Pending Titles

Pending Titles

I have seven unfinished titles in total!

Four children’s books are waiting for the Illustration Troll. If you’re interested or know of this Troll, please send me an e-mail.

Of the remaining three, there are two novels I am working on at the same time – it’s just how my brain works, and the third is completed but I’m not quite happy with it yet.

Three Little Pigs Retold
is a remake of the original  that explains how the wolf ate garlic to rid himself from fleas, then farted and blew the house down. Told in rhyme, this comical story teaches children about rumours and how they get around.

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Three little pigs sitting in a row,

Said to the wolf, “Man you’ve got to go!

That garlic that you’ve eaten is no laughing matter.

Pick up your shoes, get out, and just scatter.”

“Our house will not stand that kind of a blast

We have no intention of visiting the past.

When you huffed and you puffed and you blew our house down,

It was the garlic that did it, but the wrong word got around.”

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Ghosts and Goblins
is a comical conversation between two people standing in front of a haunted house, and a dare that may never take place. Told in rhyme, this story teaches children to be honest about their feelings and how a lie isn’t fooling anyone.

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Ghosts and goblins, I see them all

They don’t scare me, no, not at all.

When I see them there with a hideous face,

I say, shoo, go away, get out of this place.

Your friends are so small to be frightened like that,

Your friends have no call to be frightened and scat.

No, I could stay in this house all day and all night.

Haunted or not, I would not take flight.

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Journey of an Evolving Spirit
is my Memoirs. This is the first book I’ve written. It’s raw, controversial, thought provoking, and I’ve been told by a practising psychologist, guaranteed to divide the community.  I have some loose ends to tie up on this one before I put it out there. Be patient, I’m dragging my feet.

rooster and bulldogRyan and Goober
is a novella about a crass rooster named Ryan and a bulldog named Goober. This started off as a joke to teach some year 5 students creative writing. I loved it so much I have to finish it. This is on the waiting list to complete.
Watch this space.

Mick Fudden McBean
a children’s illustration book about a man with a smelly shoe, a dog named Penny and the lengths she goes to, to get that shoe. Told in rhyme with a comical, unique Australian bent, Mick Fudden McBean teaches children the importance of being themselves.Old shoe

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There once was a man named Mick Fudden McBean

Who was the strangest of characters one ever had seen.

With a tip of his hat and a skip in his step,

He’d happily great, everyone that he met.

His face was too long, his eyes were too small,

You couldn’t half miss him, he was over six four.

What stood in their minds, for sure I can tell,

Was not his odd looks, but his feet, they did smell.

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Poop Happens
is a story about a rabbit that slipped and fell in some poo. Told in rhyme, the moral behind this story is, ‘poop happens, brush yourself off and get on with it’.

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Deep in the forest,

with something to do,

Sat a small bunny,

all covered in poo.

He sat there and sulked

This little fluff ball

He sat there and sulked

With no thought at all.

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The Beginnings End 
is my baby. Aimed at the young adult audience it’s a fictional/ fantasy trilogy dealing with real-life issues. 
I’m not going to say too much about this one, except to say, it has magic, dragons, political corruption, plenty of conspiracy theories, social constructs, inter-dimensional travel, star gates, horrifying creatures and some not so horrifying.  And of course we have the underlying evil force of a self-proclaimed God out to feed on humanity’s fear based emotions. At last count it has seven sub plots, so it's complex like real life is, and all are after the Eye of Souls. I have the beginning, the ending and key parts in between. At the moment I’m concentrating on researching my characters. I have no idea on the journey my characters are undertaking, only the destination.  I’m looking forward to watching this one unfold.
Stay tuned.