster!
In memory we cling to anger, hurt, frustrations, irritations, failures, guilt, shame, embarrassment and other negative emotions. Keeping the mind still is like keeping a beautiful chariot in the stable, but it has no grace without movement. If we harness a horse to the chariot, what happens? The horse takes off dragging the chariot against trees, over rocks and into ditches. Soon the chariot is in pieces. The horse represents our emotions. If we are not careful we can easily go to pieces ourselves.
So the horse needs a master. We need to take control of our emotions. Not by suppressing them, pretending they don't exist, but by controlling their release in an appropriate manner.
One thing more is needed once we have gained control of the horse…destination. Where do we want to go? Let’s begin the journey.
The mind precedes reality, the mind governs reality, the mind creates reality (Buddha).
‘Song of Meditation’: When the gate opens, cause and effect are one. This very place the Lotus Paradise, this very body the Buddha (Hakuin).
Do not forget: “Though man makes for himself his own prison, so may he acquire a power superior to that of the gods” (Buddha).

- 222 -
There are many ways of using insight meditation. We will use this meditation to get an insight into our own psychological make-up.
Sit up in your chair as straight as your body will permit. Keep the head erect with your chin slightly tucked in so that the back of your neck is stretched. You should not feel any strain.
Now put your hands together on your lap with the palms upward and the thumbs lightly touching at the tips. There's no magic in this 'mudra', or hand position, it is simply a triggering device for the sub-conscious which will learn to recognise the signal and make it easier for you to slip into conscious meditation. If you prefer, let your hands rest gently on your thighs. If you are in bed, simply put your hands together on your chest.
Close your eyes and put the focus of your mind onto the sensation of your breathing. The warmth of coolness of your breath as you feel it at the tip of your nostrils. Be aware of the rise and fall of your chest at the same time. With every out-breath count down from ten to one. One with the first breath, two with the second and so on. This is called the meditation mode. It is an easy way of slipping into a slow brain-rhythm known as Alpha Wave. Practice this until you are sure you can do it without referring to the book.
Once you have mastered getting into the meditation mode, start to scan your sub-conscious mind for any secret fears you may be holding. Any insecurities that are there. You
- 223 -
must start by looking at your relationships. Any insecurity or fear here?
Next try looking at your health, financial situation or prospects, work situation or prospects. Fulfilment in your life or not, and any other area where you have dis - ease of mind. Recognise these areas and we will use the next meditation to do something about changing them.
Now take three deep, slow breaths to get the oxygen back into your lungs, and come out of the meditation. This meditation is used for finding the real cause of our suffering, no matter how physical that suffering may be.
"Patterns of matter that we see in physics are reflections of mind." (Fritjof Capra, Physicist)
The mind is no other than the Buddha. Buddha is no other than sentient being. When mind assumes the form of sentient being it has suffered no decrease; when it becomes a Buddha it adds nothing to itself. (Huang Po)

Go into your 'meditation mode', then recall the emotion that has been upsetting you. Do not resist this evil. Penetrate it fully
“How can I escape this heat?” asked the student.
- 224 -
"By going down to the bottom of the furnace," replied the Zen master
If you feel angry, work it through. Say to yourself, “I am angry" and keep saying it until the emotion is released. Do the same if you feel hurt, betrayed or guilty. What ever unpleasant emotion that you have kept trying to push away. Face it and express it! You do not have to have a direct confrontation with anyone to release these emotions. If it helps, work the emotions out by kicking a pillow around the room. When you feel the emotion is released, go back to the 'meditation mode' for a few more minutes and repeat the mantra "I'm at peace with the present moment." Then take three deep breaths and come out of meditation.
When you are not quite sure of the real cause of your negativity, go into 'meditation mode' and speak to the god within, saying "whatever negativity is in or around me, please bind it to the white light of energy." You can do this for someone else, using his/her name instead of "me", and you can do this at any place - your car, home, office or school room.
All colours are light waves of different frequencies, all colours are contained in the colour white, as you can see when you pass white light through a prism. So we are not asking to destroy the 'negativity, we are asking that it be bound to, or returned to where it belongs. You only have to ask once. You are dealing with an intelligence beyond measure. An intelligence which knows your need before you ask. It does not impose it's will on your creations. Your gift of free-will is sacrosanct.
“Meditation in activity is a hundred, a thousand, a million times superior to meditation in repose.” (An Ancient Taoist)
“And if you pray with the very real conviction that you have a thing already, it will be yours.” (Jesus of Nazareth)

- 225 -
You can use meditation to change your relationship with another person. What we must realise is that we are constantly altering our relations at what Dr. Carl Jung calls 'The collective unconscious’. Today this is called 'morphic resonance'. Quite unconsciously we are communicating our feelings about another person without him or her realising it. When we fear for another person, we are transmitting that fear and it underscores the other persons own fears and insecurities. In a very real sense you are the director and script-writer of your own movie. The movie happens to be your life.
You are so involved in playing the leading role that you forget that you are creating the entire movie as you go along. So when you put out your fears and expectations of another's behaviour, you are sending stage-directions. If you want to change the images on your movie screen you have to go back to the projector, which is your own mind, and change the images there.
One of the women who came to my classes on meditation told me that she had been married for something like thirty years and her husband had suddenly gone off with another woman. They were subsequently divorced, but from that moment she never heard another word from him. It was as if the thirty years of companionship never existed. She felt betrayed and abandoned and, naturally, she was carrying a lot of mental suffering.
I asked her to try and picture him in her mind's eye and send that image of him love and affection. She was in no way to ask him to change. Simply picture him at his very best and surround that image with love.
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A week later, at the next class, she told me that she had done that and about half an hour latter the phone rang. For the first time in about a year he made contact with her. She said her hair nearly stood on end when she heard his voice. He wanted to know how she was, if she was okay for money and if she was getting on with her life.
This is not to say that their old relationship will be restored, for you cannot, through meditation, make another person do what they are not psychologically prepared to do. But the old hurt had disappeared, her inner feelings of anger and bitterness had kept him at arm's length. By changing the projector of her mind she was able to bring about changes on the movie screen.
If anyone in your family, in business or socially, is causing you suffering…change your feelings. As always, you attract aspects of another's behaviour according to the emotional signals you are putting out.
“These things I do, you can do. Yea, works even greater than these.” (Jesus of Nazareth)

The most concentrated form of energy that you have at your command is imagination and the emotions it creates. It is by using this power that our sustained thoughts and feelings become self-fulfilling prophecies. Let’s begin by using our imagination.
As you may not be able to read this and close your eyes in meditation at the same time, try using your imagination as
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you read. Then, when you feel you have captured the idea of imagery, you will be able to do this without the book.
Go into your 'meditation mode'. This time, when you reach zero hold the zero in your mind’s eye and turn it into a tunnel of light. Allow this tunnel to represent transition, so, by feeling as if you were travelling through the tunnel you are leaving behind you the physical world of effect and entering the mental world of cause.
Now, imagine that you are in a forest at the time when the sun is beginning to set and it's golden rays streak through the giant trees casting shadows on the leafy carpet of the earth. There are smaller trees and shrubs which flourish in the shade of their majestic companions. Open up all senses. Feel the sponginess of the forest floor - leaves and twigs slowly rotting and replenishing Mother Earth. Begin to walk and feel the movement of your body. Hear the sound of your footsteps as the leaves and twigs are crushed - the sound of the birds as they bid farewell to the sun - the sound of small animals as they scatter about.
Follow the path wherever it takes you. Step over fallen trees, follow curves and twists, the inclines and the declines. Duck under low hanging branches. Keep following the path wherever it takes you.
As you walk smell the earthiness of the forest. The scented leaves, herbs and flowers.
Keep this walk going for as long as it feels right for you. You may only take a minute one time and much longer the next. Do not allow yourself to get bored, boredom is the lack of emotion, and without emotion we create nothing.
Now, let the path open out to a clearing in the forest. The sun sets, but there is a beautiful campfire burning brightly as it spits and sputters. You walk into the clearing, watching the flames dance until you feel the gentle warmth of the fire on your face. Sit or lie in front of the campfire. Feel that you are totally safe and protected and repeat any mantra of your
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own choosing. Keep it in the present tense. A mantra is a repeated word or sentence. To give you an idea, here are a few examples:
I am at peace with the present moment.
Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have no influence over me.
Day by day, in every way, my condition gets better and better, I am filled with love, life and laughter.
Invent whatever mantra is appropriate to your current situation. You might remember that the well-intended health warnings like "Two out of three Queenslanders will get skin cancer' is a mantra which bombards Queenslanders every summer. A mantra is a repeated suggestion, and a repeated suggestion is hypnosis. No wonder skin cancer proliferates.
“Nothing of itself is evil, but if you believe a thing to be evil, that thing becomes evil. And if you believe a thing to be good, that thing becomes good.” (Jesus of Nazareth)
So, find your own suggestion and keep repeating it and gradually it will lock into your sub-conscious and become your reality. You can say your mantra's driving the car, waiting in a queue, taking a walk, or anytime you think of it You do not have to sit with your eyes shut to repeat a mantra
Okay, when you are ready take three deep breaths and come out of meditation.
‘A Mediator’s Prayer’: “I often grow tired of reading and hearing so much - in you lies all I really wish or desire, let all teachers fall silent, let every creature hold its peace before you. Speak to me yourself, and speak alone.” (Imitation of Christ)

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When it was taught that the Spirit of God lives in you it was expected that you would establish communication with that spirit.
Prayer is asking God for something, thanking God for something or seeking pity. It is a one-way communication it is called ‘speaking to God’ Meditation is also a one-way communication. It is called ‘listening to God’. Both should be employed, but at distinctly different times.
One skilful way of meditating is to ask to be filled with Love, Light and peace. Light is enlightenment wisdom and much, much more. Having asked “Please fill me with Light, Love and Peace”, turn the radio switch of your mind from ‘send’ to ‘receive’. This is the most important meditation you will ever do. You should do this for about half an hour every day. It will help you keep receptive if you put the focus of your mind onto your breathing, and after every three or four breaths repeat the word ‘Love’ once, stay with your breathing for a few more breaths and mentally say ‘Light’ and so forth.
You will not be able to keep your mind perfectly still but between the movements of your mind you will find the gaps to receive energy. Some of the monks in my monastery would find their bodies shaking with the energy. This sometimes happens to people who are unusually open to psychic energy. One soon learns to handle it but it is quite scary the first time it happens. It is not a permanent condition. Remember, with this meditation, just doing it is doing it right. It is particularly
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helpful to do it when you wake up during the night. It is a sure cure for insomnia.
If the primary purpose of meditation is to get to know and understand your own mind, then the ‘ultimate’ purpose is to be in union with the force known as God.
Your mind is like a computer, but even the best personal computer is enhanced if it plugs into the computer bank. If you do this regularly, your life will be transformed.
Enlightenment is not the goal of life – it is the way to live it.

With this type of meditation we really begin to make things happen in our lives. What else could Jesus of Nazareth mean when he says: “If you pray with real conviction you have a thing already, it will be yours."?
Assuming that you have done your insight meditation and found your area of fear and released emotion, think of what the ideal would be. If you are in poor health, work on perfect health. If you are in economic straits, work on living in abundance and if you are desirous of loving relationships in your life, make those your goals.
Now one thing: you cannot force another person to do anything he/she is not physiologically willing and or not prepared to do.
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Also do not work on the mechanics of achieving your goal, just see the end results.
For instance, if you are working on living in abundance, imagine just that, not the means by which the abundance will come. Too many are working on winning the lottery, and when you work on the means you limit the unknown opportunities.
Go once again into your 'meditation mode'. You might try telling yourself after every second or third count that you are relaxing deeply. Do not worry about putting yourself into a hypnotic trance, you have already established that three deep breaths will bring you out of meditation.
Once again imagine that you are travelling through a tunnel of light. Tell yourself that you are leaving behind the world of effect and are now entering the world of cause ... of creation. When you come out of the tunnel find yourself in the scene where you already have that which you desire. Use all the senses. Hear the congratulations of your friends, family, doctor or banker. Feel the love and laughter. Make it fun! When you are ready, take your three deep breaths and come out of meditation.
You do not have to meditate for hours. Do it for about five minutes each morning and for about the same time each evening. If you should feel inclined to meditate during the day, please do so. There is no single way to meditate other than that way you are most comfortable with. Just doing it is doing it right. If you try to spend a long time in creative meditation you will begin to underscore your problem rather than reserve it.
If you are in physical pain and feel that you are imagining that you are in perfect health is absurd; remember that what you are doing is programming the future; inserting the software into your computer. So you don't have to contrast what you've got with what you want.
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One method of controlling pain with your mind is to remind yourself that the pain is in the past, and now, in this present moment it is already beginning to leave you. Do not try to see it as something solid and immovable. See it as a block of melting ice. Do not set up a resistance to it, but smooth it gently away. Whisper to it to 'go in peace', to 'go with God'. The main thing is to catch it at its onset. Generally we think “oh gosh, here it comes again” and our fear gives it potency.
“You can’t observe a thing without altering that thing by observing it...” The uncertainty Principle of Quantum Physics.
Learn to regard your pain as your loving child, desperately trying to reflect your emotions. The bottom line of all our problems is “Which path shall I choose, fear or love?” Most of us choose fear. Be aware of this every time you find yourself choosing fear. Yes, you do have a choice!
Here is a summary of Creative Meditation
1. You create your own reality according to your beliefs, expectations and attitudes.
2. These mental states can be skilful or not. In any case they trigger off your imagination and your emotions, and it is with these that you create all that seemingly 'happens' to you. There are no 'accidents' and there are no 'chance' meetings. No matter what it looks like. If there were such things as accident, chance, good and bad luck, we would be living in a chaotic universe. Your own common sense should tell you that there is a creative force that works with mathematical precision in the dance of the molecules and the movement of the stars.
Can you, by an act of will-power stop your heart beating or stop breathing? What force is doing this breathing for you? Will-power and positive thinking are quite ineffectual unless your emotions are involved.
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3. Do not forget to recharge your ‘spiritual batteries’ every day. If you attempt to heal others without first doing this you will exhaust yourself.
4. Never say you can’t meditate. Remember that meditation is a matter of focusing your mind. At first it may seem difficult to consciously focus. Like all skills the more you train the better you get.