Spirit Connection Self-divination

The Spirit Connection Self-Divination

The art of divination has been practised for thousands of years, from Ancient Egyptians, to Elizabethans, and now modern psychics. Divination allows us to receive guidance from 'the Divine'.  Whether your 'Divine' be the source, spirit-guides, angels, ancestral souls, or some other higher power, insights we receive actually come from within ourselves - our inner being and divine self which is connected to all of consciousness. Tools such as stones and crystals simply provide a means by which we are able to access this inner wisdom.

Instructions for Self-Divination with Stones

The Madasi Love video tutorial below provides step-by-step instructions.  My Spirit Connection Book, available here, is perfect for keeping with you for anytime reference.

Self-divination Grid to download
Click to view enlarged grid detail.

What you will need for Self-Divination with Stones  

you will need The Spirit Connection Grid:  you can download a pattern for free here.
Click on the grid image to see the downloadable grid pattern enlarged. 

A grid about 40cm x 40cm square is good, but as always, be guided by what feels right to you.

Indicator Stones
Indicator Stones and Dice

you’ll need the Indicator stones. These can be purchased here included in my Stones Kits and packages in the Madasi Love online Shop
If you are a DIY person, I first bought a bag of white aquarium quarry rocks from the cheap shop and coloured them with glass paint, then baked them to set the colour. Having so many coloured crystals and stones on the grid can be confusing, so I suggest you make it so they stand apart from the crystals. Any material will do so long as they don’t break or shatter; probably stay away from glass then. Stones from the beach are good, I got my black Indicator Stone from there. I suggest you choose a small black stone, as when indicating a blockage or fear, it’s best to see it as a small one. You will need five Indicator Stones in total; red, blue, yellow, black and white. If you wish to use crystals then I’d suggest using the Agates for the primary colours, and stones from the garden for the black and white. 

you’ll need crystals, nine in total: Tiger’s eye, Clear Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Aventurine, Citrine and Chrysocolla. You can get them online or any crystal shop; or here included in my Stones Kits and packages in the Madasi Love online Shop.

And Finally
you’ll need two six-sided dice, you can get them at any toy store, or included in my Stones Kits and packages in the Madasi Love online Shop.


Bag of stones and dice

Colour and sizes may differ from the image. Description: 3 indicator stones, 1 black stone, 1 white stone, 2 dice and a black velvet bag.

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Madasi Love Complete Stones Kit for self-divination
Colour and sizes may differ from image: 3 indicator stones, 1 black stone, 1 white stone, 2 dice, 1 Tiger’s Eye, 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Clear Quartz, 1 Bloodstone, 1 Citrine, 1 Aventurine, 1 Amethyst, 1 Red Jasper, 1 Chrysocolla.

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