Writing Tools

Writing Tools

I have created two documents which I find extremely useful to guide me, and others if they like, in writing.

CHARACTERISATION PROFILING - helps writers to create a well-rounded character.  This makes them believable and can be the difference between getting published or not!

NOVEL CHECKLIST is for reviewing after the novel is written, and helps the writer to be true to their creation - crossing the t's and dotting the i's so to speak!


These are only suggestions. It depends on what you are writing and how big a role your character plays as to what you use.

NAME (Mr, Miss, Mrs, Mrs):


AGE & DATE OF BIRTH:                            




STAR SIGNS: What kind of a character do you have? Do they follow star signs or personality types?

PERSONALITY TYPE: Aggressive, interrogator, poor-me, aloof. Make sure personality types and values all match up.

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Have the characters been consistently true to their belief structures throughout the novel, within the parameters of personal growth?

Are the voices of the characters consistent throughout the novel? i.e. they don’t all sound like the same person, same humour etc.

Are the characters well rounded, well defined?

Has/have the underlying theme/s been consistent throughout the whole novel?

Have you checked that there are no holes/weaknesses within the plot and subplots?


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