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Guide to Self-divination using crystals

The Awakening, Enlightenment or Spiritual Rebirth (all the same thing), can only be obtained by going within. The Spirit Connection is a fun way for the beginner or experienced to listen to your inner Spirit, by using stones and crystals as tools. The purpose is to help you become self-aware. To what level of self-awareness is up to you. This is a tool that if used correctly, will teach you to focus your mind on raising your vibration. What colour are your thoughts? What are your emotions telling you about your beliefs about Self? Your journey of self-awareness begins with being mindful.


There is a misconception out there, that only a select few can communicate with Spirit, be that Spirit Guides, the dearly departed or Source Energy (that which Humanity calls God). This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are all Spiritual Beings having an earthly experience, or more accurately, we are Vibrational Beings having a physical experience; or more accurately still, we are the fingertips of Source Energy exploring the physical dimension through our senses to learn about Self. Why wouldn’t we be able to communicate with others just like us? Anything else is a lie designed to elevate one person or a group of people over another. We are all equal.

This is how my Inner Spirit, explained it to me. We are all part of Source Energy. Source Energy is in everything on the planet, both living and our physical understanding of dead, or non-living. We cannot be separate from that which is a part of us and all that is, was, and will be.

At the centre we have Source Energy, and from there we have many Vibrational Beings. I was shown a scene from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, a popular TV series when I was growing up.  One of the characters, Odo, was a Changeling, a race of shape-shifters. He was having an identity crisis and went back to his home planet. He stood before a large silver lake where he heard voices in his head. The lake was calling him home, telling him, he was part of something much more than he realised. This, says the Spirit within, is us, the Human Race, Vibrational Beings who have forgotten that they are a part of something much more.

I then asked if our Spirit Guides are other Vibrational Beings? “No. They are you. They are the same.” I got the feeling then of past lives, and wondered how that works since in Numerology there were a lot of new souls being born at the turn of this century. I was then reminded of my experience during a Smoking Ceremony I assisted with in 2008. As I walked towards the fire with my parcel in hand, I was seeing a movie of myself at different stages of my journey at the same time. Time doesn’t exist on the other side. It’s all happening at once. But this is not to say that other Vibrational Beings can’t be your Spirit Guides. They can and they are. Humans like to separate things into boxes. The Spirit within encourages us to move away from that restrictive thinking and view us all as one. This is not the complete truth, but more accurate than pigeonholing or the illusion of separation.

The purpose of The Spirit Connection is to help us be more self-aware and remember our divine connection to the Spirit within. It does this by focusing on our emotional expression in each of the seven aspects of our lives, as laid out by the Demartini Method: career, social, mental, physical/health, family, spiritual, and financial. Our emotions are our internal guidance system, telling us where our mind is at. By being mindful of our feelings, we can raise our vibration to a point where we can easily communicate with our Inner Spirit on a regular basis. Something we all do daily anyway, on an unconscious level. Just to clarify how important being in touch with our feelings is: our emotions are one of the ways our Inner Spirit communicates through us; they are an indication of where our thoughts are. I’ll be explaining further about our thoughts and energy later in this book. I’ll finish this introduction with a message from the Spirit within.

“Welcome home. We’ve missed you.”



Book for Self-divination using crystals
The Spirit Connection is a guide to self-divination using crystals, and compliments the Divination Stones Kits available on this website.

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